This is a question I am often asked when I tell people I am shaman. I call myself shaman as directed by Gaia but there are so many definitions of this word floating around. So what is a shaman?

Let me explain my definition of shaman as Gaia conveyed it to me: shaman is a keeper and protector of the great Mother and is someone who uses the energies from all living beings to help heal others.

This gets me thinking...if a shaman harnesses energy from all living beings, aren't we all shaman? When someone needs to get grounded, what is the most common advice given? 'Be like a tree' or 'go touch a tree' or how about 'go walk in nature'? Aren't you expected to harness the grounding energy of a tree in order to get grounded? When you watch a bird in flight and suddenly feel your spirits lift, aren't you unknowingly harnessing the energy of the bird? What if you do this KNOWING you are harnessing energy from another living being?

Message from Gaia:
"Ancient healers understood their connection to the animals and creatures of the Earth. Today's healers do not. It is important to understand your role in the world and what you bring to the world. It is important to understand what you are and what you are not. It is important to listen to guidance and do as you are directed."

(ASIDE: When I channel Gaia, her messages are becoming sharper and more directed. This is a reflection of her dissatisfaction of our stewardship of her resources and children. She warned me back at the new year 2015 that she would be taking matters into her own hands by causing more extreme weather and natural disasters.)

Just as I was told that empathic abilities were not limited to a select few individuals, this is also true about shamanic abilities. As a shaman for the world, it is my desire to make everyone aware of their shamanic abilities. It is my desire to have everyone use their abilities for the highest good and I plan on doing this one shaman at a time. There is truly power in one.

Who wants to go first?

Let me know.

With blessings


19/05/2016 01:01

Sure, actions speak louder than words, but feelings inside for all of us personally are louder than it all for us all.

25/07/2016 02:42

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I think that the feelings inside of us personally is the one we should rely on to be our guide. On the article and her explanation about what is a shaman, I think that she is right that we all are the shaman that Gaia is talking about and that we should protect the mother nature and use the energy of living things for the purpose of healing us and the nature. Though I don't believe that much about the shamanic abilities, I still understand that their goal is to preserve our nature for the next generation.

05/06/2016 16:21

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24/09/2016 07:35

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24/04/2017 13:20

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