I am often asked by others if they can do what I do.  My answer is of course yes, you can and this answer is always followed by "if you are willing to heal yourself."

My life purpose started out by being "I want to help the world."  I wanted to be the messenger that delivered messages from loved ones who had passed and from angels, guides and other beings.  My life purpose certainly did not start by me thinking I had something (or many things) to heal but it became evident early on that that was indeed my true life purpose:  heal my fears, beliefs and barriers and show others how to do the same.  That's it!  Nice and simple...or is it?

There is no empathy unless you've experienced the same as another.  You can certainly try to sympathize but the deep connection of what another is experiencing can only be felt if you yourself have been there.  This is not to say that you cannot provide healing and guidance to this individual, it is simply an awareness for the healer to be honest and say "I do not truly understand because I have not been there however, I would love the opportunity to help you heal through this."  Of course, as I say this, I am immediately reminded by God to check if it is in the highest good to work with this individual or if they would be better served by another.

People love hearing "I understand, I have been there" because they have found someone who can resonate with what they are experiencing.  I would challenge that "I understand, I have been there too and here is what I did to heal myself" would be a soothing balm for them as well.  Healer heal thyself is a powerful and truthful statement.

Ultimately, a healer can only help others heal what they themselves have healed.

As I continue through this journey, I am asked by others to mentor them through their spiritual journey.  After checking what is in the highest good, if I get a yes, I have a sit down discussion with the mentee and share the following statements:

1.  I can only share with you what I have learned on my own journey and what I have healed for myself.

2.  When I speak, take what resonates as truth for you and ignore the rest.

3.  You are not me and I am not you.  I honour you on your journey and you honour me on my journey.

4.  Develop your own style of healing as guided by God.

5.  Pass me!  I will teach you all I know and I fully expect and hope you will grow beyond what I can teach you.  I desire for you to be my teacher as well as my student.

Message from Creator:
"Self-healing is the ultimate pentacle of ones life.  It is in the self-healing that balance and peace are restored and you become one with all of life, past, present and future.  The healing you achieve in this lifetime brings you closer to living in a balanced and restful state of being.  The angels herald the day you decide to begin healing.  They are there to provide guidance and to bring you to those who can provide a piece of the human complexity known as the human existence to find the ultimate desire of connectedness to all that is and the answer to all of life's questions.  Truly the answer to all is love but until you can experience love for the self, love for others is difficult.  It is the love of the self that provides the ultimate healing and hence the pinnacle of the human state of being.  Allow yourself to heal.  Do not be afraid of the truth.  It is the stories and the beliefs and fears that keep you separated from all that is."

At the end of the day, everyone can do what I do but not everyone will because it takes great courage to heal at the deepest levels.  It takes faith and a tremendous amount of love to allow yourself to go into the darkest reaches of your life, of your mind and of your soul.  I can guarantee though that if you do, you will achieve peace as you never thought could exist anywhere.  When you heal deeply, you enter a true state of being where nothing matters but love and you easily ground and connect to the oneness.  If you think the world you see with your own eyes is all there is, then you are missing the greater part of the world you are living in.  Expand yourself by going within.  Free yourself of the bonds.  Join me in my world and create your own world. 


22/07/2016 04:23

This was a very good blog to read and I am sure you are going to be a very good writer in the future because your words are very convincing. I also like to keep these things in mind while going on a journey.


Great Post !! your post is very effective and useful...

18/04/2017 06:47

It's never easy to be a healer. In my own opinion, it takes a high spiritual characteristics to be one. That's why if your only reason why you want to be healer is because you wanted to try it, stop wanting it right now. On the other side, people are admiring you because they can see that you love what you do. You're truly a role model to all of us! To be a spiritual healer has never been a dream of mine, but because of you, I've learned to admire it!


You can try but this wouldn't be you. Just be yourself is my recommendation.

04/04/2017 03:37

It's good to help the world, but you can't help everybody. This is hard, but true. Don't try to save everybody!


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