My husband and I are venturing into the restaurant business and if you want an industry that will test your faith, this is one of them. In this industry, you are very reliant on staff and whether or not they can do the job, if they can work under pressure and especially, if they can stay healthy under pressure. I certainly have a new found respect for individuals who make a career out of the restaurant business.

We have experienced a couple of detours on the road to opening, the latest of which is the illness detour. Even though the boutique is now transformed into a bistro, healing is still a very important part of what happens in our sacred space. Creator has indeed made a mark on that space and anyone who agrees to spend any amount of time in the bistro is having their vibrations elevated hence, they are being pushed to heal. With 3 of 4 staff dealing with infections, we made the logical choice of staying closed until everyone is well again.

Of course, my type A project manager personally is chomping at the bit to open however, my spiritual hippie gypsy side is telling me it's all cool, babe! Don't sweat it. Open it and they shall come...Yes, quite the discussion I have with myself on a regular basis.

My husband, Allan and I talk a lot about everything. It's really amazing to be able to have conversations like we do where we respect each other's position and view points. The other day we had a conversation about the goings on around the bistro and Allan said for me to have hope. My reply: "I don't want to have hope, I have faith." Interesting...

We decided to explore what that statement meant and in conversation with Creator, we got the following message.  "Hope is not a subset of faith and faith is not a subset of hope. Hope is an absence of faith."

Hope is when you are down to the wire and are holding your breath waiting for that one specific miracle to happen. Faith is when you calmly breathe KNOWING all is as it should be and that the necessary miracle will happen. Hope is being tied to the outcome, faith is knowing the journey is the key and the outcome is the bonus.

Message from the Feminine Divine:
"Hope is an everlasting state of fear. Hope is indeed the absence of love and faith because hope keeps you trapped to the limitations of the human mind. It is the shackle that keeps you tied to the impossible. Faith is the love that sets you free from the impossible because you begin to know that all is possible. The limitation of the mind is no longer in control for the faith lives in the spirit and the spirit knows no end, no bounds, no limitations. Faith is the engagement of love and knowing all is as it should be. Remember that on your journeys. Do not hope for an outcome, have faith in the journey. This is the message I bring at this time."

With blessings



19/11/2014 12:07

I love this revelation!
A powerful message Sharon, thank you for sharing it!

05/05/2016 04:45

"The sustaining effect of the smallest drop of faith will create continues ripples of power." This is what I learned from a great author Smith Wigglesworth's The Power Of Faith. I do concur with what this post conveys to us that faith is the love that sets us free from the impossible, because when we believe, miracles do happen.

19/11/2014 13:33

Thank you Sharon, an important message that I needed to hear.

19/11/2014 19:55

Sharon - always so insightful - looking forward to trying out the Bistro

19/11/2014 22:06

Unique perspective, I like it!

21/11/2014 10:33

Hi Sharon, wonderfully expressed. this has been my new understanding this year. Our choice of words and the definitions we associate to them is SO powerful to our outcomes. For me, I have been changing my definition of "Positive" from optimistic to "an unshakable knowing" my definition of positive has gone from hope to faith. Thanks for sharing. miss you :)

Phyllis Duval
25/11/2014 12:20

Hi Sharon, I know I haven't been in but wish you all the best with your Bistro. I truly truly enjoy your blog. You have a wonderful way of expressing yourself that I can understand. Keep me in your thoughts.

09/06/2016 02:25

Yeah, this industry is pretty tough. Good luck with it!

23/02/2017 12:07

This is an interesting approach. But I think hope is a faith in one things.


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