It has been a while since I have blogged and this morning I felt compelled to share my downtime with you. My husband and I have been working on a new project called Black Tie Bistro ( and this wonderful adventure is nearing fruition. It is yet another learning and growth opportunity I gratefully throw myself into and it is fascinating to learn the in's and out's of the restaurant industry. Indeed, very fascinating and I have a new found level of respect for the small, independent restauranteur who stay open many years. Dedication does not even come close to the mark...It is definitely a labour of love.
During this time however, much introspection is required to determine if running a restaurant is truly what an individual desires to do. Unlike other types of business, while everyone is home, you are working. While everyone is vacationing, you are working. While everyone is relaxing, you are working. So why would someone want to live that kind of lifestyle and run that kind of business?

It's like anything in life...if you want something different, you are going to have to change some things. If you want to live a peaceful life, you are going to have to heal some things. If you want to do what you desire in this lifetime, you are going to have overcome obstacles. Not everyone does it because not everyone is willing to do the work. Not everyone is willing to dedicate the time, effort, tears and money to make their dreams come true. I am opening a bistro to have another stream of income. While there are probably other easier ways of generating income, this is the method my husband and I have chosen. I have a regular day job that pays me enough to keep coming back to it but not enough to lead the life I desire to live and rather than giving my money to the government, I would rather invest it in something that can grow and provide a return on my investment.

I have had a few people come in for spiritual guidance sessions these past few weeks who also desire to live a different life. They desire to have love, peace and joy in their lives. They are courageous enough to reach out and ask for help. Interestingly however, their desired outcome for the sessions is that I heal other people instead of them. "If I can just try to convince the other person that they love me..." "If I only I can heal them, then my life will be better."  Yup, nope. Doesn't work...
I know, I have tried that in this lifetime.

Unfortunately, in trying to explain that to these individuals, they proceeded to get angry with me. I, of course, did not take it personally because it wasn't about me and I am wondering how long it will be before they decide to come see me again and begin the important healing process. How long are they going to be willing to live the roller coaster ride of emotions and fears before they decide to get off?

Choices are what we are given in every moment of every day and with these choices, we define the life we will live, the friends we will have, the abundance that will come to us. Does that scare you? It shouldn't. It should empower you to know that you can make different choices and lead a different life. It's never the big choices that make the world of difference, it is the little ones. The choice of how you speak to yourself and those around you. The choice of what you will feed your body with. The choice of how you present yourself and how you choose to see yourself. These are small and critical choices you can easily make. If you are not happy with yourself, understand why and change it. You have the right you know. Creator has given you free will. Isn't it time you used it?

Bon appetit!



10/11/2014 14:09

That is so true .. Thank you for sharing and being there for all of in time of uncertainty or turbulance god bless and all the best for the Bistro .. Will definetily be going again.. ❤️

19/03/2016 05:42

Yes, basically, if we want to be happy, the change must come also from us. Like what this book A Short Guide to a Happy Life by Anna Quindlen conveys: Happy life comes from knowing how to see the right view and then see the richness, the overflowing blessings, leading us to thankfulness, gratitude and complete happiness.

12/11/2014 19:32

Life is all about choices and I wish all the best to you in your new life choice!! Looking forward to being a customer at the Black Tie Bistro! :)

08/06/2016 05:58

Tell us about this project! It's very interesting.

23/02/2017 12:08

Only action invoke changes. Without an action you can;t change anything


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