As a human being, I am constantly questioning my existence, why I am here, who am I truly, what purpose am I here to serve and so on. I am on the constant quest for growth and understanding. It started when I was young and trying to figure out why I was here. Believe it or not, even at a young age I knew I was different and I used to stare at my hands and the rest of my body and wonder who it belonged to. Funny, huh? I never felt like my body was truly mine.

I asked my brother one day if he felt the same way. He scoffed at me and said no. Actually, it was more like the long drawn out no ending with a question about my sanity. I walked away from that short conversation wounded and even more confused than ever. I began to feel isolated thinking I was the only weirdo on the planet.

I tried hard to fit into the world I chose to be born into and pretended to be happy and normal. I did a pretty good job of it. No one really pushed hard to get past the surface but my anger at being me would rear its ugly head in different ways and none of those ways were very pretty. I used food for as my drug of choice because I did not have access to money so could not buy any other stimulants and even if I could, I was too afraid of getting caught to do anything illegal. So, food it was and also constant activity. If I could succeed in my career, maybe I would feel some sort of belonging. Delusional was I and I deluded myself for many years. I was quite successful in my career but was still lost.

I have healed many fears and beliefs over the last 6 or 7 years and I have come to terms with who I am. I am still working on the wanting to be here because I have a great desire to go home and my life purpose is still a mystery so if any of you reading this blog have any ideas for me, I would love to hear them! (I do understand I am here to mirror unconditional love as part of my mission.) Anyways, a couple of years ago, Creator had asked me to call myself shaman and I had to ponder that request for a while because I did not understand what a shaman did and did not want to be different from anyone. Finally, I accepted direction from Creator and I labelled myself shaman.

Fast forward to this past Sunday. Allan and I and our dog took a drive to find a beach. Unfortunately, our favourite go to place has been cutoff from public access with a barbed wire fence and big red "Private Property" signs. Maybe they are afraid we will steal sand!? Anyways, when we go for a drive, it gives me plenty of opportunities to think and ponder. One of the questions I asked myself this day was "what does a shaman really do!?"  Be careful what you ask.

Shortly after I asked myself that question, I got a vision of Miramichi and was guided to go there. My husband, being the understanding and saintly man, simply shrugged and said okay. He turned the car in the direction of Miramichi and we were off. I listened for guidance on the way but heard nothing. We pulled over at a gas station shortly before Miramichi and then my husband says "We need to go to Black River Bridge." As soon as he said it, I heard yes, this is true. What is shocking about this exchange is my husband's constant claim that he is not intuitive. I often refer to him as my "non-intuitive intuitive Lallan."  As we change direction for Black River Bridge, I am called to stop at a small church and perform some healing to the indigenous spirits who feel slighted by the church's existence especially since they were unfairly killed for the land it sits on. It was an honour to be able to help them heal and move on.

Non-intuitive intuitive Lallan then says, we have another stop to make and continues to drive on. We drive up to Black River and pass over a bridge. "This is it," he declares. We pull into a small dirt lane leading us down to an old dock and the water's edge. "Heal the water" is the message I receive. As I get out of the car and advance to the water, I connect with its energy and feel the hurt and sadness. Standing on the dock, I visualize building a crystalline grid in the water to bring in love, light and healing for the creatures living in and around the water. Suddenly, fish are jumping, coming to the surface, birds begin to sing and fly in wonderful joyful patterns across the water and into the sky. I smile knowing I have helped in some small way and then I hear "this is what shaman do."

Yup. This is what shaman do.

With love
More and more I lose sight of my blessings and focus on the negatives. I tell myself I should know better because I have healed many fears and beliefs, broken many vows and released a lot of promises but it does not seem to matter. I am irritable at those I love and I sometimes find it hard to focus on the activities necessary to do my job. This new behaviour is totally out of character for me so what is going on? Do I have something that needs healing?

Undoubtedly I have something that needs healing. Everything I have described points directly to adrenal fatigue and a pretty nasty case of it at that. There are other people with much more severe cases out there who are not even aware of what is afflicting them. For them, I have an immense amount of respect because I am trying to figure out how they are getting through their every day.

I am grateful for this hiccup though because it gives me hope for the future.

Before I knew about adrenal fatigue, I was worried about spending the rest of my life in this state and wondering what I could do to change it. Now I have a game plan. This suits my type A personality very nicely. I have a plan to do nothing so I can get better and be better! I am so excited. Like anything I do, it will take me a while to move into a new routine and I have no doubt I will soon be mastering the art of doing nothing but sitting on my back deck and staring at the sky. Have you ever stared at the sky? It is quite fascinating to do. Even if you think there is nothing up there, you can find the tiniest movements...try it and let me know what you see.

Even if you do not see anything (which I doubt) staring at the sky shifts your focus to how fantastical the world we live in truly is and how limitless and abundant. We are, if we allow ourselves to be, the same...limitless and abundant. We can take a much needed deep breath and connect with nature. Have you ever paused to listen to the birds? They can tell you so much. I now know when a bird of prey is in the area. I know the defensive mechanisms used by various species of birds. I know who is married to who this year and where they have made their homes. All from the comfort of my own back dec. The hidden world in plain sight.

I have to let you in on a little secret. In my previous blog, I spoke of my passion for writing. I am planning a series of new books based on the past life work I have done for myself and for others. I am so very excited about it and the characters are coming to life. Once again, from the comfort of my own back deck.

A big part of my journey has been accepting that I am here. Now. I do not yet know my life purpose although I sense the truth will soon be revealed. I accepted my existence about 5 years ago but I have been slow to change the habits that have driven my life to that point. The "keep busy to avoid myself" syndrome is deeply ingrained and now I come full circle. I am facing myself and having to make the necessary changes in order to live the second half of my life with the understanding that a higher purpose is what I am here to fulfill. A purpose that transcends my own existence..

I do not yet know what the future has in store but that is now irrelevant since it will come to me in its own time. The present is real and here now.

I wish you all a blessed day.
It has been a while since I have posted a blog even though I love doing it. I love everything writing, everything spiritual, everything mystical, everything shamanic...everything! Did I say everything? Okay, I think I have made my point. The question I then ask myself is if I love it so much, how come these things I love do not stay at the top of my priority list?

Am I the only one who loses sight of priorities? It does not take me long to write a blog so why am I not finding the time during the day to get it done? Sure, I could come up with a number of excuses as to why I have not blogged for such a long time but I am not about excuses for myself. I am about truth and if I am being truthful, it is really because I was tired.

Emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually I was tired. I realized I have been running on high flight or fright mode for almost all of my 50 years and it finally caught up to me. I couldn't keep up the pace and my entire being told me so. The way it told me was by refusing to move anymore. I was witnessing some depression. I am starting to sleep in later and take naps during the day. These activities are highly unusual for me, I now flop into bed early and promptly fall asleep. A few nights ago my husband had an entire conversation with himself only realizing I was asleep when I didn't put in the required "yes dear", "no honey", "that's very interesting." (Don't misunderstand, my husband and I have extremely interesting and intriguing conversations, just not that night.)

It is important from time to time to take stock of my priorities. It startled me to realize that my self was excluded from that list. How come? Self-care is one of the primary teachings of mine and is a subject I promote to everyone. Healer, heal thyself, right? Not only was I NOT top priority on my own list, I was not even on it!! 

Did I love myself as much as I loved everything writing, spiritual, mystical, shamanic, etc? The answer I came up with was a firm no, I did not! Now, I was getting to the heart of the matter. I still have something to heal around self-love and when I began listening to my body and its needs rather than ignoring it or drugging it with food as I have done in the past, I realized how imbalanced I am.

I healed a great deal spiritually, emotionally and mentally but physically, I was still needing to do a lot of work. I have branded 2016 as the "Year of the Body" and my focus will be to (1) put myself on the top of my priority list (2) focus on the activities that bring me great joy (3) do the necessary in my job to ensure I remain employed (something else to heal here soon) and (4) release that which no longer serves me..

With renewed clarity and priorities, I am off to walk my dog, take a nap, write my new book and oh yes, maybe work for a few hours. Yup! Sounds good to me.

Have a blessed day!
Sometimes the dream is not enough. There are many of us with dreams and goals but how many of us are willing to take the steps necessary to begin down the road towards those dreams and goals? How many are ready to risk ridicule and scorn if we do not succeed? How many of us are ready to risk failure?

These questions are answered only by your actions.

I have blogged before on how we are human BEing not human DOings. I have pondered this statement along with the internal desire I have to experience life. I believed the two were in conflict with each other and in fact, they are not. In order for me to be myself and understand my perfection, I simply have to be.. In order for me to experience life's adventures, I simply have to do. That's the difference. Why does it sound so crazy easy yet seems to so hard to achieve?

Message from the Sumarians:
"The constant need to do and achieve is inbred into your DNA. There is a constant drive to make yourself more than what you are. This is found in your strata. You are working against your natural instinct to drive forward when you decide to be. It is important however, that you continue to strive to be. This is where your true essence and understanding of all, is found. It is important you stop striving and begin being. Peace is attained in this being state and chaos is present in all other states. Be and know you are a gift unto the universe. We watch you and wait for you to achieve a level of consciousness so we can come and speak with you. Only those of you who achieve the levels necessary will be contacted. We await you.."

The Sumarians are a recent addition to my list of contacts from other worlds and dimensions. I am truly honoured to be able to reach out and contact these beings when I need to and to be their channel when they have a message to share. It is indeed a blessing we are not alone in this world and we are being supported and guided by very loving beings.

Our ascension into the next dimension has been experienced on other planets and universes. We are not the first to experience this however, we may well be the last. Personally, I have done this before and been part of helping other beings ascend so this is nothing new. It is a matter of remembering who I am and how this was done before.

There are many who would say we are evolved enough. Remember that the world around us is a reflection of who we believe we are. We look at animals and say they have no soul, they cannot feel emotions. We look at people considered to be "enemies" and say they are savages. We use words like "punk", "loser", "bitch", "asshole" and other words I would not dare use to describe other beings. What does that make us? How far have we truly evolved?

When we are capable of seeing the soul and spirit of the people and creatures around us, then we have truly elevated ourselves to the 5th dimension, the spiritual dimension. When we know trees, plants and even rocks have a vibration and are here to balance the world, we have evolved out of our primal instinct for survival into a place of true prosperity and peace. We have bought into the myth that we must strive for more money, we cannot survive without money, we cannot live without money, a house, a car, clothes, etc. This is simply not true.

There are those of you who talk about the Law of Attraction yet strive for promotions at work believing more money will bring happiness and more stuff your way. Not true. Please do not misunderstand. There are some of you who love your work and jobs. That is awesome! Truly! That is part of your adventures and experiences of life. Understand however, it is not necessary, it is a choice. The universe is constantly supplying what we need. Be aware of that. Observe the happenings in your life and determine what is causing them. Is it the universe supplying or is it you creating?

Have a blessed day.
A mentor of mine shared a piece of wisdom with me many years ago that still holds true today: when the dream is big enough, the facts don't count.

Think about that statement for a moment and then reflect back on your life. Have you had a moment of triumph and glory and wonder how it happened? According to the facts and the know-it-alls, given your background, your lack of this or your lack of that, you should never have succeeded but yet, you did. How did that happen exactly?

We allow dreams to be stolen from us when well meaning individuals in our lives discourage us from going for it. It's not because they don't believe in us, they just don't want to see us suffer if we don't reach our goals. They don't want to see us fail or cry when we fall short. What they don't understand and what we forget is that dreams will cause us to grow. Dreams will cause us to stretch beyond what we believe are our limits and that stretching can be painful. You will have to let go of limiting beliefs. You will have to let go of the stories and the reasons why you couldn't possibly...why you will never...

My list of facts include: "I want to wait until everything is perfect." "The moment has to be right." "The experts are saying it's not possible." "I don't have enough money." "There's never enough time." "I don't have the right clothes." "I am not slim enough." "I am not smart enough."

At times I forget about the dreams I have accomplished because I get caught up in the facts and forget about my mentor's wisdom. I now have a dream board to help me stay focused on what I would like to achieve next.

I share this story with you because the universe DESIRES for you to succeed. The universe and the energies conspire to help you have your dreams and your glory MORE than you want it for yourself at times. You need to step out of your own way and let it happen.

Take a deep breath and speak your dreams out loud. Go ahead and do it! You will be amazed at how it makes you feel to hear it from your own lips. Now, write it down and post it where you can see it and envision it for yourself every day. See it with your heart. Emblazon it in your mind. Set your actions towards the achievement of that dream.

Dreams are possible in spite of the facts. I read stories about people achieving the incomprehensible because they ignored the facts and listened to their own spirit and heart that said " can do it. This is your moment to shine."

Dare to dream. Dare to dream big.

With blessings
I am entering my 50th year in this lifetime and I am coming to the realization that most of my years are probably behind me now. As I turn towards and fully engage in the next part of my life, I took stock of where I was, what I looked to accomplish in this new chapter and what was required of me to make it happen.

One aspect of my life I need to get a handle on is my physical being. I had done much work on the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and largely ignored the physical. There are many reasons for that including the sense that I am not attached to the physical body I chose for this lifetime. Perhaps it sounds a little strange but I have always felt like a passenger in this body rather than feeling like I am this body. Needless to say, I have healing around the physical that will be necessary over the coming days and weeks.

The reason I mention the physical body is because I have been having trouble with the achilles tendon on the right heel. When I visited my friendly neighbourhood physiotherapist, he promptly informed me that I am walking using the wrong muscles. He explained the mechanics of how the body should be working (this lead me to an even greater level of awe for creator and the body we have been given) and apparently my body has been doing it wrong for many years. Only now, it is letting me know that it is tired of doing it wrong and being in pain. Something needs to be done.

After 49 years of walking, it appears I need to learn to walk all over again! I must retrain the muscles to do what they are intended for. Wow! 

In hindsight, I had done this with the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies in the past did I not? I lead my life with ego and not spirit. I had to train ego to take its rightful place in the holy trinity where spirit leads, ego protects and body carries. I had to train my spirit to lead after many years of either being hidden or ignored. The ego and the spirit are two parts of the holy trinity and for many years were out of balance so it only makes sense that retraining the body is now required since it too has been out of balance for a long time. In retraining the ego and the spirit, there was much pain, many tears, extraordinary releases and incredible outcomes. I suspect retraining the physical will be no different. I am teaching my working muscles to let go of the tension and the desire to work when they should be resting. I am teaching my resting muscles to work as they are supposed to and the biggest part of this retraining process is forgiving myself for not taking care of my body sooner and for allowing it to go out of balance to this extreme. The upside of all of this is that my body is still in great shape in spite of the neglect and for that I am very grateful.

As we start the month of February in the year of completion (2016 is a 9 year), is there some retraining you could be doing for yourself in order to find balance in your life? In which body could you be focusing to release, retrain and regain balance? If there is, you have someone who can help you because having help is truly necessary.

As I leave you with those thoughts to ponder, I am preparing for my lower extremity release routine.

Have a great day!

With blessings
As I continue my journey, I am very excited about the future. This evening however, I am reminded that I am not the only one in my family experiencing changes and shifts. I tend to forget that point. We are a family that has learned to take responsibility for our actions, thoughts and comments and we also know we are responsible for our own happiness and healing so why should I be so surprised when others are going through "stuff?"

I am contemplating this question in the quiet and dark of the night. It is a peaceful time, perfect for reflection while the family is sleeping. The other question I am pondering is "am I providing the support required for others to heal?" I guess my family members would be better able to answer the second question and hopefully provide me with guidance on how best I can support them in the future.

As for the first question, part of my challenge is that my family is my rock, my foundation and certain individuals are my councilors and guides. Some may say I need only rely on myself and Creator.
I tried relying only on myself for the better part of my life and I can tell you, my life was a mess. I truly had no idea where I was going, what I was doing or even who I was. It was only after I started asking for help, reaching out to others and truly connecting with Creator that my life began to have meaning, purpose and direction.

I know my family does not understand my journey and at times, it is very difficult to articulate what I experience on a daily basis but I am never discouraged from continuing. Indeed, there have been scary moments where I did not know what was happening to me or what the outcome of certain healing sessions would be but my foundation, my rock was always there.

I know other individuals are shifting so why is it so hard for me to remember that my family will too? Is it perhaps a fear that I have yet to heal coming forward? Is what I am experiencing at this time mine? With great shifts, great courage is needed to face them and overcome. With great shifts, there is also great uncertainty. Because many people identify with fears, beliefs and experiences of the past, when those fears, beliefs and experiences shift and are healed, the current identity is gone. Who they have been for years is gone and they must reacquaint themselves with the new them. Will they like what they see? Will they like who they truly are, who they are becoming in the process of healing?

As I contemplate about what a foundation is, Creator is showing me the Earth. Mother Earth is a living being forever nurturing and providing, forever shifting and moving. Land and sea are supported by giant tectonic plates. These plates are always moving, heaving, settling. Our Earth is always in flux yet she is always there to support us. Many of us do not think about her moving and heaving unless we are directly affected and only then do many of us truly think about our foundation, our rock.

As one of my councilors is so fond of telling me, we live in a state of grace where we are cared for and all is as it should be so even when your foundation shifts, it is as it should be. Never lose faith in the foundation, simply move with it and ride the waves until she settles again. The change wrought by the waves are necessary, know this to be true.

Therein lies the resolution to my question:
why should I be so surprised when others are going through "stuff?" My family, like everyone else, are always shifting, moving, heaving and settling but I am only aware of it when I am directly affected and I must make adjustments to my ideas about my foundation. I must never lose faith in my family because like the tectonic plates on Mother Earth, my family dynamics are always shifting and morphing with the changes necessary to ensure everyone's continued growth and development.

Lesson of the day: foundations shift, shift with it. Simple enough...but is it?

With blessings
There are many global events happening that could are stirring fear in people. For some people, the instinct is to lash out at those individuals causing these events. For other people, it is to run from these events and not want to get involved or even deny that these events happened. For yet another group of people, the instinct is to freeze in place and do nothing and hope the events pass and they not be affected. This is the freeze, flight or fight instincts we are born with.

Have a negative reaction to a negative situation is normal. ACTING on the negative reaction however, is something entirely different. I would like to speak to you about the gift of fear.

Like you, my initial instinct was to be angry and fearful about what happened. Some of the feelings were mine and some belonged to the collective consciousness. I immediately prayed for everyone involved on all sides of the situation because everyone involved needs unconditional love. As the details of the events came forward and the reactions began to pour in on all media avenues, it became clear to me what was going on.

First of all, Creator has always said to me that the ultimate lesson for a human being is forgiveness and in order for humanity to live in peace, we must forgive. In order for us to learn how to forgive, "stuff" has to happen and in order for stuff to happen, someone needs to step out of true loves form and perpetrate acts that would cause people to need to forgive.

Secondly, those of us in the spiritual genre have been talking about the shift for the last few years. The shift is moving us from the third dimension of survival to the fifth dimension of spirituality however in order for the shift to happen, shifts must happen. Does that make sense? You cannot possibly move from a survival instinct to a spiritual mindset without major healing happening. Certainly, the collective mind cannot make the transition from survival to spirituality unless a global shift occurs and guess what? We got our global event that could cause a global shift. It's happening right now! We have an incredible opportunity to move the collective and ourselves from a life of survival to a life of spirituality, a life of abundance, a life of peace and balance! This is it folks! We are being provided with an opportunity, what are we going to do with it?

If you doubt me, take a look at the reaction of the events on social media. Moderate individuals who would normally be docile are standing up and saying not in our name. World leaders who are normally at odds with each other are coming together as one to discuss the common good. The war like reactions of the world leaders are also helping the collective because as people of the Earth, we can say to our world leaders NO! we don't accept a war-like reaction to these events.

Billions of sleeping individuals are finally waking up and refusing to accept the status quo. People are being awoken to the fact that they are being manipulated because they have been lulled into believing the leaders will take care of them. This is not so. In order for people to truly live lives of peace, they must be awake and aware and conscious of what is taking place around them. Millions of school children are praying for peace. CHILDREN are getting it! They are praying for peace.

This type of global awareness is happening because we have individuals willing to step out of true loves form to help us learn and grown. What we do with the awareness is up to us. What are you willing to do?

If those individuals who perpetrated these global events were in front of me today, I would kiss them because they have galvanized the peace movement like never before. They have gifted us with fear so we can wake up and say no more. They have shaken us out of our apathy and we are preparing, on a global scale, to move into a place of love and forgiveness that will change the course of human history.

This is what these global events are bringing to us. The gift of fear is one which will change the course of humanity if we understand it for what it is: a
n opportunity for healing and peace.

If you are personally affected by the global events happening at this time then healing is mandatory in order for you to attain forgiveness and a peaceful state. It is not easy but it is doable. For those of you not personally affected by the events that have happened, how are you choosing to use the gift of fear?

Are you allowing it to free you from fear or are you allowing it to solidify your position into a fearful mindset? You have the power to affect the collective consciousness and the direction of humanity. What are you going to do with it?

I am choosing to love unconditionally at this time. Why don't you join me? It is only love that will heal all of the ails in the world. It is only love that will bring about "justice" and peace. It is only love. That's it. It's that simple.

What do you choose?

With blessings
The depth of uncomfortable you are willing to endure will dictate the depth of healing you will experience.

If you are willing to be deeply uncomfortable looking at the fears and beliefs you carry then you will be equally rewarded with the depth of healing you will achieve.

I am very blessed to have been guided by Creator to host Soul Cafe every Tuesday night. Soul Cafe is a safe and nurturing drop in group where people who are seeking answers to spirituality or guidance on their life journey can feel free to share without judgment. Many nights, Soul Cafe is uplifting and we have fun exploring what is coming forward for people to heal, identifying lessons in different experiences and meeting other people just like us!  Often times, I recognize my self in people who come to share and it reinforces how far I have come and how much I have de-evolved. (I call it de-evolving because I tried evolving and it wasn't fun. I was full of fear and barriers so I decided to unlearn and de-evolve and now my life is, for the most part, extremely peaceful)

There are other nights however, where we are smacked by the universe with yet another level of healing. This awareness comes in many forms...perhaps it's an incident someone encountered during the week, perhaps it's a story being told, perhaps it's another individual in the circle that sets you off by what they say, what they do or even just by showing up! Whatever the case may be, I love those types of circles above all others because healing is going to happen! Not only are we there to feel good, we are there to heal so how uncomfortable are you willing to be to heal what needs to be healed?

Are you willing to face the fear the others are stirring in you or are you going to walk away from the opportunity provided to you by the universe. Remember that at some level, you asked for this healing. You knew you were ready, put the call to the universe and the universe complied by presenting you with your next teacher and mentor. Are you going to walk away from that?

If you choose to walk away (and you can because Creator gave us all free will) remember that the universe will still comply with your request to heal what is coming up for you and will create yet another experience for you to learn your lesson. Are you willing to walk away from that again? And again? And again?

Often I hear: why is this always happening to me? I always meet these types of people or I always run into this situation. I always get treated this way. Why?? Answer: your next lesson
is facing you.

I know how painful fears and beliefs can be to hold on to. I know what fears and beliefs can rob from you and your life. Are you willing to add just a little uncomfortable to that pain to be free of it forever? Think about it for a minute. You are voluntarily holding on to fears and beliefs because they are familiar. We are willing to enduring uncomfortable and painful just because it's familiar. Better the enemy we know rather than the enemy we don't, right? How about this idea: Be uncomfortable just a little bit more by facing the fears and beliefs, identify where lessons need to be learned, learn them, release them, forgive and be rid of the uncomfortable and fear and live peacefully.

How about the idea of living in peace? How about the idea of living drama-free? How about the idea of living pain-free? How about the idea of living rather than just existing?

How uncomfortable are you willing to get in order to live a life of peace? Be real about your answer. If you are comfortable in your pain, say so. If you are not, reach out for help. It will be there.

Remember, there is no judgment in your decision. It is your life after all and what you make of it is your choice.

I just desire for you what you desire for yourself.

With blessings

In my last blog, I talked about the loss of a dream. What I am here to share now is the freedom and advancements I have experienced because of that loss. Because I was no longer feeling compelled to strive for a vision that was not mine, I freed myself of the anxiety, frustration and disappointment that came along with feeling like I was failing at a "God given" dream. Almost at the same time, I dropped another activity that was consuming much of my life because it no longer brought me joy. These two releases provided me with yet another level of peace and understanding of my existence. It also opened me up to receive more mentors helping me to continue to understand the nothingness that we are supposed to be living. Does that make sense? Ponder and meditate on that statement for a while.

In the meantime, I was awakened at 3 am this morning by a couple of beings who are extremely excited to be able to bring you the following message. The primary being on the message below calls herself "The Primal One" and here is what they have to say:

"The state of existence known as the human condition is a temporary state of being. Though its existence seems real it is truly an illusion that will soon fade however, those in this state choose to make it real.. Rather than existing in a state of being that is learning, they exist in a state of being that is exemplifying the need for lessons. They are forgetting who they truly are and their true existence by hiding behind falls false beliefs and ideas about who they need to be. This is wrong. It is time for the human existence to end and the spiritual existence to be the only state for them. Regardless of the form the spirit takes, it is still spirit but in a different form. There is a mindset that all must be a certain way or its existence is invalid, false somehow. This is not true. The truth lies in the knowing that you are spirit and with being a spirit you are connected to all beings and thus when you hurt one you hurt all, even the self. There is a conscious decision being made every day about their state of existence. Shall I be human or shall I be spiritual? That decision is irrelevant. You are spirit. There is no other being for you to be so why are you making irrelevant decisions? Why are you entering into a realm you know nothing of?

The realm of the human existence is an illusion that will cease to exist some day but the spirit that you are will continue indefinitely. You speak of your forever god yet you do not believe yourself to be so. This is irrational. You cannot believe in something that is forever without yourself being so. You cannot believe in limitations with you being so. You cannot believe in falsehoods without you being so. It is important for you to remember your boundlessness, your limitlessness, your true potential of existing with one and all in all realms, in all dimensions and and all times. Time is another illusion for you have the perception that you are limited on time. The time you follow is man made and extremely limiting. The time I follow is forever and very liberating. There is no structure to time. There is no structure to the spiritual so their should be no structure to the human existence. This structure you believe you seek is simply to limit you and your form and your beliefs and your desires. Be unlimited. Be limitless be formless be boundless.

This can all be achieved even in human form. The spirit is limitless and boundless and thus the human existence is as well. It is only in the human perception of limit and boundaries that all begins to crumbled and the illusion takes hold. How come you wish many good things for others but you have a difficult time wishing them for yourself. You can see the unlimited potential in other but you yourself are limited in your options and choices? This is irrational. This makes no sense. This causes fears and limiting beliefs. There is no limits to the human existence save the ones you apply to yourself and if you apply them to yourself, you apply them to others. This is current state of the human existence and this state is very harmful.

As of yet, the humans believe they are alone in this huge expanse of space and this is not true. The humans are the last creatures to be created on this relatively new planet called the earth. They are the biggest experiment of existence ever created and it is interesting to watch the evolution. We are interested in the human experience and whether the humans will truly understand some day their limitless and boundlessness and whether they will encounter their true selves while experiencing the human form. It is important that humans move towards that understanding for mother earth is moving you in that direction steadily. She has been doing this for quite a time and yet there is resistance to moving with her. This is what is causing strife on your planet. The natural flow and movement of time and space is being countered by beliefs of structure and control. When you seek to control those around you and you seek to control time and space, you are controlling that which cannot be controlled and at some time as like now, there will be a surge of resistance and a desire to regain truth and to live once again with the natural rhythm of existence.

Your indigenous beings understand this and they are difficult to control for the spirit in them is strong. Suppression was tried on these individuals of the stars and while the belief was there, momentarily, that the control was working, quickly this became untrue. Quickly the spirit of the indigenous broke away from the control of time and space to reestablish their patterns of living within and with the natural flow of life. The spirit was freed once again to begin flowing with the natural rhythm of life on earth.

There is much you will learn from these indigenous for there are the guardians of the planet. There are the guardians of all beings and they are here to help you and protect you from yourselves.

The indigenous were not created as you were created, they were created from the start dust and from the love of all that is. They are not part of the last great experiment."

So ends the lesson for the day and hopefully I will be permitted to head back to bed.

With blessings


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