I humbly welcome you to my website.  I am honoured you stopped by.

Nothing happens by chance and if you have found this site, it is because you are seeking. What you are seeking you may not know but you were guided here and for that, I am grateful.

I practice the ancient arts of shamanism, spiritism and mysticism. Do not be afraid. These are ancient arts used in the distant past to help people regain balance and peace in their lives by helping them to understand their connection to the greater universe and the life force of one. Symbols and ceremony were used to invoke healing energies from the elements and beings on earth and from the stars.

The ancient ways are being remembered and practiced because we are in need. Some of us are in crisis. Conventional thought and healing methods are not working. We have forgotten that we can heal ourselves if we allow it. You are more than who you think you are.

I wish you many blessings on your journey.

With love

Meet Sharon

I was born in Ottawa, Ontario Canada to a middle class Catholic family and while I resembled my family members, inside I felt different. I knew I did not belong in my family or even to the world I was born into. I was an angry child and often rebelled. I did not know what to feel or even how to feel and I did not have anyone I felt I could reach out to for guidance. I was not even sure I could express what I was feeling. It was a confusing and painful time. I would cry myself to sleep many nights because I felt alone, abandoned and I was frightened. Many nights I would pray to die and I was bitterly disappointed when I woke up the next morning. My family suffered much because of my temper tantrums and confusion. My parents tried to find me help but I learned to “play the game” and say what the specialists wanted to hear. Not one of them saw beyond the facade or dug deep enough to help me uncover the truth. Today, I understand why. The specialists were studied in the arts of Western medicine and what I needed was beyond their training.

Food became my drug of choice and I began to eat my emotions. I was a strong personality and force so I did not have many close friends. I was not well liked and in many cases, I was tolerated because I showed up. I was living a life of hell. I was slowly dying inside but did not know what to do. I was desperate for love. I was also desperate to stop the visions and the voices. I did not want to hear people’s thoughts or feel their emotions anymore. Today, I would call it a gift. Back then, it was a nightmare.

As I grew older, I made many bad life choices because I did not feel like I could truly live the life I desired. I was eager to please others, to gain approval for who I was and what I was doing. In truth, I was looking for validation for my existence. Why was I here? If I could “fit in” maybe I would be able to figure life out and learn to be happy or even mildly content about breathing every day.

In 2003, I did something I had never done before…I prayed to God for help and I began to journal. I was at my lowest point ever and knew something had to change and because I continued to wake up in the morning, I was obviously not done with this lifetime. I was deeply mired in self-pity. I was in a loveless marriage, I had a son with a disability and I took a job where I was on the road all the time because I was avoiding myself and my life.  I suffered from anxiety and depression. I was a mess and my life was in shambles.

In 2005, God answered my prayers. He delivered me a man who later would become my husband. Allan had suffered demons of his own in his life and introduced me to spirituality. The concept that there is more to life than what the human eye could see. I somehow understood what he was saying and immediately grasped on to the idea. I do not remember ever doubting what he was telling me and I absolutely doubted my abilities to tap into this new, ethereal world. I was just Sharon, trying to survive… What was I supposed to do with this new knowledge?

For a short while, at the beginning of my new journey, I dipped my toe into the lake of spirituality. Every time I did, Creator put another teacher or mentor in my life. I was pushed forward and very soon, I craved more. I found what I had been searching for. Creator soon answered many of the questions that plagued my life. Who was I truly? Why was I here? What was my life purpose? How could I finally become happy and peaceful?

In 2009, I sequestered myself for 3 years in order to better understand and heal myself. I healed over 250 of my own past lives and I no longer experience many fears such as the fears of abandonment, being alone, death and being unloved. I have transmuted countless beliefs, broken many vows and released many promises. Ultimately, there is only love or fear and the relationship I sought to heal was the relationship with myself.

It has been an amazingly wild ride from the first moment I took my first tentative spiritual steps and I have finally come to accept and love myself for who I truly am. I am a shaman, mystic and spiritist.

I make no apologies for saying that. Many people who are skeptical about what I do and I invite that. I can guarantee that if they buck up the courage to speak with me, their lives will never be the same. I often refer to myself as “the red pill” from the movie The Matrix. I will help you awaken and once done, you can never go back. Your heart will be cracked open and the real you will begin to peek out. Not everyone is ready for what I have to offer because I do not just scratch the surface. I help you dig deep very quickly. One of my favourite expressions is: “I love you too much to leave you in your bullshit.”

Everything we need is within us if only we could remember. As I removed the layers of fears, beliefs, vows and promises, I experienced the real me and I remembered many of the gifts and techniques I had used in previous lives to help others heal. The ancient ways are returning and are being practiced again. I am one of many practitioners who is finding the courage to step forward to make themselves known to the world.

I had to decide what I desired for my life and then garner the courage to release what I thought I knew. I opened myself up to my truth. My name is Sharon Joseph and I am a spiritist, mystic and shaman. I kick fear in the ass and pour love into everyone I meet.


The Last of Firsts

At 9:07 pm on Friday, March 29th, 2019 my husband Allan passed away and so started my journey as a widow and a new year of firsts. First events by myself:  date night, anniversary, Easter, birthday, Canada Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Of course, included are smaller first like the first time I had an exciting …


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