"I have a hard time trusting people." "I can't believe that guy screwed me!" "She threw me under the bus today. She didn't have my back."

The last few weeks have been a real treat and a real heartache in many ways. I have been reminded of my own life lessons and I have recognized that my reaction to these lessons have definitely changed from the past. I come from a more loving and balanced position however, at times, I would make a fabulous fish monger's wife with my colourfully spoken words and dramatic body language. (One must be able to giggle at oneself sometimes, mustn't we?)

The two biggest reminders I have had are: the power of manifestation and trusting people.

The power of manifestation came in the form of a new position with the company I work for that will allow me, once again, to do what I love and that is to manage programs and be creative. I described the position I desired, the type of person I desired to work for and with and voila...in about two weeks, it manifested itself. The reason for the delay was one individual in the current job had to decide when he was going to retire and free up a space for me! Magical, truly!

The reason for this blog is actually because of the reminder to trust people. The statements at the top of the blog are ones I have muttered and I have also heard from others as well. People cannot be trusted. Is that true?

I used to carry that belief and I am happy to say that I know the truth. I CAN actually trust people 100% of the time. I CAN trust people to do EXACTLY what they are going to do.

Think about this for a moment: you can absolutely trust that people will do exactly what they are going to do. How about that for a mind bender?

Will I like or approve of what they do? Ah! Now, there's the crux of the problem isn't it? It does not really matter if I approve or not, does it? It does not really matter if I like what they have said or done. People will DO exactly what they are going to do - EVERY TIME.

Everybody's prime focus is themselves and that's the way it must be. If your primary focus is not yourself, you are avoiding something that requires healing. Is it selfish to be focused on yourself? Absolutely not. What is selfish are actions taken at the EXPENSE of another individual. This, of course, is fodder for another blog post at another time.

This bears repeating again: you can absolutely trust that people are going to do exactly what they chose to do all the time. You can take that to the bank!

How do you heal your belief that you cannot trust people?

Here is what I do:
1. I envision the belief floating in every cell of my body.
2. I ground and get myself balanced and quiet.
3. As I breathe in, I speak the truth I want to embed in my cells: "I CAN trust everyone to do exactly what they are going to do."
I see the truth replacing the beliefs in every cell.
4. As I breathe out, I speak the belief I desire to release: "I cannot truth people."
5. I repeat steps 3 and 4 until I know the belief has left every cell to be replaced by the truth.

For some of us, the above activity will be easy. For others, not so much. Take your time with it. Explore the beliefs you have around trusting people and ask yourself: is it them you don't trust or are they truly reflecting something in you about yourself? Do you trust yourself?

I trust you.

With blessings



09/07/2016 16:14

Can you really trust others for the things and mistrust that people have with each other. It is the intensity of the affairs and all activities.

21/07/2016 05:37

Trust is something you build on people based from experiences that involves them. Selflessness is an essential element of trust. They say selfless people are trustworthy because they think of themselves less than other people. Trust is a big word. Trust can build someone who is broken into pieces. Trust can bind two or more people into one. Trust is believing the impossible.

27/02/2017 22:34

Trust can be really hard to gain most of the times. Trust is something that must be worked really hard. It is something that must be open to everyone but must not be easily get. Trust is for those who deserve to have it. Trust is for the people who are worth giving it for. I personally trust easily before, but after experiencing terrible things with people, I realized that I shouldn't give it immediately.

02/02/2017 04:30

It's very hard for me to trust people. Only my family)


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