Everyone keeps talking about the shift. The shift. What is this shift and what can we expect from it?

So from a personal perspective, the shift is a move from third dimensional living to fifth dimensional living. Third dimensional living is the move from the patriarch infrastructure of survival to the matriarch infrastructure of spiritual living. We are release old beliefs and fears and remembering our connection to our Creator and all living beings on the planet. Fifth dimensional living also means relying on Mother Earth to provide for our needs and knowing there is always enough.
Shifting Gears Conference
Wed Sep 30th at 7 pm

We have forgotten that we are always provided for. Do the birds in the sky worry about food being available? Do the animals on the ground worry? They know they are being cared for as a child knows his mother will provide for his needs. When we believe we are deserving of more than others around us we begin to live in fear of lack. We begin to allow ourselves to disconnect from the flow of life. We lose the knowledge of manifestation and begin to "work" at gathering what we believe belongs to us and what we are entitled to. Discord becomes the vibration and materialism becomes our motivating factor.

The time to reconnect to the flow of life is upon us and in order for this to happen, we must shed our beliefs and our fears. We must help others around us do the same. We are all on the same path of expansion of consciousness and we all live on the same Earth. We must help each other so we can all benefit from what Mother Earth provides for us. The time of reconciliation is now and for those of you who are learning to move with the flow and release, this time is easier than those who are resistant.

Let's be honest here...I am moving with the flow and I find it difficult at times to ascend as quickly as I am being asked to so I can only imagine what those who are fighting the flow must be experiencing. People are at a cross roads deciding if they are willing to make the transition from the third to the fifth dimension. This is why people are suddenly becoming ill and dying. They are choosing not to transition and not to heal at this time. Perhaps at some later time they will reincarnate and heal. That is for them to choose.

The question in front of you is do you heal and choose to move into this incredible time of living in the fifth dimension of spirituality and connection to all of creation? Do you choose to heal what is in front of you so you can love unconditionally? Choices not be made lightly but choices which need to be made.

For those of us choosing to make the transition, we will experience a disturbance in sleep patterns along with a change in eating habits and even food preferences. Anxieties will be higher (so very sensitive people will have to ensure they stay extra grounded) and the desire to run away from life at times will be strong. Stand fast, ground yourself and dig in. The resistance is temporary and short compared to the long term peace, love and joy you are helping to usher in.

I have received many messages stating there are many hearing the call but few who are answering. As with anything, there is a slow start to the movement as it begins to awaken within an individual and within a community. As the movement gathers momentum, there comes a tipping point, a pinnacle, that when reached, will begin an avalanche of change. It becomes an unstoppable force that sweeps everyone in its path and moves the immoveable. We are extremely close to the tipping point. People are becoming aware of the shift in extreme numbers. Many cannot put a voice to what they are experiencing at this time but it's here and it's growing. Movements such as "Idle No More", groups such as Anonymous and you are making a difference.

Stand in the flow of life and let it move through you and around you. Stop trying to push throw the crashing waves coming down upon you. Turn around and move with the flow. The shift is upon us whether you want it or not. Make a decision to move with it. Resistance is futile, my friend.

If you need help understanding, reach out and ask me. I will help you.

With blessings


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31/01/2017 12:23

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