One Breath At a Time

I am trying to focus on my new initiative because it’s calling my soul unlike anything I’ve felt before in this lifetime.  I spontaneously see what the future is shaping up to be and I am so very excited about it… Today, I am also very sad about it.

Allan is not here in physical form to share this with me.  Of course, I know he’s guiding and watching over me in spirit form but it’s definitely not the same.

When he and I got together, age didn’t matter.  All that mattered was that we found each other when it was least expected.  I found the joy in life for the first time and I found someone who accepted me as I was and as I would become.  He also thought he would live for a long time and I believed him.

And now, I am moving forward on the journey after having said goodbye to him.

It was this time last year that I was making daily trips to the hospital fighting for his life.  Now, I am planning for my future without him.

I am afraid.  I am lonely.  I am raw.  I am exposed.  I am broken.

While I know this wave will pass and breathing will stop hurting soon, I am being guided to share this moment with you.

Someone out there needs to know it’s okay to be afraid.  It’s okay to feel lonely and be raw.  It’s okay to feel exposed and broken.  While you are all of these things, allow the universe to hold you and wrap its loving arms around you.  It will whisper that you are loved.  You are seen.  You are felt and are being pieced back together to become an even stronger version of who you are.

One breath at a time.  Moment by moment.  One step forward then the next.

While it’s not yet time for me to leave this lifetime, it is time for me to use all of my life lessons and experiences to help others.  I should probably be “new agey” right now and say I am grateful for these experiences but I’m not.  Perhaps I will feel that way tomorrow.

One breath at a time.  Moment by moment.  One step forward then the next.

The dawn of a new day is coming.  I am waiting for the dawn…

With blessings


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