As soon as I set the intention to create this blog today, Friday June 13th, 2014 (full moon night BTW), the energies were eager to talk so here goes:

Message from Mentor (multi-dimensional being and teacher)
"The time is upon you to act in the highest good.  Many among you are hiding from your truths and this is causing you great harm through illness and imballance with all that is around you.  We ask that you stop and see the truth for it is in the truth that peace, love and joy reside.  The truth is not fearful but loving and what your higher self desires for your life.  There is not to worry about.  Be still and listen to your heart.  It knows the truth."

Energy associated with the Moon
"Many beings on Earth are waiting to assist you.  Many of you have the belief that you are alone in this vast universe thus live your lives lonely.  Embrace the truth that you are not alone, we are here.  We wait for you to call to us and reach out to us.  We cannot interfere in your lives yet we desire to help you live truthfully, peacefully and within the limitless knowledge of you and what you are.  You are true spirits living within your limiting beliefs.  You have the power to rearrange your world to what you truly desire if only you would remove your limitations and beliefs.  These limitations are self imposed.  At no point in human existence has God stated you are limited.  This is entirely human construct.  Free yourself.  You are worthy of more."

General message from the collective
"Greetings from the collective beings who have passed on from our earthly forms.  We assure you that heaven can be yours on Earth as you desire it and design it to be.  If you are not living the life you choose, make different choices.  We assure it is possible and easier than you can possibly know.  Take the time to change your vibration to align to your desires.  What does this mean?  It means to heal what you need to heal to live the life you desire.  Do not wait to transition to the other side to live in heaven.  Design your own heaven now.  Be in peace now.  Live now.  Do not wait.  We love you."

It has been my experience lately that the messages I receive for others and myself of course, are very similar to those above.  The universal energy is shifting from the 3rd (third) dimension of survival to the 5th (fifth) dimension of spirituality.  If you continue to cling to the old ways and avoid the change of energy and growth that is upon you, the shift from 3rd to 5th dimension will be extremely painful.  Allow yourself to release what is no longer serving you and receive the new energy that will elevate you to a whole new level of peace.

I often have people comment about how peaceful I am and how it calms them down to be around me.  This is because I have healed much in my life (I have healed fears down to the first time ever) and I encourage everyone else to do the same.  At times, I struggle with the surges and changes in energy so I cannot even fathom what it must be like for others who are resisting.  The pain would simple be overbearing!

Friends, I tell you this from the openness of my being and the unconditional love I hold for you...let go.  Let go because in the end there is nothing but you.  You come in to the world being whole and pure love yet somewhere along the way, you picked up the belief that you are broken and need to be fixed.  This is untrue.  You are still the whole and pure love being you were born as, you simply picked up untruths and beliefs upon your journey.  Please, let those untruths go as quickly and easily as you picked them up.  See yourself walking down the path through a forest or on a street and deposit untruths here and there.  See Mother Earth swallowing those untruths and transmuting them to love.  See yourself as the shining light that you are.  You are truth and love and whole and pure.

For those of you rolling your eyes at this time, take stock of that.  Why do you scoff at yourself?  I am describing what Creator tells me you are and yet you cannot accept the truth.  I do not take your eye rolls personally because this is not about me.  This is about you and how you feel about yourself.  I find it interesting that you would easily accept an untruth when someone tells you you cannot do something, you cannot accomplish your goals and dreams because you aren't this or you don't have that and yet when I tell you how fabulous, limitless and incredible you are just because you are here, you block and turn away.  Shouldn't it be the other way around?  Know easily and fiercely how truly perfect you are exactly as you are and block any thought, comment or belief that would have you thinking or knowing otherwise.  KNOW THYSELF!!  HONOUR THYSELF!!  You are love, you are loving, you are loved and you are lovable.

This is the truth.  Let me repeat it and you repeat it to yourself as long as you need to until you know this to be true for you as well (fake it until you make it):  YOU ARE PERFECTION, LIMITLESS AND UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

To believe anything else is, well...

With blessings


14/06/2014 21:36

Sharon you have been an angel sent from up above and so blessed to have you in my life my beautiful sista friend ,,, xox thank you i needed this swift kick in the ass and here it is thank you ,,,, it will help me put myself back on track after these long hours at work i don't get the chance to go up to moncton when you are open at the boutique but soon ,,, again thank you for this great message ,,, talk to you soon,, big hugs,, <3

27/06/2014 07:08

I woke up at 5:33AM this morning, which is unusually early for me, having in mind I needed to read your blog.

I was moved by many of the messages and I thank you for putting a smile on my face before I get ready for work :).

PS: The part where you spoke of transmuting unwanted things into love really spoke to me, especially after my day yesterday. I could picture myself skipping on the sidewalk like in a commercial and literally saw everything in grey, but then a giant pink heart would just swish around and bring color and love to everything.

Anyway, have a great day!


Energy shifting and other important things are really great for all of us because in this way we can make our life really great. I hope that the people can translate those things which is best for our life.


Do you find a perpetual motion machine?) This is so easy to tell and so hard to perform.


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