The depth of uncomfortable you are willing to endure will dictate the depth of healing you will experience.

If you are willing to be deeply uncomfortable looking at the fears and beliefs you carry then you will be equally rewarded with the depth of healing you will achieve.

I am very blessed to have been guided by Creator to host Soul Cafe every Tuesday night. Soul Cafe is a safe and nurturing drop in group where people who are seeking answers to spirituality or guidance on their life journey can feel free to share without judgment. Many nights, Soul Cafe is uplifting and we have fun exploring what is coming forward for people to heal, identifying lessons in different experiences and meeting other people just like us!  Often times, I recognize my self in people who come to share and it reinforces how far I have come and how much I have de-evolved. (I call it de-evolving because I tried evolving and it wasn't fun. I was full of fear and barriers so I decided to unlearn and de-evolve and now my life is, for the most part, extremely peaceful)

There are other nights however, where we are smacked by the universe with yet another level of healing. This awareness comes in many forms...perhaps it's an incident someone encountered during the week, perhaps it's a story being told, perhaps it's another individual in the circle that sets you off by what they say, what they do or even just by showing up! Whatever the case may be, I love those types of circles above all others because healing is going to happen! Not only are we there to feel good, we are there to heal so how uncomfortable are you willing to be to heal what needs to be healed?

Are you willing to face the fear the others are stirring in you or are you going to walk away from the opportunity provided to you by the universe. Remember that at some level, you asked for this healing. You knew you were ready, put the call to the universe and the universe complied by presenting you with your next teacher and mentor. Are you going to walk away from that?

If you choose to walk away (and you can because Creator gave us all free will) remember that the universe will still comply with your request to heal what is coming up for you and will create yet another experience for you to learn your lesson. Are you willing to walk away from that again? And again? And again?

Often I hear: why is this always happening to me? I always meet these types of people or I always run into this situation. I always get treated this way. Why?? Answer: your next lesson
is facing you.

I know how painful fears and beliefs can be to hold on to. I know what fears and beliefs can rob from you and your life. Are you willing to add just a little uncomfortable to that pain to be free of it forever? Think about it for a minute. You are voluntarily holding on to fears and beliefs because they are familiar. We are willing to enduring uncomfortable and painful just because it's familiar. Better the enemy we know rather than the enemy we don't, right? How about this idea: Be uncomfortable just a little bit more by facing the fears and beliefs, identify where lessons need to be learned, learn them, release them, forgive and be rid of the uncomfortable and fear and live peacefully.

How about the idea of living in peace? How about the idea of living drama-free? How about the idea of living pain-free? How about the idea of living rather than just existing?

How uncomfortable are you willing to get in order to live a life of peace? Be real about your answer. If you are comfortable in your pain, say so. If you are not, reach out for help. It will be there.

Remember, there is no judgment in your decision. It is your life after all and what you make of it is your choice.

I just desire for you what you desire for yourself.

With blessings



It's normal to feel apprehensive before you try something different or face a new challenge, but stepping outside your comfort zone can lead to big rewards

27/06/2016 00:01

It's such a wonderful letter. I want to consider this letter from my best friend. It reminds me of one my great sister. She keeps reminding to know the real meaning of living in this world. My sister is actually my best friend. She keeps encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone. She wants me to learn through my mistake. Yes, I always commit mistakes. It's a normal thing. I'm a human. I'm not a perfect person in this world. She just smiles back to me. She keeps giving me a lifetime memory verse from the bible. She is really amazing.

20/11/2016 15:08

What has happened to us? Cell phones are now apart of our life and many of us can't live without it.

31/01/2017 12:16

I don't share the popular opinion that you should stay away of your comfort zone. If you are success enough - you can afford it.


May you please tell me how uncomfortable you are in front of the public and audience? Majority of the people have been using the tinge and tools for the strength of the whole society.


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