Today, I would like to talk about passion.  What is your passion?  Do you know?  Are you doing something that makes you get up in the morning with a smile on your face and that makes you hesitate to go to bed at night in case you miss something?

I meet a lot of people throughout my day and the one single most common piece missing is passion.

Passion causes your life to light up.  You become like a child filled with wonder and excitement about life.  You begin to have the courage to explore the possibilities and take the chances you desire to take.

Last year, a great movie entitled "The Rise of the Guardians" was released and the premise of the story is that Jack Frost is trying to determine his life purpose and a wonderfully Russian Santa Claus asks Jack what Jack's center is.  "What is your center, Jack Frost?"  Santa shows Jack that his own center is wonder.  He sees everything around him with big eyes of wonder.  Santa sees the magic in all that is and all that is created in every moment.  Finally, at the end of the movie, Jack learns that his center is fun.  Everything in life he does revolves around his center of fun.  It is this center that gives Santa and Jack their passion for life.  So, let me ask you the obvious question:  what is your center?

My center and passion is love.  I use my passion to help people grow, evolve and become who they truly are meant to be.  I love people too much to allow them to stay stuck.  I will call you on the false statements you make and the beliefs holding you back.  The truth is a gift many people avoid because it means they must take responsibility for their lives and their actions.  They immediately begin to judge what they have or have not done in their lives.  The truth is not about judgement, it is about freedom.  It is about helping you find your passion again.  It is about taking the step to do something you would never have thought yourself able to do regardless of the outcome.  It is about you.  It is about you loving you.  It is about love.

You are a perfect and infinite child of a creator God that loves infinitely and totally.  Creator doesn't judge or punish.  Creator just is and so are we.

At this time, let me share with you my favourite video by Bill Hicks and George Carlin entitled "The Big Electron."  This is my "go to" when fear begins to creep in and unbalance me.  Enjoy!

With blessings


28/06/2016 18:07

The passions are very important factor for a normal health life. Those who are did not having them in their lives dose not leaving them as a normal and success one. This is a very informatics post with the full of interesting factors.

10/04/2017 16:39

My passion is music. This is an incredible world of sound!


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