I am being drawn to write about death given all of the stories I have read on social media and even more stories told to me by people I know.  There are a great many people who appear to be dying and I am not sure if this is on the rise or if perhaps my awareness of it has grown.  Either way, it is a subject that frightens many people and it is truly time to begin discussions around this subject.

In the tarot cards, the Death card is one of celebration.  It means the end of one life and the beginning of another but what is the definition of life?

Certainly, that is the question isn't it?  Is "life" the sum of all of the years you live before the body itself decides to go back to Mother Earth and your spirit returns to Creator?  Or is "life" a group of years around a common theme until a shift occurs causing a new theme to emerge?

I often hear the expression "in my previous life" and this is coming from people who are very much alive and breathing...well, alive anyways.  These people are beginning to understand that life can be interpreted in a number of ways and as such, so can death.

Message from Elohim #7:

"Death is the transformation of the spirit from one form to another.  It is the time of great healing and great resurrection into the original state of the being.  The human form is but one method of existence for the spirit.  There are many others beyond the human's understanding but that is something to be remembered in spirit form.  There are many of you who have experienced the different states of being and it is only those with extremely high vibrations who can remember these different states.  There is often times a longing that occurs within the human being and they know not what this longing is about or where it comes from.  The longing is to be in different forms where connection to the creator is easier and forgetfulness does not exist.  This is the true definition of death."

Message from Elohim #2:

"The transition from human life to spirit life has been called "death."  It is the moving from one state to another state and is not to be feared.  Many spirits live in the universe and it is when the transition is done to the spiritual that you understand how truly loved you are.  While in human form, there is a knowing about love and a perception about how it affects you and those around you.  It is when you move from human form to spirit form when you begin to comprehend the depth one has and the connectedness one has to all other life forms in the universe.  You are not alone in life nor in death.  You are always surrounded and connected to the universal life blood of why we exist and that is to love."

When someone we know transitions from human form to spirit form, our spirit rejoices for their transition and our ego mourns for our loss.  After all, when someone transitions, it is not for them we feel bad for, it is ourselves.  (In the past, I used to think it was because we would miss having them around.  That we would be unable to hold them or touch them but at times, I wonder if it is not because we wish to make the transition as well?  Another food for thought.)

During the grieving process, it is important to understand why we grieve.  Yes, we will miss their physical presence but what is it this person brought into our lives?  When you think of someone who has passed, what characteristic would you associate with them?  For example, my grandmother transitioned on my birthday in 2007.  While I see it as a great honour that she would choose my special day to transition, I miss the "peace" she brought in to my life.

My grandmother experienced many hardships and she endured them with grace and peace.  Her belief in God was so strong and unshakable.  Her favourite expression was "God gave it to me, I have to take it."  While there are so many judgments we could make on that statement, it is that statement that kept her going through the darkness in her life and it is that statement that gave her the deep levels of peace she brought in to my life.  After her transition, I mourned for her.  Certainly I missed her but I realized I was afraid.  I was afraid that the peace she brought in to my life would disappear.  Where would I find peace now?  Did I need to search for someone else who I deemed "peaceful" to fill the gap in my life or perhaps, it was finally time to heal what I needed to heal in order to be my own peace.

Take a moment and think of someone who has transitioned to spirit form and see if you can identify the characteristic you associate with them.  Breathe deeply as you envision them standing in front of you and open your heart.  Once you have the answer, ask yourself what it is you can do for yourself to give you that characteristic in your life.  What can you begin doing for yourself that this person used to do for you?  Do it.  Begin to fill that gap you believe exists in your life.  Free both of you so you can remember them with fondness and love rather than fear because of your perceived loss.  You will be very happy you did.

With blessings


14/03/2015 16:54

These people are beginning to understand that life can be interpreted in a number of ways and as such, so can death.

14/11/2016 04:18

This story is so good many people are read the different stories according to your purpose. All the people are download the different stories for reading in free time.


It means nothing to you. Death is a trouble of those who still alive.


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