I am always intrigued with the stories people share about their lives, their experiences and the reason they do what they do.  It is in listening to the stories that truth begins to unravel and be laid out in front of me.  As an empath, truth is critical for me because if I am not living my truth or someone around me is not, then I can sense that. If your words and your energy do not match, it is easy for me to tell.  What is not so easy is watching people live lies and create stories around those lies so in some form or fashion, those lies become their truth.

Eventually, of course, the truth will out but that is for another blog.

I share these thoughts with you today because of a recent comment I heard about the boutique I own (www.InspiredYouBoutique.com).  The intent behind the boutique is to help people see the truth and heal so they can begin to live the lives they choose rather than live the lives chosen for them.  The comment was "I don't like going to the boutique and I tell everyone else not to go too." 

At first, I was confused and hurt by this comment.  When I examined why this statement hurt, I realized it was because I was trying to control what people were thinking.  I desire to have people love me as I love them, unconditionally. I was reminded by Creator that this is not always possible.  People cannot love another unless they love themselves first.  Creator also reminded me that the boutique is an environment for truth and healing.  If people are not ready to face the truth and not ready to heal, of course they are not going to like going to the boutique.  Only those who are ready, will feel drawn to come.  Good points, all of them.  Thank you Creator.  I was also gently reminded by my husband and counselor that focusing on that comment only attracts more comments like that.  I cannot control what people say or do.  I can simply live as guided by Creator and continue to love unconditionally.

This leads me to my next point.  Why are we so afraid of the truth?  Given what I know about living a life of truth, I would heal whatever I needed to so I can stay in this balanced state.  I blog about this point a lot because the feeling of living a balanced life cannot be explained in mere human words, it has to be experienced.  The peace, the love, the joy, the adventures, the experiences.  Life continues to happen but how you perceive the happenings changes dramatically.  You begin looking for the synchronistic events and how what you see as totally disjointed events eventually come together to form a whole.  Fantastic!  Incredible!  Beyond words!  I desire this for you!

With the coming of the bistro and the adventures around that, in the past, I would have perceived these adventures as major life stopping obstacles leading to meltdowns and a pity round of "why is this always happening to me!?".  The meltdowns would have been catastrophic events including tears, screaming, yelling, physical outbursts...really not pretty.  Now, a meltdown consists of some confusion and a couple of what am I supposed to be learing questions.  Life gets uncomplicated, simple and easy to live.  The chaos and confusion is gone and the drama is non-existent.  After the meltdown has settled, I begin looking for the synchronistic events.  How are Creator and the universe going to make this one happen?  Who is Creator going to bring into my life that holds the key to unraveling this mystery?  I usually do not have to wait long.  It is so much fun!  I just cannot tell you...

Okay, so back to my original point.  What is your story?  When we sit down over a cup of tea will you share with me your reasons as to why your life really sucks or are you going to share with me your story as to how your life used to suck and here is what you did to make it better?  Are you going to tell me about how your life has always been great or are you going to share with me how your life can never get better?

What is your story?  You are the holder of the pen.  You are the scribe. Tell me...what is your story?

With blessings



Kristy Collicutt
03/09/2014 09:42

I would tell you that my life used to (unknowingly and knowingly at the same time) suck, but it is definitely getting much better :). I've begun my journey towards connecting to Gaia and trying less to control the outcome of things, and sincerely, it has helped. I enjoy reading your posts, because they reinforce positive thoughts that my mind likes to block at times, but needs to get out. It is like some culture (I forget exactly which) says "Sometimes running with the wolves is more important than running for your life". Quirky expression, but more or less it made me appreciate that each person has a wild or dark side and that there cannot be peace and light without it!

Before my ramblings get too long, I just wanted to thank you again for all the chats we've had in the past couple of months.

03/09/2014 11:16

I would tell you that my life wasn't going in the direction I needed to be happy, and I feel like I'm on the right path now, but keep thinking about you and wishing we could meet again to discuss what you told me that time we had lunch at the indian place - "Your job sucks the life out of you!" But time, money and shyness always get in the way. I am watching your Bistro project unfold with excitement and I'm so happy for you!


Well i would say that you are very interested to listen others stories and its a good sign for us that we may learn from others mistake which they have done in their and we should neglect those things in our life.

05/10/2016 10:43

You have raised an important issue...Thanks for sharing.I would like to read more current affairs from this blog..keep posting.


Life is story and many people has unique and difficult life. This blog has best story of life and we can read here best story. All the stories is lesson of life.

27/12/2016 03:54

I have learned and listen your story. You have told me at last night. I was too much worried about you. You should take it easy and serious as well.


I'm here for more interesting and educative stories. Can I borrow some of them>?


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