I had someone recently comment that the spirit is gone out of the boutique I own.  It is called Inspired You Boutique.  What I find interesting about the person who made the comment is the change they are currently undergoing and how that change has modified their perception of the boutique.

Of course the spirit is still in the boutique however, as with all things, the boutique is shifting.  The people in the boutique and the people who come to the boutique are shifting.  It is supposed to.  Change is a natural state of being in life.  We try to hold on so tightly to the past and what we know that we do not allow the change to move in naturally as it should.

For those of us who are parents watch our children change and grow every day and there is not one day, regardless of how old my son is, that I don't perceive something new and different about him and I know this will be true for the remainder of this lifetime.  And we know this is also true of ourselves.  I see a wrinkle here and a freckle there that I had not noticed before.  So if we know we and people around us are constantly evolving and changing, why wouldn't the boutique change as well?

I remember taking a drive to Ottawa, my home town, a couple of years ago and desiring to show my husband Allan where I grew up and all of the places I hung out and the old neighbourhood.  Allan, being eager to see where I got my start in life eagerly said let's go.  I steered him in what I believed was the correct direction but this street is now a one way and we have to go around.  Wait a minute, where did that building come from!?  My school is now a dance studio, really?  The truly did pave paradise and put up a parking lot in some places and man, oh man, I don't remember that building.  The church I used to go to now doesn't seem to be as big as I remember it especially beside the two story Subway restaurant they built right next door.  Oh dear.  Memory lane is kind of fuzzy now.  I drove away from that experience thinking that memory lane is not truly what it is cracked up to be.  Made total sense though...I wasn't the same as when I left that area so of course new people moving in will shape and change the environment, the houses and the streets to meet their own needs and expectations.

This is true of the boutique.  As the "regulars" move on with life and new "regulars" begin to form a new community, the energy within the boutique will change to match.  Spirit is always there but if you are looking for find a haven that never changes, it certainly is not on an earthly realm.  Even mother nature changes...

Message from Creator:

"Your world is based on your current needs and the energy you spend focusing on those needs dictates the calmness, peace or turmoil you desire.  It is not for another to create a haven for you.  It is for you to create your own and bring it with you since it lives inside of you.  It is a living breathing part of your being and you are its creator.  You are its master.  You are it."

So be it and so it is.

With blessings


24/04/2016 04:08

Change is a natural state of being in life. Indeed, it is. Like what is taught in this book How to Survive Change by M. J.Ryan, this provides strategies to help us optimize our response to change, step-by-step, this teaches and helps us how to accept the new reality, then expanding our options, and taking effective action.

08/10/2016 13:27

Everything is fine with your boutique. It's a great place. It's my opinion.


Really effectively written, I hope next time is usually fantastic, thanks for sharing..

23/02/2017 12:25

Changes are always for good. They makes you be flexible.


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