I am not a doctor but I can tell you that my body appears to react the same when I am excited and when I am afraid.  The adrenaline rush in my body is very tangible and it is for my brain to figure out which way it's going to go.  Is my brain going to decide that I am excited or is my brain going to decide I will be having a melt down?

Because of all of the self healing I have done, for the most part, I am rather neutral about most things (and this is a very peaceful place to be).  Recently however, I was faced with a situation where I needed to decide if the adrenaline pumping through my veins was excitement or fear.  Before I started the healing journey, my current life experiences, past lives, beliefs, fears, etc would have dictated how I reacted and generally, the reaction would have been one of fear.

In this recent event however, my brain actually paused long enough to ask me:  okay, fear or love?  Are you going to be excited and happy or miserable and melt down?  Wow!  That was extremely cool and it was yet another sign of how much healing I have done over the last 5 years or so.

As I naturally drifted to excited and happy, I could feel my entire body lift with joy rather than droop with pain.  I loved the moment of making that decision and I am humbled by my brain's awareness of pausing long enough to allow me to make that decision.  How fascinating is the brain!?

There is indeed a fine line between pleasure and pain.  As a society we generally lean towards pain:  life isn't easy, you gotta be tough to survive, you gotta work hard, blah blah blah.  I have been on the receiving end of a lot of that and as I look back, I can tell you I bought into those beliefs and even shared a few choices phrases about life being hard.  I no longer hold those beliefs and know that life is truly awesome and exciting if we only allow it to be.

I cannot stress enough how incredibly grateful I am to all of the experiences of this lifetime and how humbled I am by the gifts bestowed upon me by Creator, one of whom is my husband Allan who allows me to be me (good, bad or otherwise) and enables me to find my own path and my own way.  Human words actually fail to describe the depth of how I much I love him and the life we have built together.  Do we have challenges?  Of course we do but we always know there are lessons to be learned, joys to experience and pleasure to be had in every challenge.  You can cling to the pain of an experience if you choose to or you can let it move you to the depths of great understanding most people will never experience.

I love life...the pleasure and the pain for one is truly no different than the other, is it?  It is simply a decision.  Decide to have pleasure.  You can if you truly want to, you know.  I guarantee it.


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This is a thin line between. You should keep balance or it can burn to ashes.


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