The human spirit is indomitable and miraculous.

Just when you believe life is at its worst, your spirit shows you a glimmer of hope and begins the ascent out of desperation and raises you to a level of understanding and wisdom you would never have thought possible. Miracle by tiny miracle, your spirit unveils the truth of who you truly are and begins to help you understand your greatness.

You are not a mistake. You were not created by accident. You were created to fulfill a great purpose needed on Earth at this time. Do you know what that purpose is? If not, it will be revealed to you when the time comes and when you are ready. Embrace the mystical, magical being you are for there is only one of you. You are unique and you are precious.

I write of the spirit because it is the forever part of your being. For many of us, our spirits have experienced human existences before and for many, our spirits will be back to experience more human lifetimes. This is a choice we make with our guide and mother/father god.

Always, the reason for experiencing a human lifetime is to learn lessons with the ultimate being forgiveness so we can live in the absolute state of unconditional love. Is it possible? Yes, it absolutely is and the question then comes down to how much are you willing to learn and heal to reach the pinnacle of your existence that is unconditional love?

There are days when I question my existence and the journey I have undertaken as this being called Sharon Joseph. Am I worthy of such an existence and of such understanding I have with the world, the universe and mother/father god? Without fail, I receive confirmation that I am indeed worthy as is everyone else that has ever been, is now, and will ever be.

A message from the goddess Brigid:
"The power to vanquish the darkness is within each and everyone of you. It is not reserved for the select few but it is wielded by a select few. Be the few and wield the power of love to conquer the fears lurking in your hearts. Shine the light and bring to an end the need to rely on others for absolution and for freedom. Seek it for yourself and grab it as it appears to you. This is your birthright. It is your birthright."

With blessings


08/08/2016 04:35

good post

06/09/2016 02:38

All people doing the justice to all category of person. Now a day’s mostly people prefer to rich family and ignore to the poor family but it is 100% wrong. Good people kindness to the all humanity.

28/12/2016 02:04

Determination is what gets me going every single day. I always remind myself of the goals I have set to myself. I always keep that light at the end of the tunnel at my sight. I refuse to back down when I hit my lowest point because I still have that drive to chase after the goal. I will forever not back down; I will pick myself up and get me motivated again.

31/01/2017 12:07

I would try my best to reveal the secret power in my own soul. God bless!


Humanity is equality. What applies to somebody also applies to everybody. It is very wrong to discriminate a person just because of his/her shortcomings. This article made me realize that and appreciate my existence. I will share this to my class in sociology.


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