As I continue my journey, I am very excited about the future. This evening however, I am reminded that I am not the only one in my family experiencing changes and shifts. I tend to forget that point. We are a family that has learned to take responsibility for our actions, thoughts and comments and we also know we are responsible for our own happiness and healing so why should I be so surprised when others are going through "stuff?"

I am contemplating this question in the quiet and dark of the night. It is a peaceful time, perfect for reflection while the family is sleeping. The other question I am pondering is "am I providing the support required for others to heal?" I guess my family members would be better able to answer the second question and hopefully provide me with guidance on how best I can support them in the future.

As for the first question, part of my challenge is that my family is my rock, my foundation and certain individuals are my councilors and guides. Some may say I need only rely on myself and Creator.
I tried relying only on myself for the better part of my life and I can tell you, my life was a mess. I truly had no idea where I was going, what I was doing or even who I was. It was only after I started asking for help, reaching out to others and truly connecting with Creator that my life began to have meaning, purpose and direction.

I know my family does not understand my journey and at times, it is very difficult to articulate what I experience on a daily basis but I am never discouraged from continuing. Indeed, there have been scary moments where I did not know what was happening to me or what the outcome of certain healing sessions would be but my foundation, my rock was always there.

I know other individuals are shifting so why is it so hard for me to remember that my family will too? Is it perhaps a fear that I have yet to heal coming forward? Is what I am experiencing at this time mine? With great shifts, great courage is needed to face them and overcome. With great shifts, there is also great uncertainty. Because many people identify with fears, beliefs and experiences of the past, when those fears, beliefs and experiences shift and are healed, the current identity is gone. Who they have been for years is gone and they must reacquaint themselves with the new them. Will they like what they see? Will they like who they truly are, who they are becoming in the process of healing?

As I contemplate about what a foundation is, Creator is showing me the Earth. Mother Earth is a living being forever nurturing and providing, forever shifting and moving. Land and sea are supported by giant tectonic plates. These plates are always moving, heaving, settling. Our Earth is always in flux yet she is always there to support us. Many of us do not think about her moving and heaving unless we are directly affected and only then do many of us truly think about our foundation, our rock.

As one of my councilors is so fond of telling me, we live in a state of grace where we are cared for and all is as it should be so even when your foundation shifts, it is as it should be. Never lose faith in the foundation, simply move with it and ride the waves until she settles again. The change wrought by the waves are necessary, know this to be true.

Therein lies the resolution to my question:
why should I be so surprised when others are going through "stuff?" My family, like everyone else, are always shifting, moving, heaving and settling but I am only aware of it when I am directly affected and I must make adjustments to my ideas about my foundation. I must never lose faith in my family because like the tectonic plates on Mother Earth, my family dynamics are always shifting and morphing with the changes necessary to ensure everyone's continued growth and development.

Lesson of the day: foundations shift, shift with it. Simple enough...but is it?

With blessings


02/05/2016 16:21

Change- what's constant in life is this. For a student like me, I know that it is always better to change for growth and development. In this way, we are helping ourselves and also other people. Changing for the better is beneficial and can lead us to a successful direction.

01/12/2016 11:09

It only sounds simple)) But, as always, hard to do ;)

31/01/2017 12:14

Changes are always for good - someone says. I can't say so. But at least you don't have to despair.


Our future is very interesting! The whole world changes so fast!


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