A mentor of mine shared a piece of wisdom with me many years ago that still holds true today: when the dream is big enough, the facts don't count.

Think about that statement for a moment and then reflect back on your life. Have you had a moment of triumph and glory and wonder how it happened? According to the facts and the know-it-alls, given your background, your lack of this or your lack of that, you should never have succeeded but yet, you did. How did that happen exactly?

We allow dreams to be stolen from us when well meaning individuals in our lives discourage us from going for it. It's not because they don't believe in us, they just don't want to see us suffer if we don't reach our goals. They don't want to see us fail or cry when we fall short. What they don't understand and what we forget is that dreams will cause us to grow. Dreams will cause us to stretch beyond what we believe are our limits and that stretching can be painful. You will have to let go of limiting beliefs. You will have to let go of the stories and the reasons why you couldn't possibly...why you will never...

My list of facts include: "I want to wait until everything is perfect." "The moment has to be right." "The experts are saying it's not possible." "I don't have enough money." "There's never enough time." "I don't have the right clothes." "I am not slim enough." "I am not smart enough."

At times I forget about the dreams I have accomplished because I get caught up in the facts and forget about my mentor's wisdom. I now have a dream board to help me stay focused on what I would like to achieve next.

I share this story with you because the universe DESIRES for you to succeed. The universe and the energies conspire to help you have your dreams and your glory MORE than you want it for yourself at times. You need to step out of your own way and let it happen.

Take a deep breath and speak your dreams out loud. Go ahead and do it! You will be amazed at how it makes you feel to hear it from your own lips. Now, write it down and post it where you can see it and envision it for yourself every day. See it with your heart. Emblazon it in your mind. Set your actions towards the achievement of that dream.

Dreams are possible in spite of the facts. I read stories about people achieving the incomprehensible because they ignored the facts and listened to their own spirit and heart that said "yes...you can do it. This is your moment to shine."

Dare to dream. Dare to dream big.

With blessings


07/04/2016 19:18

I will share this post to my friends.


I believe that when a certain dream seems to be big enough for you, you should still go for it. You should pursue that dream no matter what it takes. Because once you achieved that dream, I am sure that there will be no words that will explain the happiness you will feel during those moments. You will be happy as if it there is no tomorrow. Regardless of the hindrances, I encourage you to continue pursuing it. I am sure the result would be worth it.


big dream will be achieved when we realize that we have a shortage. but it is better do not be discouraged to achieve these dreams

17/01/2017 01:52

Sometimes when dreams seem to be really impossible to achieve , we simply give up on it. When you give up on your dream, you are not dreaming at all. Look at those people who became successful even though their dreams are really impossible to have. What do you think they did when they realized that those dreams were somehow really too much for them? They strive harder. I repeat. They strive and work harder. And as a result, they became the most successful person in the world. That's how you must do it. When that dream is impossible, do not give up instead dream, strive and work harder.

14/04/2016 07:39

I would love to read more articles on this blog and also share it. to my friends.


Yes, you had, it was in a tournament and we won as the champion with 8 competing teams. I think we won because of teamwork and confidence that we could win the tournament even though there are many people who are not in favor of us joining that competition. It really made me sad when people are saying discouragement, but now I understand why because of this blog. Well, I think they don't believe in our capabilities and strength to win against our competitors, but I'm happy that we won. It was really a great experience, now I proved that dreams can be possible just believe in your self and dream bigger as you move forward.

23/04/2016 07:46

I think dreams should be big. What do you think?

25/04/2016 05:12

I really like your post so much.. Thank you for sharing! :)

13/06/2016 09:38

Watching the dreams is not a bad habit even those who are did not watching the big dreams are never getting the goals of the life. We should have to watch the dream with the dreams performing the works practically.

30/06/2016 06:34

I will do anything for my big dream!


I dream and when I dream, I dream about a better future. I dreamed of accomplishing a lot of things. I dreamed about becoming a novelist. I want to write, I want to share stories, I want to make people view different perspectives. I want them to be free and, in turn, I want to be free. Free to explore, free to live.

I hope I'd be able to reach that dream.

12/04/2017 11:21

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06/06/2017 07:32

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