In my last blog, I talked about the loss of a dream. What I am here to share now is the freedom and advancements I have experienced because of that loss. Because I was no longer feeling compelled to strive for a vision that was not mine, I freed myself of the anxiety, frustration and disappointment that came along with feeling like I was failing at a "God given" dream. Almost at the same time, I dropped another activity that was consuming much of my life because it no longer brought me joy. These two releases provided me with yet another level of peace and understanding of my existence. It also opened me up to receive more mentors helping me to continue to understand the nothingness that we are supposed to be living. Does that make sense? Ponder and meditate on that statement for a while.

In the meantime, I was awakened at 3 am this morning by a couple of beings who are extremely excited to be able to bring you the following message. The primary being on the message below calls herself "The Primal One" and here is what they have to say:

"The state of existence known as the human condition is a temporary state of being. Though its existence seems real it is truly an illusion that will soon fade however, those in this state choose to make it real.. Rather than existing in a state of being that is learning, they exist in a state of being that is exemplifying the need for lessons. They are forgetting who they truly are and their true existence by hiding behind falls false beliefs and ideas about who they need to be. This is wrong. It is time for the human existence to end and the spiritual existence to be the only state for them. Regardless of the form the spirit takes, it is still spirit but in a different form. There is a mindset that all must be a certain way or its existence is invalid, false somehow. This is not true. The truth lies in the knowing that you are spirit and with being a spirit you are connected to all beings and thus when you hurt one you hurt all, even the self. There is a conscious decision being made every day about their state of existence. Shall I be human or shall I be spiritual? That decision is irrelevant. You are spirit. There is no other being for you to be so why are you making irrelevant decisions? Why are you entering into a realm you know nothing of?

The realm of the human existence is an illusion that will cease to exist some day but the spirit that you are will continue indefinitely. You speak of your forever god yet you do not believe yourself to be so. This is irrational. You cannot believe in something that is forever without yourself being so. You cannot believe in limitations with you being so. You cannot believe in falsehoods without you being so. It is important for you to remember your boundlessness, your limitlessness, your true potential of existing with one and all in all realms, in all dimensions and and all times. Time is another illusion for you have the perception that you are limited on time. The time you follow is man made and extremely limiting. The time I follow is forever and very liberating. There is no structure to time. There is no structure to the spiritual so their should be no structure to the human existence. This structure you believe you seek is simply to limit you and your form and your beliefs and your desires. Be unlimited. Be limitless be formless be boundless.

This can all be achieved even in human form. The spirit is limitless and boundless and thus the human existence is as well. It is only in the human perception of limit and boundaries that all begins to crumbled and the illusion takes hold. How come you wish many good things for others but you have a difficult time wishing them for yourself. You can see the unlimited potential in other but you yourself are limited in your options and choices? This is irrational. This makes no sense. This causes fears and limiting beliefs. There is no limits to the human existence save the ones you apply to yourself and if you apply them to yourself, you apply them to others. This is current state of the human existence and this state is very harmful.

As of yet, the humans believe they are alone in this huge expanse of space and this is not true. The humans are the last creatures to be created on this relatively new planet called the earth. They are the biggest experiment of existence ever created and it is interesting to watch the evolution. We are interested in the human experience and whether the humans will truly understand some day their limitless and boundlessness and whether they will encounter their true selves while experiencing the human form. It is important that humans move towards that understanding for mother earth is moving you in that direction steadily. She has been doing this for quite a time and yet there is resistance to moving with her. This is what is causing strife on your planet. The natural flow and movement of time and space is being countered by beliefs of structure and control. When you seek to control those around you and you seek to control time and space, you are controlling that which cannot be controlled and at some time as like now, there will be a surge of resistance and a desire to regain truth and to live once again with the natural rhythm of existence.

Your indigenous beings understand this and they are difficult to control for the spirit in them is strong. Suppression was tried on these individuals of the stars and while the belief was there, momentarily, that the control was working, quickly this became untrue. Quickly the spirit of the indigenous broke away from the control of time and space to reestablish their patterns of living within and with the natural flow of life. The spirit was freed once again to begin flowing with the natural rhythm of life on earth.

There is much you will learn from these indigenous for there are the guardians of the planet. There are the guardians of all beings and they are here to help you and protect you from yourselves.

The indigenous were not created as you were created, they were created from the start dust and from the love of all that is. They are not part of the last great experiment."

So ends the lesson for the day and hopefully I will be permitted to head back to bed.

With blessings



24/08/2016 19:13

Many people come in the form of illusion. The matter for seeing dream and acts make people happier for some time. The act of God in the form of dream bring some people for comfortable situation but might it finished as its seems to an illusion.

28/11/2016 10:47

In our life, we have our own purpose as a human-being. It depends on what field God has called you. As a Christian, the moment I surrender my life to our Lord, Jesus Christ, He had lead me to his own paths and will. Every time I make decisions, I always come to him and give me knowledege about it. Well, God has plans for us, we just need to obey to his command and all will follow.

31/01/2017 12:17

We are just a part of one big experiment. No matter how awful it sounds.


I have found this experience of writer in getting and following the hidden meaning of his dreams a little complex to understand. Nevertheless, I loved the way the writer is surrendering himself to the wish and will of God.


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