I am often asked about different rules regarding spirituality. Rules that dictate how a person is supposed to meditate, when they are suppose to journal, how they are supposed to behave, etc.

Are there rules regarding spirituality? Answer: No. There are no rules. There is only truth.  Your truth is not my truth. My truth is not your truth. What resonates for me may not necessarily resonate for you and vice versa. So, what does this all mean?

It means you take responsibility for your life and your spiritual well-being. You learn from others how they healed and take the parts that make sense and feel good for you. Leave the rest behind. Just because I have a certain method for self-healing doesn't mean it also should apply to you. When I help people, I always preface the session with: "Here is what I did to heal myself and I will share it with you. Take what makes sense for you and ignore what doesn't and above all, do what feels right and develop your own methods."  Your higher self will guide you down your path if you allow it.

The ultimate goal on the spiritual journey is to love unconditionally and to forgive. How you get there is for you to decide and discern.

As I am typing this, Gaia is reminding me of a conversation I had with my very catholic mother. She is a staunch catholic, teaches catechism at her church and used to be the president of the local branch of the Catholic Women's League. I love and respect my mother for her beliefs in God and Jesus as her saviour.

I want to take an aside for a moment. The bible says:
"So, because you are lukewarm--neither hot nor cold--I am about to spit you out of my mouth." - Revelation 3:16. What does this mean? It means be passionate or emotional, good or bad, about something. If you are non-committal about anything, you are not living. You are breathing but you are not engaged in life. Be engaged. Just because my mother's beliefs are not my own doesn't mean we are in conflict. It means she believes what she believes and I know my truth. Both can co-exist in harmony.

Now, back to the rest of the story. When my mother found out I was "spiritual" as she calls it, she was very alarmed.  "Oh, I have heard all about those new agey people. They think they can do anything that makes them feel good including murder and they don't have to atone for it." says my mother.  "Really?" says I in return, "Where did you hear that!?"

She mumbled something about some local supposed expert on all religions who presented to the Catholic Women's League about it. She expressed how the CWL condemned this behaviour and that these sinners would surely go to hell. After letting her speak her beliefs on the subject, I finally had an opportunity to ask her questions about the information given. I have learned long ago not to defend myself or my spirituality. It is much more effective to ask pointed questions about the information delivered. Teaching in parables as Jesus did is an amazing teaching methodology. Answering a question with a question is another incredible tool. Most people run on auto pilot and when you engage with questions, it forces them to think about what they are saying rather than repeating someone else's teachings.

Of course I was not able to sway her thoughts on spirituality and that was okay. I love her unconditionally and had forgiven her many years before over every slight I believed she inflicted on me during my formative years. (Don't misunderstand...these were my beliefs and not necessarily the truth of what happened. Perception is everything!!) She will continue to pray for my soul and I appreciate that.

I am not sure why I shared that with you. Gaia is telling me someone out there needed to hear it.

As I conclude this blog, I encourage you to find your truth on your spiritual journey. Do not allow yourself to be bogged down in other people's rules. Do what feels right to you and for you. Only you can decide.

By the way, every time I think I have established some "pattern" or thoughts about spirituality,
Gaia and the universe throw something at me that totally shatters that. I love how that works.

Have a blessed day!



First I was surprised to see the title of this article and I decide to read it firmly but the things were the same as I was wondering and spirituality has never been done with any rules.

31/01/2017 12:26

When it comes to a spiritual ways their is no rules and boundaries at all. Just remember this.


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