Over the years, I have owned many businesses. I have been blessed with the need to explore and try new activities, always seemingly flitting from one to the other. At times, people comment on my apparent need to be constantly on the go and I used to get defensive and argue my point. Finally, one day, I admitted to myself that I love trying new and I love the adventures of life so why should I stop now?

On my adventures, I find one of the lessons I am learning is about the uncertainty of being certain. I now own a fabulous bistro. I am certain of the food we offer, the service we provide, the intent of the bistro and what we are trying to accomplish. What I am at times uncertain about decisions I make for my highest good. Isn't that funny!?

I have a full time job, the bistro, a holistic healing business, a son who is a national level competitive swimmer and a husband I love spending time with. With a limited number of hours in the day, I juggle many activities and try to focus my energies where they are most needed. I made a decision to close the bistro on Mondays and Tuesdays to give staff (including myself) well deserved time off to recoup and prepare for the rest of the week. I was certain this was the right decision and yet as soon as I announced the change of operating hours 1 individual (who has never been to the bistro) questioned my decision and I suddenly became uncertain. After all, we are in the service industry shouldn't we be servicing people instead of being closed?

Here's the truth about opening a business. We open businesses for ourselves. It is our passions, our energies and our desires to build something we love that drives us. If other people love it too, so much the better. If I built a business based on other people's needs and desires I would quickly lose interest and turn my focus to other activities. Over the 5 months we have been open, I can identify a handful of times where I changed my decisions based on 1 person's comment. Each and every time, the person never came back so why am I uncertain about being certain? Lesson learned. I gratefully thank the teachers I have had for this lesson. I am certain of my course and I allow myself self-care and balance.

Do you have any recurring uncertainties of being certain?



Rachelle Daigle
27/04/2015 16:13

You are the creator of the business and the order taker of the food. there is a big and wonderful difference.
Having a non-patron placing an order for a Monday opening is simply not on the menu.
I love the story of a friend of mine, an insurance broker. In an industry that is know for seeing clients evenings and weekends; he only sees clients M-F, 9-5. that is his vision, his design. He is very wealthy with 20+yrs in the business and his clients very happy.
Go by design not by status quo. :) that is you highest & best expression of you!


People shouldn't make decisions based on the opinions of only one person. Balancing your daily activities by doing what you love and making time with your loved ones is the right decision. Closing the bistro for two days doesn't affect the quality of your service but shortens your profit. Of course, time with loved ones is more important than the business, right? The business world needs more people like you.


This blog has really motivated me to work even harder than I am doing now to achieve the goals in my life. This was a very good to read for getting motivation and inspiration.

04/10/2016 07:05

Can you write us some advices about opening own bussiness? I want o but I know nothing about that!

23/02/2017 12:03

Do you learn your lesson from this situation? Just be careful!


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