There was a time of great peace on the Earth.  It was a time of healing, peace and sharing of knowledge.  There was no need for competitions or for debates.  There was no discussion about who had more than another.  We lived in peace and tranquility because we knew, in the end, the only thing that mattered was our connection to the Oneness.  Somewhere along the way we have lost sight of why we are truly here.  It is not to amass great wealth or material objects, it is to learn lessons and strengthen our connection to the Oneness.

This great time is coming back.  Lemuria is rising once again.  The vibrations on the Earth and of the Earth are being elevated, forcing us to look at what we believe we know and what we value.  It is causing negative feelings and emotions to the surface for healing and transmutation.  The time to hide is long past and now, the truth is necessary for survival.  Can we continue to live the type of lifestyle we are living without paying a dear price?  Many people who we would perceive as living normal healthy, balanced lives are getting sick.  Why?  They have front a wonderful facade but that facade is crumbling.  The time of great pretense is done.  The authenticity of who you are is being called forward and many people are afraid.

People are afraid because they don't know who they truly are.  They know who others believe them to be.  At times, it is easier to conform to other people's expectations than it is to stand up and be yourself.  Being the crazy aunt at times can be straining because I try to teach what I know about living a balanced and healthy life and I often get eye rolls and muttered "here she goes again."  For the most part however, I relish playing the role of the crazy aunt.  It means I can do whatever is in the highest good, with Creator guiding my every move and know I truly do live a peaceful and fabulously exciting life!  How much better can it get?

While I watch my family struggle with health issues, I send much love and hope they will some day take advantage of the healing I can offer them and until that time...I continue to move forward.

Truly the time of Lemuria is upon us again.  The call is very strong and I am very excited.  We remembering a time of unconditional love and living in harmony with all that is around us.

Message from The Elders

"A calling is being sent out and with reverberate with those of you from the Lemurian age.  Heed the call and allow us to guide you to where you need to be.  It is important for you to move forward.  The time of Lemuria is now.  The need for Lemuria is great.  All will truly be healed and balanced on Earth again when people embrace what Lemuria represented:  healing, peace, sharing.  The time of the great imbalance is at an end.  Institutions will fall and healing will begin.  This is not a time of great fear but of great rejoicing for the time of healing has begun."

And with that, my fellow Lemurians, I end this post.  I wish you many blessings in your day and great love in your heart.



"People are afraid because they don't know who they truly are. They know who others believe them to be." I do agree with this passage from this article. Believing in our own self, this is the key to have the strength, the power to express who we really are. It is us who should know who we really are and not the other people around.

26/03/2016 05:44

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