Today, I will blogging about teaching and what that means to me.  The definition of a teacher, according to

  • a person who teaches or instructs, especially as a profession; instructor.
  • a person whose occupation is teaching others, especially children.
  • a personified concept that teaches: nature is a good teacher.
I have been a computer trainer/instructor for well over 25 years and I love being able to share what I know with anyone willing to listen.  Humans are a particularly curious creator and this bodes well for the continued expansion of knowledge and perceptions in the universe.  We look to others and to experiences to teach us and broaden our perspectives in our lives.  We also learn many new skills to do our respective jobs and services we offer in our careers.

On the flip side, there are people who are comfortable in their lives and choose not to expand their world.  It is more comfortable for them to stay at the level of development they have achieved and they choose not to learn anything new.  I honour and respect the choices everyone makes.

I have found in my experience however, that there is nothing more to be learned to live a truly peaceful and healed life.  Sure it is interesting to know why the sky is blue, how flowers grow and the interaction between animals and the great circle of life but do I truly need to know this information to live peacefully and healed?  Isn't it enough to know it happens and to accept it for what it is?

How about turning the human characteristic of curiosity inward and exploring the awesomeness of who you are?  Everything you need to know about yourself is internal.  It is buried in every cell of your body and your body is indeed an intriguing place to explore.  We often relate who we are and our worth with the job we hold, the house we live in, the material things we have amassed and the truth is very different.  Your worth is priceless and who you are is a perfect and infinite child of God.

What does remembering who you are have to do with being a teacher?  My role as teacher is to help you to remember.  I help to redirect your focus to yourself.  I do not teach in the conventional sense of the word.  I do not teach from a text book and I do not perpetrate the belief that you know nothing, I know everything and you must listen to me.  I fulfill the desires of others and their need to self-heal, to lead a peaceful balanced life.  I help you identify blocks you have put in front of yourself preventing you from understanding how truly fantastic you are.

There is much we can remember if we stop long enough to heal and listen.  Every answer you seek is within you.  Stop long enough to take a deep breath and ask for confirmation.  Give yourself permission to remember and ask the universe to bring you your next teacher.

Food for thought:  teachers are not always the "wise" people in your life, they are also what you would consider the most "annoying" people in your life.

Have a blessed day!



07/05/2014 06:43

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19/09/2015 05:16

Education and learning is not the thing which the teacher does, it is a natural process which develops instinctively in the human being, actually the art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.


Teaching is the act or profession of a person who teaches. Everyone can teach, but it only takes few to be passionate on it. My mother is a teacher, and I'm so proud of her. She teaches kids at school and at home she's a great housewife and a mother. You should have a passion to be a good teacher.

10/04/2017 16:43

This is a really great passion. Our staff have this character. Best of luck!


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