The power of love is the strongest force in the universe. It can heal the supposed unhealable and it can free the hardest of hearts. Love is the magic that flows within us to the outside world. As you see a new born child, you see unconditional love. They are pure of spirit and untainted by the world's anger or disdain.

For many of us, as we experience life, we lose connection to our pure hearts and begin putting conditions on love. "I will love you if..." "If you don't do this, I won't love you any more..." We begin to blame love for our troubles and stay away from it because "love is painful."

The truth is love is NOT painful. Our beliefs and stories around what we think is love causes us pain. Our beliefs and needs keep us in a state of flux and frustration. We believe we need to be loved by others when the truth is, and has always been, we must love ourselves. The love we project to others, we must turn inward. It is when we can look ourselves in the mirror and love what we see, we can experience true love for others.

Love lives in the heart, not the head. If you have to make a decision that you love someone, that's your head talking. "I love you because you make me feel good." "I love you because you support me in what I'm doing" As soon as "I love you" is followed by "because" that's conditional. It's the same as saying "If you don't make me feel good, I won't love you anymore." "If you don't support what I'm doing, I won't love you anymore.." If you have to decide to love someone, you can always change your mind, can't you? 

Unconditional love is not a decision, it's a state of being. Newborns are unconditional love. They live in the moment, live their truth in those moments and love unconditionally.

Have you noticed that as we grow, we have a thirst to learn and we are taught academics. We strengthen our mental mind but disconnect from our emotional, spiritual and physical bodies. When our emotional and spiritual bodies cry for recognition and to be reintegrated into the self, we act out and are called depressed, schizophrenic, or labeled with some disorder and medicated. When our physical body cries out to be reintegrated into the self, we are medicated. Western medicine tries to find a physical root cause and when none is found, we shrug our shoulders and continue to mask the symptoms eventually believe we are "cured."

How would our lives look if we were taught about self-care, self-growth, our connection to all that is around us along with all of the academics? Can you imagine exploring the evolution of a frog within the larger context of its ecosystem that is not limited to the pond and the surrounding forest BUT, the evolution of a frog within the entire collective whole and how a frog thousands of miles away is affecting my very existence today? Mind boggling but it is true. How a frog lives or dies miles away does affect me, us. Why? Because every being on this planet emits a vibration and once a vibration is altered or removed, it affects the vibration of the greater whole.

Can you imagine every being vibrating at the same loving frequency? We would eliminate all dis-eases, poverty, greed, wars, anything not borne of love. Just imagine.

It is possible. Think about it.

With love and blessings


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