Ain't nothing fake about faith and ain't nothing more faithful than faith.

Faith is one of those tenuous places you get to when you have tried everything humanly possible to "fix" or make something happen and it is just not working.  Everything you do is falling apart and when push comes to shove, the shove has gone and you are left panting.

As a human and even after many years of healing, I still experience times when I am rolling that big stone up the hill instead of allowing what I desire come to me.  It's like trying to get the attention of a new puppy.  We try holding on to its head and bring its attention to us and he is just squirming to get out and explore what is around him.  Our excitement is elevating his excitement and you never really get into a state of true bonding.  If however, you enter a state of calm and peace, this energy is transferred to the puppy, he settles quickly and watches you for guidance.

The same can be true about faith.  Instead of being excited from all of the doubt clouding our minds and the need to tightly grip what we desire to get its attention, enter the state of calm and knowing that what you desire will come to you once you have released and healed what is blocking it.  That state of calm and knowing is called faith.

Now, the state of excitement you enter prior to having faith depends on how big the desire is and how much you are willing to change to allow.  If you willingness to change and allow is fairly small, the state of excitement will proportionately match but in the opposite direction.  Meaning, the smaller your willingness to change, the bigger the state of excitement because the fear that you will not get what you desire will be HUGE.  If however, your willingness to change far exceeds what you desire, the state of excitement will be minimal in comparison and what you desire will flow to you quickly and easily.

Knowing this to be true for my life, I still find myself having huge states of excitement when I make a decision about what I desire.  These huge states of excitement are becoming less and less however, they are still there.

Humans are awesomely funky creatures.  We know we can manifest what we desire yet why do we wait until we are in absolute desperate need before we finally throw our hands in the air and let it go to God to handle for us?  Why do we do that?  On the other side of one of my recent huge states of excitement, God waited until I settled down and very gently and not so subtly showed me my power of manifestation yet again and I very quickly humbled myself to the almightly power of what is around me. 

Faith is indeed faith.  It is always there when I need it.  It always fixes everything I have messed up believing things had to be done one way when God wanted to show us something new.  It puts me in a state of deep understanding and humbleness and alleviates all human fears and worries I get tangled up in.  It is the state of grace we all desire to live in but sometimes we get tripped out of it.  Can I say it's because we know we can get back into a state of deep faith when we want to?  Are we that lucky?

Yes, actually we are.  Faith is always there, always waiting, always faithful.

With faithful blessings


Faith. In this beautiful but imperfect life, this is all what we need. When there is faith, there also come hope, strength, confidence and courage. This faith leads us to be a winner in facing difficulties and challenges in life. Faith is God, therefore God should be the center of our lives.

02/10/2016 12:15

I don't believe in faith at all... Only in myself. Yes, sometimes things don't depend on us, but... mostly they are!

23/02/2017 12:16

Faith is everybody business. Someone put more efforts on this subject.


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