It is with great humbleness that I have been able to develop the ability to help others heal in the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.  At times, physical imbalances are truly physical is where doctors are important but I have found in my experience, most of the time, the physical imbalances tend to disappear once you have healed the blocks, fears, barriers and beliefs you carry in your other three bodies.

Creator kept repeating the words "perception of healing" over and over again this morning and that was a clear indication that Creator desired to deliver the following message:

"The perception of healing is incorrect in the human thoughts today.  The idea that healing is returning the body, mind and spirit back to its original form is not true.  Healing is the incorporation of new knowledge and the remembrance of the old knowledge within the being.  Whether the body, mind and spirit return to its original form is irrelevant and truly not possible when you expand your consciousness with healing and knowledge.  Trying to be "like before" is an illusion that will never materialize.  You are more than before, you are now."

This message has a key point in it.  You cannot go back to who you were before.  That being is no more.  Embrace the newly expanded you.  Like a rubber band, once you are stretched you cannot shrink back.

Message from Elohim:
"Knowledge is the perception that something has changed.  It is redefining the who within the being by change the why and the how.  If nothing changed, there would be no desire for knowledge.  It is understanding the new where only the old once existed.  It is understanding the now where the past used to be.  True knowledge expands and heals."

With blessings


15/08/2016 09:24

Such divine and unique as well as truthful thoughts you have share. Spirituality is one very important thing which effects almost everything in our lives. N we generally do not think of it even all our lives. Great to read the post. I agree with the perception of new knowledge.


Healing is a creative and long process. But in the end you would feel the relief.


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