I am reflecting on the last year and the change the year has brought to my life.  I opened a holistic healing boutique (www.InspiredYouBoutique.com) which is now moving to a new location (to be announced soon) and in its place, my husband and I are opening a bistro.  We are very excited about it!  (www.BlackTieBistro.com).

During this past year, I have made many new friends and lost a couple of dear ones.  I have released and healed many fears and beliefs and gained a new level of confidence, trust and faith in who I am as an individual and most noticeably, I have gained a deep understanding, trust and love for my husband and partner, Allan.  (If you really want to test the bounds of your partnership with anyone, open a business...)

Finally, the faith, trust and hope is have experienced with the universe and Creator over the last year has been a true roller coaster ride.  I have had many meltdowns and as many moments of true clarity where knowing all is as it should be and I am just fine.

As I witness the transition of the boutique, I am reminded that nothing stays the same and if you fight to stay the same and don't move with the flow and transition as you are guided, what you have built or are building will stagnate and die.  Large corporations certainly understand this hence the reason they change their branding, their offerings, their advertising, etc.  If large corporations understand this and we know they do because we are the people they market to, how come as individuals, we do not do this for ourselves?

Why do we fit ourselves into a mold and stay there?  This I never understood.  My father worked in the same job for 35 years and I can tell you he did not enjoy his job.  He went through the motions for many years not really engaging in what he was doing.  In hindsight, I know he did that because he needed to support his family and he believed that is what was necessary to make it happen.  How many dreams do people give up because they are afraid of breaking the mold and creating a new one?

A friend said to me the other day that I am fearless...I do whatever I want without hesitation regardless of the potential outcome.  I smiled and thanked her for the compliment and in my mind, I was giggling because fearless is not a word I would associate with myself.  I have fears I am still healing but what I have learned is that fear can be healed and overcome.  My greatest desire is to live a full life and trying new adventures is what I am all about.  I have sold insurance, promotional products, linens and tablecloths, participated in a couple of network marketing businesses (I love network marketing!!) and many others I cannot remember.  Each adventure helping me grow and encounter new experiences.

With the death of Robin Williams, I was deeply moved and shaken.  I do not know why because I did not know the man personally but it did.  It also reinforced my desire to try what I would have perceived before as impossible and risky.  Sure, opening a bistro has risks but so does crossing the street.  Sure, it costs money and according to stats, the risk of failure is extremely high.  I do not focus on that.  I focus on the journey to making this bistro work.  What synchronistic events will happen to bring me the perfect chef for our bistro?  How will the universe manifest an industrial dishwasher?  How are all of the disparate pieces of this adventure going to finally come together?

It is these questions and more that keep me getting out of bed in the morning and excited for the day.  It is knowing that miracles are wrought in every second of every day.  It is making the impossible happen in the face of risks and doubts.  It is knowing that this is leading to bigger and better.  A single bistro is already being envisioned as a chain of bistros with the next location already being scouted.  It is knowing that I am far to stretched to go back to the way I used to be and it is knowing that people will come and go in my life and being okay with that.  Do I miss the friends I have lost?  Sure I do but I also know it was meant to be.  If they are angry with me, that is for them to heal.  I love them and thank them for what they have brought to my life and I gently release them to the universe.

What do you get up in the morning for?  What makes you excited to be alive?  If you do not have anything, get something.  Enjoy the adventure of being human.  Enjoy the adventure of being you.  Create your own miracles during the day and by all that is holy, stop holding on to anger, fear and mistrust.  Let it all go.  You will thank me in the long run...

With blessings


06/09/2016 12:47

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23/02/2017 12:11

it reminds me of an old good song the wind of change by Scorpions. What it was a band! Real treasure.


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