Atlantis is rising.

There is a pervasive restless happening in the collective consciousness and we are all trying to figure out what is going on. Gaia is telling me many things are happening and long dormant ideals of what life should be are being stirred. One of which is the resurrection of Atlantis.

Many believe Atlantis was a place. Atlantis is actually an idea, a thought, a way of living and serving humanity. Atlantis happened in many locations on the planet including in my very own background along the Bay of Fundy. Why do you think so many people are attracted to this area?

Ever heard of Santorini, Greece? How about Machu Piccu, Stonehenge, Mount Shasta, Sedona, Uluru? There are so many more sacred sites around the world. I highly recommend you research these sacred spaces. My question to you is: what makes them sacred and how come we know they are sacred? Sure, we have been told by ancient legends and stories they are sacred but when you actually go there, are there, you just KNOW they are sacred. Why? Because many of these sites are home to various attempts of the ideal of Atlantis.

What is the ideal of Atlantis and later Lemuria? It is the sharing of healing and knowledge between ancient beings and humans. It is the use of vibration and sound in the healing and balancing of humans. It is the reconnection of our existence with all that is around us. It is the evolution of consciousness to the realm of the spiritual. It is knowing the unknowable and being in harmony with it. It is all of this and more.

Each attempt began with the understanding that sharing would be freely given to those who are seeking it. The ideal of giving without asking for anything in return.

What happened to these sacred spaces? What happened to make Atlantis and Lemuria fall? Greed happened. Invading the understanding of sharing being freely given was the belief that exchanges must be made for knowledge and healing. You cannot know or heal unless you have something to give in return. Disagreement amongst those providing the knowledge and healing happened when some tried to continue the old way and some desired the new way. This disagreement caused the downfall of the site. The sharing ones left however, the people continue to come. People continue to travel to these sacred locations because somewhere in their consciousness they know healing happened in those places and they are continuing to seek healing for themselves.

Now is the time for Atlantis to rise once again. While the downfall of each iteration of Atlantis and Lemuria are painful memories in my being, it is important to rebuild. It is important to continue resurrecting the ideal of Atlantis and Lemuria. It is important to rebuild as many times as it takes for everyone to remember their connection to creation, to mother earth, to each and every person around them. Will this iteration of Atlantis fail like the others? Who is to know that however, the glory is in the attempt. The power is in the idea and if we don't try, there is no opportunity for healing.

Take a deep breath. Ask your body to show you your version of Atlantis. Tap the energy and healing from that time. Let me know how it makes you feel and join me in raising the vibration of the Earth by building your own version of Atlantis. Together, we can make incredible healings happen. Together we can show the world it is possible to live in peace, even for a short time. Together, it is possible.

With blessings


15/08/2016 19:41

The sun rising is most important element for the circus of the sun features. This is known as the solar system in all over the world. This element has too much significance for the everyone.

25/01/2017 07:28

The idea is interesting. Atlantis is a way of life that is ideal for a community. The idea that Atlantis is somehow a utopian environment is definitely a thought to ponder. The fall of such way of life is always something to expect because in the end, change is always constant. I hop you keep posting ideas like this.Thanks!

09/07/2017 21:34

It is really saddening that Atlantis has fallen. If it is not for people who became greedy, I believe that it won't go to the point that it will fall and will stay at it is. The problem with us people is that we take things for granted, we don't think of the circumstances that might occur in the future. As a citizen of this country, I will definitely support projects that could possibly raise the vibration of Earth. Everything is possible as long as everyone will participate.

15/12/2016 01:17

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