People have often wondered about elevating their vibration.  What does that mean?  How is that accomplished?  There are many different answers for this question so I will share my experiences about elevating vibrations.

Creator has often shown me pictures of fears, beliefs and blocks as weights we carry around.  Over time the weights slow us down, hunch us over and start to wear at our physical bodies.  By healing and releasing fears, beliefs and blocks, the weights are dropped and our bodies can stay tall and upright.  The more you heal, the taller your body can be upright.  The taller you stand, the less likely you are to experience imbalances otherwise known as diseases.  Imbalances are found in lower vibrational beings and are caused by low vibrating thoughts and emotions.  Food and the environment around us also cause our bodies to vibrate lower.

Everything in our world vibrates.  Our bodies, our food.  Even rocks and crystals have a vibration.  Many will often use crystals to help with different imbalances they are experiencing and have excellent results.

Thoughts and emotions have a vibration as well.  As you think thoughts and feel emotions, you are raising or lowering your vibration accordingly.  The highest vibrational thoughts and emotions center around self-love and the lowest vibrational thoughts and emotions center around self-hate with a broad range in between.

Why am I always attracting negative people in my life?  If you are asking yourself this question, perhaps it is time for you to review the kind of thoughts you think and emotions you feel.  Creator says it all the time:  people around you are a mirror of yourself to you.

How do you begin to change thoughts and emotions?  Start by learning to love yourself.  The most incredible tool we have at our disposal is the mirror.  Mirrors are all around us.  Any reflective surface is a mirror.  When you stand in front of the mirror or reflective surface, look deeply in to your own eyes and say "I love you."  This is not as easy as it sounds.  Some people will quickly learn to fall in love with themselves and this is good.  Others will take some time and this is also good.  You are having the true awareness of how you feel about yourself and you are gifting yourself with healing it.  When you get to a point where you can say "I love you" to yourself in the mirror without crying, you have truly begun to know the truth that you are loving, lovable and loved.

Self-love is not narcissistic, it is essential to life.  Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder in which a person is excessively preoccupied with personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity.  Self-love is the peaceful knowing of the truth that you are a perfect and infinite child of God.  Self-love brings peace, joy and balance to your life.  It is an incredible state of connection to the oneness, to the whole being you are and to those around you.  You are able to see the perfection in others before they are able to see it for themselves.  It is a state of being I desire for everyone for it is in that state of being that you understand how truly magnificent and wonderful you are.  There are times I wish I could transmit what I see about others into their own heads so they can see their true glory but, sigh, that is not to be.  People must set out on their own journey of discovery and healing to truly understand who they are.

Raising your vibration through thoughts, emotions, food, etc. will have a direct and immediate impact on the world around you.  The people you hang out with will begin to change as well.  Some may even be angry and resent the fact you are changing.  "Oh, so now you think you are better than me!"  I have heard this before and the truth is not that I am better than you, the truth is I am choosing to live in a higher vibration so I do not attract imbalance in my life.  I choose to attract peace, love and joy.  In order to stay in a higher vibrational state, choices need to be made.  Sometimes these choices are easy to make and at other times, the choices are difficult but if you make the decision for self-love, everything you do and everything you are will and must change.

Message from Creator:
"It is not true that others are less than others or others are more than others.  Everyone is equal in the eyes of creations.  It is the individual that judges themselves to be less or more.  This judgement causes imbalances within the being and without.  It is not for you to judge, it is for you to heal.  It is for you to determine what life you choose to live and take action to make that life so.  It is for the glory of God and the glory of those around you you live the life you choose.  Self-love is a choice and it is a perfect state of being.  It shows others it is possible and it is truly the state you were created and born in.  It is the state you are pulled away from and a state you are truly desiring to be in as you search for the answer to your existence.  The breath strengthens the connection to all that is.  The breath is a key to healing.  To breathe is to cause you to pause.  To bring awareness to the self.  To understand you must pause and not be in constant motion.  It is in this motion you loose connection to who you are, all that is and all that could be."

And there you have it.  Change your thoughts, change your emotions, raise your vibration, heal your life.  Pretty simple...

With blessings


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