A few blogs ago, I talked about faith being truly faithful and today I will talk about the struggle I am currently having with faith.  Being human can be a fickle state at times and it is in those times when faith becomes even more important although my grasp on faith is at its most tenuous.
I have never been afraid of hard work or working hard.  Indeed, I have worked hard on hard work my entire life so that is nothing new.  What is relatively new over the last 4 or 5 years is the idea of not having to work hard to achieve my desires but instead allowing the flow of life to bring that which I desire.  It is allowing the flow of life to bring what I desire that I struggle with.  How do I know the flow of life will bring it?  When?  What form with this take?  Will I be able to see the signs that something is coming?  Questions, so many unknown and unanswered questions.

Today I have received several messages that Creator is testing me.  Creator is testing my faith and my ability to allow.  The desire was set forth a while ago and as the due date comes closer, my vision of the outcome is getting murky.  Once again, I am reminded that it is not the outcome I should be looking towards, it is the synchronistic events in the moment that I could be focusing on for it is in the recognition of the synchronistic events that allows me to see the flow of life happening around me.  It is in the moment that magic is happening and it is when faith is lacking that I miss the magic.  Fear has a way of blinding you to the now and keeps you focused on the future that has yet to be written or designed.

What will happen in the future?  This is a question that has wasted so much time and energy in my life and many other lives.  It truly doesn't matter what will happen in the future does it?  The important aspect of life is the now.  The actions and thoughts in the now will create the future so if I expect my future to be what I desire, my actions in the now must reflect that.

Now that I have waxed philosophical and new agey, how do I raise my level of faith and allowing in the now?  The answer:  release my expectations and connections to what I desire my future to be.  Wait a minute...didn't I just set my expectation and desires for the future?  Yes.  And now, I am expected to release those desires and expectations for the future?  Yes.  Holy cowboys, I am confused.  Or am I?

Message from Creator:
"The future is not what you expect it to be but it is what you have planned it to be."

Interesting message.  I just looked up the definition of planned and found the following:

  Plan, verb
  past tense: planned; past participle: planned

  1. decide on and arrange in advance.
     "they were planning a trip to Egypt"
     Synonyms: organize, arrange, work out, design, outline, map out, prepare, schedule,
                           formulate, frame, develop, devise, concoct, etc.

  2. design or make a plan of (something to be made or built).
     "they were planning a garden"
     synonyms: design, draw up, sketch out, map out, etc.

The origin of the word is from the French "plant" which means ground plan, plane surface and from the Italian word "pianta" which means plan of building.

Essentially, the word plan means foundation.  Set the foundations down and allow the growth to happen from there.  So Creator is telling me to set the foundations for my desire and allow the universe to build from that foundation.  Question for me:  have I set the foundation for my desire?  Have I given anything for the universe to work from?  If I have set the foundation, am I allowing the universe to build on what I have done or am I interfering with the process by trying to control it?  Is my fear too strong that my faith won't be able to come forward?

Questions to ponder on a Monday morning but ponder I must for these questions will determine what actions I take and what planning I do over the next couple of days... Is the foundation I build strong enough to support my desires?

Time for a cup of tea and quiet time to ponder the question.

With blessings


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Do you have a plan for future? What it contains? Share with us.


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