Lemuria wasn't a time or place, it was an ideal.  An ideal where healing and knowledge was shared freely to those willing to listen, learn and heal.  The teachers were healing themselves and sharing their experiences and insights with others willing to do the same.  While the ideal that healing and knowledge was freely shared was upheld, great peace and abundance was had by all in the area.

I have done much past life work on myself and others and the vision of the Lemurian ideal that I have pieced together come from these different experiences.  Creator and other light beings have confirmed that the vision I hold about Lemuria are true.

Let's be clear with this first however.  Others may hold a different vision of what they believe Lemuria to be that contradict my vision and all visions are valid.  My truth is not your truth and your truth is not my truth.  When we honour and respect ourselves and each other in that regard, peace and love are the only possible outcomes.

So, back to my vision of Lemuria.  I have been part of many attempts at building Lemuria and this lifetime appears to be one more attempt.  This begs the question...if we have built different Lemurias where have they all gone?  Answer:  they were destroyed by greed and anger.

In one lifetime, we had pockets of individual healers who set up Lemuria along the Bay of Fundy.  Yes, folks!  This area is incredibly powerful.  The time of greatness is not reserved only for "away" places.  The healers had agreed we would share information and healing with those interested in participating but at some point, a group of healers decided compensation was necessary for the work they did and information they imparted.  The healers came to an impasse when no compromise could be reached between those who desired to maintain the old ways and those who desired compensation.  As a result, Lemuria fell apart.

In another lifetime, Machu Picchu was established as another Lemuria, another healing center.  It was established high in the mountains so anyone desiring the information and healing had to make an effort to reach the healers/teachers.  The information and healing was freely given but you had to be willing to make the effort to reach the sacred location.  Again, a group of healers decided they desired compensation for the information and healing.  Once again, no compromise could be reached and Lemuria fell.

Yet another lifetime, the pyramids in Egypt where built as great healing temples and yet again, fell due to desire for compensation and inability to compromise.

How many times must this happen before we get it right?  I have asked this question of Creator several times and the response has always been the same:  the result is all a matter of choices made by people involved.  Creator then responds with the following question:  "What does it matter if Lemuria fails again?  You will have learned yet more from the experience."  Very true.

Is the rise and fall of Lemuria in this lifetime a lesson I agreed to learn?  Is it true that Lemuria will fall again?  Does it have to?  Some of the questions I ask myself many times a day.  There is fear holding me back at times because of the previous Lemurian experiences and my desire for Lemuria to rise and stay.  I desire for people to heal what they need to heal to live in peace.  I have by no means lived a perfect life and have learned many lessons along this life's journey but it is my desire to heal myself and learn my lessons that allows me to continue on this journey of rebuilding Lemuria.

The key issues in the fall of Lemuria are:  healers deciding they desire compensation for the work they do and knowledge they give, healers not wanting to change the basic ideal that knowledge and healing are freely given and the inability or unwillingness of either side to compromise or discuss the different viewpoints each believing their position is the correct one.  Quantum physics teaches there are an infinite number of options and choices in every moment so obviously there are many possible outcomes to the key issues.

Message from Creator:
"The desire and willingness of healers to step forward and do what is in the highest good is most necessary at this time.  It is never the healer themselves that dictate the value of what they do, it is the receiver.  The receiver shall place value on their own healing in accordance with what they deem their own worth to be.  There is danger in believing one healer is more valued then another but it is the human way.  It is the way of the 3rd dimensional beings since they place value on everything rather than understanding there is no value in anything unless one decides there is.  All is equally necessary and important but many fail to see."

And there you have it.  Where will this version of Lemuria take me and those involved, we do not yet know but the journey itself will teach us many lessons and the outcome is undetermined.  Only choices will dictate.  The choices made by the healers and the receivers.  My desired outcome is a lasting Lemuria.  Perhaps this time?

With blessings


24/03/2014 11:14

HI Sharon thank you for this great message helped alot in making sense of what is going on in many of our lives ,, thank you!

24/03/2014 19:36

Whatever the outcome of lumeria is .... it's fine. We must always be open to learn and be theach. This is a journey :)

Pauline Doucet
24/03/2014 11:25

Just trying something sorry. Hehehe,, ♡

25/01/2016 04:35

Having the ability to heal people is a gift from our Creator that should be shared freely. Healers were given this special skill and should be used for the benefit of many. In our modern world, people study Medicine to be able to find cure and heal the sick.I salute those doctors who rendered their services for free to those who can't afford. However, I am appalled to know that there are many healers who became greedy and used their skill to take advantage of or people.


This is just a great reading. I appreciate your work! keep blogging!

14/06/2017 09:59

Whatever Lemuria is, we should always be prepared to the coming of our Creator. Yes, I believe He is coming real soon. By being prepared means we have accepted already to live a life in a Godly way and start repenting. We are all sinner, and we should reach the point of admitting all of those and start making things right not just for yourself, but for everything that is around you as well.


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