Spirit Journey to Brazil

This page chronicles my spiritual journey to Brazil from April 14th to May 6th, 2018. To start at the beginning, you must scroll to the bottom and work your way up. This was a trip I had been thinking about for a while and finally came together after a series of events that made it possible for me to go. I did this journey on my own and the effects of the healings I received are still being felt today. Every day I am experiencing healing in all my bodies that I didn’t think possible because I didn’t feel I needed them. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

The photo at the top of this page is of a dog who came to visit the garden at the Casa every day to take a nap. She is a demonstration of the zen energy felt at the Casa!

I am grateful to John of God and the work he does with the benevolent spirits at the Casa de Dom Inacio. I highly recommend everyone make this pilgrimage regardless of your beliefs, religion or whatever. This is a place were miracles are an every day occurrence.

Enjoy my journal and have a blessed day!

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June 6, 2018: Follow Up on my Spirit Journey to Brazil
I am slowly recovering from the interventions I received in Abadiania. I am still taking passiflora tablets and have enough for 240 days so there will be no pepper or hot spices for me during that time. Of course, there is no alcohol either but I am not much of a drinker anyways.

I get tired quickly now and I honour myself by actually taking naps when it becomes too much for me. Napping is highly unusual for me since I am, or was, the energizer bunny. I have severely cut back on extra activities and continue to meditate and pray for my own healing. My body is responding well and I notice little changes as I move around.

Truly remarkable.

Allan and I are already talking about possibly returning next year and bringing friends with us but again, we shall see what lines up for us.

It’s surreal to think about the spirit journey since it’s already fading into memories and I am very glad I kept a journal of everything that happened. I was rereading parts of my journal this morning and felt the same emotions stirring as I relived the moments.
The House of the Holy Mother is beginning to take shape and people are coming together to help build the dream. I will be taking the summer to rest, recover and heal and in September, we will be back in full swing with the next phase of Soul Café and the work needed for the House of the Holy Mother.
Many blessings to you.

Day 22: Spirit Journey to Brazil (May 6)
Yesterday and today were travel days. I left Abadiania at noon yesterday for a 90 minute drive to Brasilia for a short flight to Sao Paolo. From Sao Paolo, it was a 12 hour flight to Newark then a short flight to Montreal then Moncton. I arrived today in the afternoon.
With the intervention I had on Friday, there was no way that I could carry my luggage and walk all of the airports so once again, I would have to ask for help. I was blessed to be served at the Brasilia airport by a young man who has a brother and sister-in-law living in Quebec City! His dream is to one day go to Canada and perhaps live there. We had a wonderful discussion about the possibilities.

Also, this young man knew something about what happens in Abadiania. He wasn’t familiar with John of God or the casa but when I mentioned I stayed in Abadiania, he immediately asked me if I needed help with my luggage and if I needed a wheelchair. How amazing is that? I didn’t have to ask. I allowed myself to be taken care of and the universe supplied!

He took good care of me and in every airport, I had a porter waiting with a chair to help me get to my next flight. Arriving in Moncton however, I made it but half of my luggage didn’t.

Jumping ahead 10 days, my second bag finally appeared and with it, the prescribed passiflora tablets for the others who’d given me a photo to present to John-in-Entity. My immediate thought was someone wasn’t ready to take their tablets!

Day 21: Spirit Journey to Brazil (May 5)

I was unable to post Friday because of the intervention however, I would like to share what happened. In the morning, I once again went to the casa for my third intervention. I was three interventions in three weeks. I realized I needed healing but didn’t realize how out of alignment I was. Another lesson about self-care.

As I gathered yet another prescription of energized passiflora tablets and more blessed water, I was thinking about the bye bye line that I wanted to attend in the afternoon. The bye bye line is our opportunity to say good bye to John of God and ask him to bless something. People were buying crystals, jewelry, bringing pictures, etc. I was going to ask him to bless me.

As I walked back to my room, I started to feel very tired and wondered if I would in fact be able to make it back to the casa for the afternoon session. I told myself that if I make it, I make it. If I don’t, that’s okay too.

Well, I didn’t make it. When I got back to my room, I had enough energy to change my clothes, close the curtain, turn on the fan and fall into bed. I slept right through the afternoon and work up early evening. I had something to eat and went right back to bed. When I woke up in the night, I said the rosary (my version) and I fell back to sleep.

This time, the magic all happened at night and it was a busy one!

Dr. Cruz, one of the benevolent entities that John of God channels, gave me permission to ask him for another intervention in 40 days. The date for that would be June 12th.

Elohim told me they would help build the House of the Holy Mother.

Mother Teresa will help me with finances.

Energy associated with Brazil thanked me for coming and bringing peace in the midst of pain and calm in the midst of drama. Asks that next time I come, I bring energy from Mother Earth as given through the House of the Holy Mother. (Didn’t understand this request but knew that I would when time came to return.)

John of God came to my dream and blessed me on my journey! (ha ha ha a different type of bye bye line).

Mother Mary believes that I am special and will also help me build the House of the Holy Mother.

I was awakened by a terrible pain in my body core. It felt like my ribs and organs were being squeezed hard. The message I received was that the intervention is causing my skeletal structure and organs to get back into their original positions. Because of the excess weight my body has carried over the years, everything got moved out of place. Now that the weight is leaving, my body structure is being reset to where it should be. I was assured the pain would be gone by morning and it was. Truly amazing experience.

Finally, I got a message from St. Regis that I am to do Soul Café Radio and more videos. I had started to do videos but stopped. Now I must restart and continue to get the message out. When I read up on St. Regis, his message didn’t surprise me given how devoted he was in spreading the messages he believed in.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I love you.

Day 20: Spirit Journey to Brazil (Should have been posted Thursday) (May 5)
Today was another extraordinary day. I began the day with my prescribed massage at 9 am. It was heavenly. I then enjoyed a smoothie for breakfast and made my way over to the casa for meditation before the afternoon session for my consultation with John of God.

At 2 pm, yet another exciting event happened with John of God. He received his robes for the order he was awarded a few years ago. I can’t remember the order and I will found out what it is before leaving but the words “cavalier”, “Jerusalem”, “roses” and “Malta” were included in the very long title. I didn’t see a bit of the ceremony because I am not extraordinarily tall but I certainly felt the emotion.

I also got to see John’s wife and newest little girl who is about 4 years old. She was so cute.

Anyways, I was taught yet another lesson this morning about allowing the universe to guide my journey and being aware of the signs.

Unexpectedly, I started my monthly menses this morning and was not prepared. I went to the casa looking for help and was told to go to the bookstore in town.

I decided that after the massage, I would grab a taxi to take me to the bookstore. When I walked out of the massage place, I looked around and guess what I found!? Yup, the bookstore. Right across the street so I meandered over and found what I needed.
As I turned to leave, I noticed some books for sale and found, to my delight, books written by Allan Kardec. That was pure magic and let me tell you why.

Last night, as I was reading a book called Spiritual Connections, I was introduced to the concept of Spiritism. The book mentioned spiritist centers teaching people to become mediums to help people heal. I thought that would be cool to do but it takes time to teach people to become truly effective and grounded mediums, especially mediums who would volunteer to help people heal because mediumship actually becomes a way of life. Those of you who are mediums will understand that comment.

In most spiritist centers, it takes mediums 4 years to be certified and they undergo reviews every year to ensure they are upholding the principles of Spiritism and the center. If not, they are asked to stop healing as mediums.

Allan Kardec is the father of Spiritism. His first book entitled the Book of Spirits was written in the 1890s and is the founding principles for Spiritism and is what the Casa de Dom Inacio is based on along with the other spiritist centers around the world. It’s also the concept on which Soul Café was built (unknowingly, or perhaps not since I checked and heard I was Allan Kardec ;-)) It’s also the philosophy I will be basing the House of the Holy Mother on as well.

I wondered how I could get Allan Kardec’s books to study his teachings especially his second book entitled Book of Mediums which is one of the books used by Spiritist Centers to teach mediums. The book Spiritual Connections I was reading was about 10 years old and as of that printing, Allan’s books had yet to be translated into English. I was going to research that when I got home but I didn’t need to!

In the bookstore this morning, I found 5 of his 6 books in English for sale! Yup. Bought a copy of each book.

Talk about the universe telling me I’m on the right path! I have a very long flight home Saturday and Sunday. I will be kept busy!

Now, back to the casa this afternoon. After John of God received his order, the intervention line was called and then the second time line. Yet another lesson I was reminded of today. I think I’m in charge but so totally NOT.

In my mind, because I’m leaving Saturday, I didn’t want to do another intervention because there are a lot of restrictions that go along with it like no heavy lifting and no exercising for a week which means I can’t lift my luggage and I can’t walk the airports, I have to get help.

Well, I went into the second time line thinking I would get prescribed a crystal bed or another massage and I didn’t even have a chance to walk up to the entity and he’s saying “intervention.” Best laid plans… Tomorrow morning at 8 am, yours truly goes for another intervention. This provided another layer of complication because tomorrow afternoon is also the Bye Bye line and you’re only supposed to go in front of the Entity once per day. I was going to ask the entity to bless me on my journey.

I mentioned my dilemma to the translator who said she would check with the entity. About 20 minutes later, she and I chatted and it turns out I got special permission from the entity to do the Bye Bye line tomorrow afternoon if I feel up to it. The universe is taking good care of me for sure.

On Saturday, it’s to ask the universe (and Air Canada) for wheelchair help to get me from one gate to another and it’s to talk to my ego about it being okay for me to get help.
Because I must rest for 24 hours after the intervention, my next possible post will be Saturday. I wish you all a blessed evening and hope you have a fabulous day tomorrow.

Love you all very much.


Day 19: Spirit Journey to Brazil (May 3)
Today was an extraordinary day. I was planning on heading to the casa this morning for the Revision line but was guided to wait for the afternoon session. The casa opens at 7 am with the morning session starting at 8 am. The afternoon session starts around 2 pm.

About 10 am I headed to the casa to do some meditation, get some blessed soup and do more meditation. The days are beautiful here, about 27 degrees Celcius during the heat of the day. Not bad considering this is their fall season. Imagine the heat of the summer!

While I was eating my blessed soup, a woman sat beside me and started asking me questions in Portuguese. I really must learn the language because this is happening more and more often. Definitely on my to do list for next year’s trip.

Anyways, during my second round of meditation I moved into the chapel. This was around noon time and I had the most extraordinary experience. As I settled in, I felt an energy circle the top half of my head. Very intense. I was channeling St. Ignatious. The energy stayed in the top half of my head for quite a while then I felt my third eye begin to pulse. Over a period of about an hour, the energy continued to spread to each of my chakras. I get the sense this energy started earlier in the morning because I felt energy moving through my root chakra and reproductive system. I attributed that to the intervention stitches getting removed last night but not sure now. I will meditate on it to see if it’s important for me to know or not. I suspect likely not.

Once all my chakras were engulfed in this energy, my body core started to heat up like I was on fire.

At that point, St. Ignatious, whom I am still channeling, tells me to open my eyes and get up. Normally when I channel, I am seated with eyes closed. Not this time. I stood up and he walked me around the chapel and main hall. It was very interesting to feel like a passenger in my own body (even more so than normal). I even felt him working at blinking my eyes! That was funny!

Over to my right, a woman was standing at the translation counter and St. Ignatious walked us over to her to get our request for the upcoming revision line translated. I spoke very slowly and deliberately and she spoke to me the same way in return. I felt like blurting out it’s St. Ignatius but he had control of my face so I couldn’t say anything. Once we’d gotten the translation done, he turned us around and walked back to a seat. My body was still feeling like it was on fire.

I went back into a meditation and felt the energy lifting from my body but the fire remained. St. Ignatius was gone.

As I said earlier the afternoon sessions starts around 2 pm. It’s been my experience that the first line is called around 2:20. Today however, 2:20 came and went. 2:40. 2:50. Yup, something was definitely going on.

Suddenly, John-in-Entity walks into the chapel very agitated. Normally, he’s in the current room in the back. Obviously I didn’t understand what he said but another woman who was leading the session said that John is upset because there were too many people in the current room and that they were sorting out what happened and so on. They are looking to expand the current rooms to allow more people but he couldn’t continue until the current rooms were sorted out. Once the current rooms were sorted, they called the lines. Where normally the sessions ended by 3:30 or so, the session today didn’t end until 5 pm and the revision line (my line) was the last to be called.

As I walked up to John-in-Entity, the translator who helped us (me and St. I) earlier, stepped up and I handed her the translation for my request which was what’s my next step. John-in-Entity put his hand up inviting me to take his hand and he said that “he liked me very much”. He then prescribed a massage which I must take tomorrow morning and then I go back in front of the entity tomorrow afternoon.

I cannot express how profoundly moved I was to hear that he liked me. I don’t know which entity this was but, as my husband Allan put it, I got confirmation from the Creator. Yes, I cried and I am still crying thinking about that moment.

This journey has given me so many blessings. I thank you for reading my daily journal entry.

Day 17/18 Spirit Journey to Brazil (May 1)
Now that my brain has slowed down and allowed me to truly be present, I am becoming more in tune with my body and how it functions. It’s truly a remarkable machine and so complex with it’s moving parts and interconnectedness.

Where sleep before was necessary to keep the body going, now it’s becoming one of my favourite past times. My husband Allan will certainly be happy about that. An afternoon siesta is always a good idea. Any country that recognizes an afternoon siesta is doing it right!! Maybe I should start a movement in Canada!!

Today is day 7 of my latest intervention so I will be wearing white to bed tonight and asking St. Ignatius to remove my surgery stitches. He will come between midnight and 5 am. Tomorrow I will once again go in front of John-in-Entity to ask what’s next for me.
I fully expect to be getting yet another intervention to round off my time here.
Since the Sacred Seven have made themselves known to me, I have been speaking with them frequently. They are very vocal in what they would like to see happen in their names.

Mother Mary’s birthday was April 27th and everyone attending the casa that day got a pink rose. I decided to press my rose so I could bring it home. A couple of nights ago, I took my pressed rose out of the book I was using and looked at it.

Mother Mary said to me “This rose represents who I am and the house you are to build.” Once she finished speaking, I saw an image of a rose and two snakes entwined around the stem of the rose. I’ve put out the call to my artist friends asking for a sketch. I think our fabulous Jackie Cormier is going to do her magic on this one.

Out of curiosity, I researched the Sacred Seven and found the rose represents Mother Mary, Mother Earth, Diana and Mother Teresa. The snakes represent Brigit, Mother Earth and Isis. The only one I couldn’t find information on was Saint Ingrid. She died in 1292 and during the Swedish reformation in the 1500’s her convent and her relics were destroyed. I was doing as much research as I could on her when she finally came to me and whispered in my ear “It doesn’t matter.” Indeed. It didn’t matter.

How amazing I should get a symbol that represents all of them.

I also did some research on spiritism in Canada and it was presumptuous of me to assume spiritism doesn’t exist in Canada when in fact it does, just not in the Maritimes. We’ll be taking care of that one, won’t we?

So there you have my report for the last couple of days. A reminder that if I do get another intervention tomorrow, I will be offline again for 24 hours.

I love you all very much and wishing you a fabulous day.


Day 15/16: Spirit Journey to Brazil (April 29)
I’ve started a comfortable routine here in Abadiania. In the morning, I head to the casa for meditation then go for lunch at one of the cafes not far down the street. In the afternoon, I spend more time in meditation, take a nap in the garden at the casa, grab some take out and head back to the room before dark. Because Brazil is heading into its winter season, it gets dark around 6:30 pm.

While the routine may seem unexceptional on the surface, it’s extremely important to healing because you become connected to yourself and what’s going on. You can adjust emotions and thoughts. You can heal the physical. You become the healer, the teacher, the mentor and the leader you’ve been looking for. It brings you closer to your own divinity and to the highly evolved beings who work with compassion and love for all.

These beings are here to help if we allow them.

While many won’t be able to make the trip to the casa, the work isn’t only done here. The work is done wherever you set the intention the work is needed hence the reason I am setting the intention of building the House of the Holy Mother Spiritism Center in the maritime area. The vision was initially given to me during meditation in the chapel in the early part of this trip.

When I meditated and prayed about the center, I had a vision of a group of 7 beings who turned out to be Mother Mary, Mother Earth, Diana (former Princess of Wales), Mother Theresa, Brigid (pronounced Breet, https://www.druidry.org/…/gods-godd…/brigid-survival-goddess)), Isis and Saint Ingrid. These incredible beings will come together to help us form the House of the Holy Mother Spiritism Center to continue the work they’ve started. I’m now being directed to call this group The Sacred Seven.

Brazil is the seat of Spiritism and many people have integrated Spiritism and western medicine in their healing regime. There is a deep understanding that the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies must be in alignment for true healing to happen. This confirms what Creator has been telling me all along and what I have experienced for myself.

Many hands will be required to make this vision come to fruition. I am clear that this center will be run on donations and volunteers. The rest will come together when it’s time.

I ask you look into your hearts and see if this is something you see yourself being a part of even if it’s only for a short while, for a very specific reason or even to offer prayers of support. Everyone’s contribution is valuable and valued.

Growing up, I always felt different from my family and friends. This is nothing new since I talk about it often as a way to relate to others who feel the same way. I’ve also felt different from the traditional healers and light workers as well. They all do incredible work to help people heal and elevate the vibration of the planet. Most amazing. I never understood why I didn’t follow the traditional path of a healer and light worker and it’s because I wasn’t supposed to. It’s become clearer now and the doubts in my mind are finally being put to rest. Once again, I’ve chosen a different path in this lifetime and it’s one that will break through barriers of misunderstanding and misinformation. This path will bridge the medical and the mystical to bring about important change in the way we heal and help others heal. As I type this, I am crying tears of gratitude.

I am very excited about this new path and I hope you are too.

Day 13 & 14: Spirit Journey to Brazil (To be posted yesterday but internet wasn’t working) (April 28)

Before I start my story, I want to wish Mother Mary a happy birthday! She’s looking great for being over 2000 years old!

My day started very early today and I guess you could say day 13 really didn’t end. If you’re not sure what I mean, I suggest you read my blog that I posted this morning: .
Also, last night, as I was sharing my day with my dearest husband Allan, I mentioned that it would have been nice to share this journey with someone, namely him so I could chat with him about goings on and such and probably wouldn’t spend so much time in my room. We could drink smoothies from the lovely roadside cafes, etc. His reply: yeah kind of figured you’d get lonely and then he told me in the quiet moments is when he connects to God. I didn’t think too much about this statement given the other drama I allowed myself to get pulled into however, I definitely thought about it this morning.
I knew it was going to take me a while to decompress from having worked two solid years of 6 day weeks and 12 hours days and today was the day of decompression. Today was the day I could finally get into the state of being connected to God in the silence and the day I found my peace again. I hadn’t really lost it, I just misplaced it. Thankfully and gratefully I found it again.

Thanks to the drama and Allan’s comment, I was able to figure out what I was looking for and found it.

I walked to the casa earlier than usual this morning because the maid wanted to clean my little room.  I discovered it was Mother Mary’s birthday so the blessed water for today had an extra special blessing in honour of the holy mother. Yup, bought a couple of large bottles and bringing those babies home. If you continue to add water and do it with a prayer, you can have perpetual blessed water! Love it. We are putting a special container aside in the fridge just for that!

But I digress…

After buying the blessed water, I sat in the gazebo in the garden that overlooks the valley and discovered this is a current room while John-in-Entity is doing his thing! Fabulous! Because of my intervention, I can’t sit in the current room in the main part of the casa for 7 days but can do this one!

After a 90 minute meditation, I had some blessed soup they serve during the sessions, some salad and sat in the chapel for another 1 hour meditation then decided on a 1 hour crystal bed session. Man, I love the crystal bed!!

It was sometime in that 3 and half hours that I reconnected to God. I was able to finally let go and breathe. I was able to see everything in its proper perspective and I was okay with being by myself. After all, we are never truly alone are we?

Before going to bed, I used to ask God to hold me in his hand and rock me to sleep. I realized today I hadn’t done it in a while so guess what? God and I have a date at bedtime. Yup, he’s gonna rock my world and I’m gonna snore like a bugger!
So endeth the lesson for today. See you tomorrow my friends.

Day 12: Spirit Journey to Brazil (April 26)
Yesterday was day 12 but I couldn’t post because I had my second intervention. With an intervention, there is no internet, reading, writing or anything except rest for 24 hours.

The night before (Tuesday) St. Ignatious removed the stitches from my previous intervention and I was once again allowed to go in front of John-in-Entity. I was in the revision line when he prescribed me an hour session on the crystal bed after which I would come back to the 2 o’clock line. The young man helping me with interpretation told me 99.9% of the time the 2 o’clock line means intervention. I went for the crystal bed session for noon and at about 2:20 pm, the intervention line including the 2 o’clock line was called. Yup, another intervention.

Once again, I didn’t feel the intervention and I’m not yet sure what was worked on but I did get visions in the middle of the night that I will explore later.

Now, I am having a quiet day. I will be heading to casa shortly to get more water than going for something to eat.

Another magical happening yesterday – I have arranged for a taxi to take me back to the airport on May 5th and we had originally arranged to leave at 2 pm for Brasilia. It’s a 2 hour drive. A few days ago, I decided I wanted to leave earlier to give myself time move around. I didn’t know how to get a hold of the taxi driver and told the universe to figure it out for me.

I jumped into a taxi to get back to my room yesterday and who do you think the driver was!? Yup, my arranged taxi guy! I love how the universe works. Arrangements made and all is well.

Day 11: Spirit Journey to Brazil (April 25)
Today’s adventure comes to you from WC. WC, water closet for the rest of the world but known as bathroom, washroom, outhouse or whatever to those of us in North America. Yes, today, the water closet taught me a lesson in asking for help.

As part of the spiritual intervention I’d received last Wednesday, one of the instructions we’d been given is no exercise which includes no walking for 7 days to allow yourself to recover. Madame, here, didn’t listen to that so I’ve been walking through the town looking for nourishment.

The walks have not been long nor particularly difficult since the area around the casa I’ve been staying within is a straight road. No left turns, no right turns, a straight road but as I said a few words ago, I was supposed to NOT WALK. There are plenty of taxis to take you anywhere you need to go and the taxi drivers are very versed on the protocols of the casa. These taxi drivers have been selectively chosen by the entities to assist the people who get healings at the casa so there is no judgement if you need go 100 feet or 200 feet to your pousada. The ride also costs about $4 CDN.

At around noon today, I walked from my room to the casa (this is okay). I grabbed a sandwich from the snack bar on the casa grounds, some water and headed to my favourite meditation bench in the garden.

John of God comes to the casa tomorrow as well as hundreds of people so everything is given a thorough cleaning on Tuesdays including the water closet. Well, after I’ve eaten, mother nature calls and as I walk to the WC I realize it’s closed and the power washers are blasting away. The people managing the power washers don’t look to be in a hurry and they don’t appear close to finishing. Not only that, everything and I mean everything is soaking wet. Hmmm….dilemma…there are no other washrooms on the grounds, can’t pee on a bush on the grounds (not a good idea), can’t make it back to my room in time especially down the driveway so what do I do? I look out the gates of the casa and there is my answer…quick taxi ride to the pizza place I’ve enjoyed since coming to Abadiania. Believe it or not, that was actually the shortest way to get to a washroom.
Moving as quickly as I dare, I waddle to the taxi stand and ask for a drive to the pizzeria. Once we arrive a literal minute later, I quickly handed the taxi driver R$10 (about $4 CDN), make arrangements for him to come back in 30 minutes since I might as well grab a take out pizza for dinner tonight while I’m there, and run into the washroom. Yes, I made it but there is the lesson.

I wasn’t supposed to walk because of the intervention but did anyways. Mother nature and a power washer kicked my ass and I had to ask for help. It was better than peeing my pants on the way back to my room…at least I think so.

I bow to the entities and their superior knowledge of what’s in the highest good. I fully release myself to the God of Taxis and thank them for their help. It’s a good thing the spirits love me because I can be hard headed at times.

Tonight, from midnight to 5 am, St. Ignatious is coming to visit me and remove the spiritual stitches I got from my intervention. Tomorrow I will be heading to the casa and the revision line to find out what the entities have in store for me next. I will probably ask for another intervention to heal my left knee but the entities will decide. Once again, they know the highest good.

Day 10: Spirit Journey to Brazil (Part 2) (April 24)
I am being guided to share with you the message I received during the crystal bed session I had earlier today.

As I closed my eyes, I set myself on a path towards a gazebo. I walk towards the gazebo to see who is there and what message they have for me. As I came around the corner, Jesus met me and we hugged. I’ve often spoken to Jesus in this particular meditation. A being suddenly appeared to his right and I automatically turned and hugged that being as well. When I realized it was Mother Mary, I fell to my knees, bowed my head and started to weep. She is an amazing being and energy and I love her deeply.
Jesus and Mother Mary reached down and helped me up. No, they said, you do not bow to us. You stand as our equal.

Suddenly to Mother Mary’s right appears St. Ignatius and he says to me “we are healing you.”

I silently cried grateful tears as I laid on the bed.

How blessed can one person be?


Day 10: Spirit Journey to Brazil (April 23)
It was a beautifully warm day here in Abadiania. I headed to the casa around noon and did a 45 minute crystal bed session followed by a two hour meditation in the garden. My meditation is staring at the sky and watching for winged beasts and many legged creatures. I watched a rain storm come across the valley towards the casa but when it hit the ridge in the middle of the valley, the rain veered off to the right to follow the ridge. In the sky, way up, were hawks circling and just above my head tons of noise generated by a flock of green parrots. Loud creatures with lots to say.

My brain has finally started to slow down and accept the nothingness and silence that is a critical part of healing.

Last night, I did a lot of tossing and turning. In the morning, I began asking questions about why. Turns out, I had emotional and mental healing to do with my legs. I had a sport injury a number of years ago and was unable to play my favourite sports like squash, etc. I started putting on weight and it appears I blamed my legs for the weight gain when in fact, it’s an underactive thyroid that caused the weight gain. I was grateful to be able to heal that this morning and make peace with myself at yet a deeper level.
Most people live in the physical body and are aware of their physical being. I live in the emotional body and my physical body is a vessel but I’ve not been very connected to it in this lifetime. Building a relationship with the physical self – it’s truly amazing what the physical body can do isn’t it?

Day 9: Spirit Journey to Brazil (April 22)
Spent another quiet day. The casa is closed on Sunday afternoons. The last couple of nights have been very interesting however. I’ve been visited by lower vibrational energies that needed to be passed over. Usually I would ask Michael to do the honours and while I did call him, he actually refused to move the beings over. He told me I had to do it. Uhm…okay. At that point, the energy around my hands became very thick and heavy. It’s hard to describe but it was definitely more energy than I had ever channeled through my hands. I reached over and touched the entity and he immediately disappeared. Did I pass him over? Michael nodded his head in satisfaction and disappeared. I got visited a few more times and the process happened again. Yup, definitely a shift in the energy I am channeling.

If you are an Avengers fan, it reminded me of the scene where Thor and Ironman are fighting over Loki. Thor channels lightning and fires it at Ironman whose suit absorbs the energy and he rechannels the energy through his hands and fires at Thor. Somebody channeled lightning at me, I absorbed it and fired it at the low vibrational being. It was fun and interesting.

This morning I woke up with my hands pulsating with the same energy. It’s going to be interesting to see what continues to unfold on this journey.

I have also been channeling a book and rewriting my own book. Words have been a tool of mine and I am grateful I am being asked to use words to help people.

Day 8: Spirit Journey to Brazil (April 21)
Yesterday afternoon, after the heat of the day had passed, I walked over to the casa for some meditation time and to pick up some blessed water. Being the planner I am, I decided to pick up enough water to last me the weekend so I could focus on my books over the weekend and come back on Monday for more blessed water. This meant buying 6 1.5L bottles of water which I duly shoved into my backpack and carried back to my room. Big mistake!

I am still in recovery from the intervention and by the time I made it to my room, my knees, legs and whole body were protesting. Sigh…when will I learn?

Rest was then upper most in my mind when I start getting messages from the entities. They were excited that I decided to work on my book over the weekend and they had one they wanted to channel with me being the vessel. Is it because I can type 90 words per minute or because I am open to listening?

Regardless, I told them I needed to nap first because my body was asking for it then I would be more than happy to channel what they needed. The image I got in return made me laugh!

Imagine a group of children, excitedly shifting from one foot to another with lips tightly sealed and excitement glittering in their eyes but they know they can’t say anything until after my nap or they won’t get a chance to channel! ha ha ha. I went to sleep with a smile on my face!

When I woke up though, the babbling started! 7 pages and 2600 words later, they decided they were done for the night and quite frankly so was I!

The Journey Home is taking shape!

Today, I am working on my first book, You Unleashed. I am making some major edits to the book and adding some personal stories that I feel will enhance the book.
Do you have a story inside of you that’s waiting to get out? If you start writing it, you will experience deep healing and satisfaction. And, of course, the world is waiting to hear your story! I know I am.

Day 7: Spirit Journey to Brazil (April 20)
Last night, Creator and I had a discussion about the future of Soul Cafe. It is indeed evolving and changing as all things do and this morning I get a message that the space we use for the meetings is actually going to be under construction starting in the May time frame. Voila! Creator told me this was coming fast but this is FAST! ha ha ha!
I don’t know what this means or what this will evolve into however I do know our time at the Brain Diesel is done. The changes for that space are very positive and I am happy they are being done but Soul Cafe needs a new home. If anyone has any ideas or hears of anything coming up, please let me know and we will check if it’s the right space.
I am very excited about this new change for Soul Cafe and I hope you are too.
Today I am staying quiet and doing a lot of meditation along with working on my new book currently entitled A Journey Home. Love you all very much and wish you a blessed day.

The picture below shows a dog who would come to the garden every afternoon and sleep. She is a depiction of the type of energy in the garden.


Day 6: Spirit Journey to Brazil (April 19)
Yesterday afternoon I went in from of John-in-Entity for an invisible intervention. Before going in, I meditated in the chapel for about 2 hours so I was already in a deep state of “sedation”. Sitting in the chapel is like floating on a cloud. Truly extraordinary. I didn’t feel anything during the intervention and I trusted something what happening. I continued to focus on my desire for healed legs. I am not sure how long the intervention took but at the beginning, John put his hand on the shoulder of the lady sitting in front of me and spoke a blessing in Portuguese. I didn’t understand it but I felt it. He looked directly into my eyes a few times and I could feel the presence of a benevolent entity. That alone was magical.

When the intervention was done, I was directed to head back to my room and sleep/rest for 24 hours. That wasn’t hard to do. Those interventions have the same effect on the body as physical surgeries.

During the night, I woke with realizations that emotionally and mentally I didn’t trust my legs to support me in my journey. I quickly healed that and for the first time in months, I slept with no knee pain and woke with no knee pain. The journey to full healing begins! I still have much work to do in getting the muscles to respond but I got a massive boost from the intervention. So blessed!

Day 5: Spirit Journey to Brazil (April 18)
I lost count of the days so this is truly day 5. 😉

This morning I arrived at the casa at 7:15 and the place was already full! I headed to a translator for help and as we were chatting, John of God spoke to my translator, said good morning to me and patted me on the arm. I immediately teared up. I could tell he was already incorporated with an entity and the amount of pure love radiating off of the man was overwhelming. It was so beautiful.

I had a sense I should have taken a voluntary intervention this morning as I passed in front of John-in-Entity but chose to do the second time line instead. As the photos of those who sent them with me were passed in front of the entity along with my healing request, the only word spoken by John-in-Entity was “operacion.” Yup, so now it’s no longer voluntary. I am going for a spiritual intervention this afternoon. This means I will have to rest for a full 24 hours after the intervention.

As for the photos presented, some got prescriptions and some did not. I have messaged each of you individually with the outcome.

Day 5: Spirit Journey to Brazil (April 17)
I had a wonderful crystal bed session this morning and then meditated in the garden for a few hours. I took my shoes off and planted my feet firmly on Mother Earth listening to the birds sing, the wind rustle the leaves and ended with watching 5 hawks circling overhead. Oh! Lest I forget about the distant call of a rooster. I am more convinced than ever that the healing journey is a balance of spirit, mind and body. If you only concentrate on one you are giving your healing power away and missing the point of your existence. Love you all. Miss you much.

Day 4: Spiritist Journey to Brazil (April 17)
I visited the casa today. John of God channels on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday however the casa is always open for people to meditate/pray in chapel or garden, have a crystal bed session, sit in quiet contemplation, visit the waterfall…

The first photo is of the chapel. The second photo is the main hall looking into the chapel.

20180416_173731.jpg    20180416_173225.jpg

Day 3: Spiritual Pilgrimage to Brazil. (April 16)
I was completing my travel on day 2 so was unable to post but I am making up for it today. Miss you all and love you lots.

Received an important message from the Entities today at the casa. The House of the Holy Mother is coming to the maritimes. It will be modeled much like the Casa and did you know that spiritism is actually what we practice and not spiritualism? Learning something new every day. Anyone interested in joining me in building The House of the Holy Mother?