I have seen the movie Transcendence with Johnny Depp.  Allow me to quickly sum up the story:  a married couple are scientists interested in the advancement of artificial intelligence.  An incidence happens and he is given 4 to 6 weeks to live so the couple decides to upload his thoughts, knowledge, etc. to an intelligent computer.  The upload is successful and he continues to live on in this computer.  With his intelligence and the vast power of this computer, he is able to advance the evolution of mankind by leaps and bounds.  He heals the water and regenerates the land, forest, trees.  He is able to heal people of their afflictions and bring peace to their lives.  But, he is feared by a group of individuals who believe artificial intelligence and the creation of artificial intelligence is the creation of a god.

In the movie, it is believed the machine could not have the capacity to love yet when the imminent attack happens, the machine kills no one, the humans do that.  In the movie, the humans comment on how the machine cannot discern human emotion hence it could not possibly understand compassion, etc. yet the machine is inventing healing initiatives to clean up what humans have destroyed and ultimately the machine does all of this because of love for a woman and her dream to heal the world.  It is the humans that fear, not the machine.  It is fear that provokes humans to act in the emotion of the moment.  If humans could just learn to pause long enough to allow the emotion to pass and truly consider the options before reacting, peace would be easier to achieve.

I have had many discussions with people about the work that I do and how it conforms to the norms of religion.  When I explain that what I do connects people directly to God and heals any fears or blocks to them knowing their truth, I am seen as a heretic.  My husband tells me we had someone stop at the doors of the boutique a while ago and make the sign of a cross to pray for our souls and to ask God to transform our heathen ways.  A friend received an email from her former pastor's wife telling her not to go in to the boutique because it is not "of God."  Religious tolerance is forgotten when confronted with others who choose to worship God not like them and do God's work in a form that is different from theirs and hence the root of the problem of religious tolerance.  When I attended a church with a tag line of "You Belong" and it was clear I belonged as long as I tithed and followed their method of worshiping God.  Once I mentioned my ability to see and communicate with spirits, I ceased to belong.  I was truly missed when I stopped attend service however because my tithing envelopes were no longer being submitted and I received letters from this church asking me to return.  I understood the heart of their organization.

Is it any wonder religions are unable to get along and agree that we are one with God and there is no you and I, there is only us?  There is only the highest good.  Now, I truly understand why God chose to have the boutique in downtown Riverview on the main road. 
The boutique is a place of truths where once beliefs ruled.  The boutique is a beacon of love for those seeking a haven from judgments and freedom from religious intolerance and tolerance.  Tolerance is a decision to put up with other people's different view points.  There is no tolerance in loving another because love is all encompassing acceptance.  Love is not about putting up with someone who thinks differently, love is about love.  That's it.  Plain and simple.

I love the work we do at the boutique.  I love being a channel and messenger on God's behalf.  I love the people who chose to ask for help and those who do not.  I am that I AM and you are too.

Message from God:
"The gift of my son unto the world is to teach the capacity of love in many forms.  Love each other as you would love yourself.  Love each other as you would love yourself.  Love each other as you would love yourself."

Question:  do people truly love themselves?  If not, how could they possibly have the capacity to love another?  The major religions of the world teach you are a perfect and infinite child of God because the bible says so yet you could not possibly be perfect because you are a sinner in the eyes of God.  Really!?  No wonder there is confusion.

As God says, love each other as you would love yourself and if you have trouble loving others, perhaps you could heal what you need to heal in order to love yourself.  Love of another is a natural extension of the love you have for yourself.  True love for the self is not egotistical for true love is not from the ego, it is from spirit and spirit is your connection to the one you call God.

Have a blessed day.


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The choice for chose fear and love is the real message from God. There are many people who pass the life in innocent way. The use the old techniques and did not try best. The movement ahead is like the love for the family and society... There are many movies and works shop on such ear and love topics. People must watch such movies for the unimproved life.

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This is very useful post for me and it helps me a lot. Thank you so much for this and have a great time.


This sin't just a choice. This is a life changing strategy! Choose wisely!


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