As I was doing dishes today, I flashed to a picture I saw on Facebook.  The picture had a number of protesters holding placards and shouting.  The caption on the photo read:  "Number of bills today to control women's bodies:  631  Number of bills today to control men's bodies: 0."

This flash then brought me back to a conversation I had had with my father a number of years ago when the debate on abortion raged in Canada.  He believed abortion should be illegal because there is no reason for a woman to have an abortion today (his words).  In my youth, I was far more vocal about my beliefs that I am today (no less passionate however) so I let fly my very vocal opposition to that statement:  What about a young girl who has been raped?  What about a young lady who had a relationship and the man left as soon as he found out he was going to be a daddy?  She would be left alone raising a child in a society that frowns upon such things and provides the barest of support if any at all.  The boyfriend is long gone spreading his seed wherever he chooses without any reprisals... You get the point.

I am not sure if my father has changed his beliefs or not but that is not for me to judge or try to change it for him.  The reason I am bringing this forward at this time is while I contemplated the picture and the conversation with my father, Creator very quietly and gently stated the following:

"Man is trying to control creation."

Boom baby!  Now, I want to be very clear on this point.  This is not a general statement creator is making here.  It is a very pointed statement about our need to create and be in control of everything around us.

In talking with my husband about this, he stated very pointedly that men do not have the understanding of how to truly create life, that is a woman's role.  She is the creator, the nurturer and by trying to control her and her body, some men are indeed trying to control creation.  Be clear now, I said SOME men.

Many men I know venerate women for the creators they are but many of these men are not the policy makers and the vote getters...  There are indeed men in power at this time who are helping to tip the balance back in favour of women but this will not be easily done unless there is a concerted ground roots effort from everyone, men and women on this issue to bring the issue to a critical mass and gently tip the scale in favour of natural creation.

Message from Creator:
"Humankind has always felt the need to create whether it be art, machines, themselves or others in their own image.  It has been a deep yearning throughout millenia that has driven men to extremes and pushed beyond the bounds of what is perceived to be human limitation.  While, in many instances, this has been beneficial in teaching about the limitless of the human capacity, it has also unknowingly upset the balance between what is and what should be.  Creation is a fine balance between all living things, not just between humans.  It is when creation is allowed to happen naturally that balance will be reset.  This includes both the creation of life and the understanding that human existence does end and the creation of a new life in a new state begins."

Yup, folks!  Death of the human body is creation as well!  Think about it.

As we continue to journey in this thing we call life, many insights will be made available to us if we are aware of ourselves and what is all around us.  I invite you to create naturally.  You are creative you go create.  Do not control.

With blessings


23/06/2016 10:41

Although technology and science have grown enough that trying to control things around us. But it is the matter of creator who can control creations and no one else. So keep this thing always clear.

23/02/2017 12:14

No one controls you except of your won behavior. If you want to match a modern standards of women this is your own way!


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