There comes a time when you just have to say "fuck it!"

This time happened for me back in November after the solar flares. Early November 2014 I woke up with my "I don't give a damn" gene kicked right in. I truly didn't care what people thought. I finally knew I needed to be me and do what brought joy into my life. It was an exhilarating sensation. I understood what it meant to live the life I desired to live. Freedom was finally mine.

Funny enough, it was also a very scary feeling as well. You mean I didn't have to do what other people wanted me to do? I didn't have to follow direction from others or follow where they led? Really!? The feeling of being left in the water without a rudder was the other side of that freedom coin. I needed to design my own rudder and I that is something I had not done in this lifetime.

How do I create a rudder? A direction for my life? I had to start asking critical questions: what did I want for my life? What was my true passion and calling? Who did I want in my life? Who am I really?

If you have never taken the time to ask these questions I recommend you do. Do not be afraid of them. Be afraid if you have NOT asked these of yourself because how could you know what kind of life you are living or if you are indeed living at all.

Many weeks of self-reflection and quiet time was called for. The journey into the heart was necessary. Creating a loving relationship with the self was mandatory. Forgiving the past was imperative.

Once out of the quiet, I had a realization that I was closely living the kind of life I desired with some minor changes. I was very blessed that way. This was a reflection of all of the work I had done over the last 7 years of self-healing and defining who I was. It appeared I just needed the final realization that I alone controlled my life and made decisions for it. I alone defined what I wanted and who I wanted in my life. I alone. No one else.

How about you? Do you know who you are? Do you know who you want and what you want in your life?

I have made a few decisions over the last few days that have upset some people but that is for them to heal and take responsibility for. I love people unconditionally and it is in my nature to take people at their word. It is their actions after they have spoken that reveals truth. Words can be manipulated, body language cannot. It is also in my nature to allow people room to grow and evolve if they so choose. If I see growth happening, I get very excited and ask how I can support that growth. If growth is stifled, it is no longer part of the world I desire for myself and I begin to exclude that individual from my realm.

In rereading the above paragraph, there may be some of you judging me as being selfish and arrogant. Perhaps that is so however, ask yourself this question. Are you living your life to please others or are you living your life to please yourself?

Gaia has channeled messages to me that we are running out of time. Those willing to heal must do so now. Those not willing to heal will live in pain and confusion and ultimately leave this lifetime. What are you willing to put up with? Are you willing to heal and live or not? Those are choices you make and no one can help you with them. Also, no one can help you heal unless you take responsibility for your life and take the reigns.

What do you need to do to have your "I don't give a damn" gene kick in?

It is my fondest wish for everyone to experience the "I don't give a damn" gene. It is also my fondest wish everyone experience this EARLY in life and not later. How different would the world be if we lived our lives the way we desired it rather than the way others dictated it for us? That question bears some contemplation.

So, again, ask yourself...what do you need to do to have your "I don't give a damn" gene kick in?

With blessings


11/02/2015 11:51

My dear Sharon, how powerfully these words speak to me today. I have also been kicked into my I don't give a damn self and have been asking myself those same questions. I am mostly living the life I feel called to but mostly is not enough. I will continue to seek the answers to those questions, and more importantly, take the steps necessary to make the changes that I need for myself. You are a guiding light for me on this journey, and I thank you

11/02/2015 14:17

Hi Sharon, Great thoughts. I have been a fan of the author Brenée Brown for some time, on one of her interviews she talks in depth about this and she now has very small list of people that she allows to what that think about her. she keeps this list in her wallet, it is the size of a stamp! For her there are 6 names on that list.


Perception of reality is always the determining factor, not what you have, what it "comes down to" or what others think.


These are the common situations that everyone is getting in their life. We don’t have to take them as a serious one as we are considering them. But every person of the world is having the different grades of the sensitivity about them, thanks for this post.

01/08/2016 02:32

So... I have asked myself and I really need to do to have my "I don't give a damn" gene kick in! Need that sooo much!

23/02/2017 12:05

Yes the time has come to take care of myself. I'm ready. Are you?

28/02/2017 08:04

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