In the past, I used to dread skeptics believing they were narrow minded and really didn't see the big picture.  I, of course, loved believers because they were enlightened and I could relate to them.

The truth, however, is very different.  I have found in my experience, there is no difference between skeptics and believers.  It was simply a label I chose to assign to people based on how they spoke and what they said.  As I healed my fear of judgment and my fear of being alone, I found that skeptics and believers all speak the same language but my focus at the time dictated who was a skeptic and who was a believer.

By definition, a skeptic is "a person inclined to question or doubt all accepted opinions."  A believer is "a person who believes that a specified thing is effective, proper or desirable."  When comparing the two, a believer is someone who made a decision about some information they've heard and a skeptic is someone who has NOT YET made a decision about the same information.

My goal and desire is to move both skeptics and believers into a place of knowing, a place of peace and balance where thought is not necessary.  Where you KNOW all is as it should be, everyone around you is a teacher and the truth is love.

Today, I love skeptics and believers.  I welcome their questions and their inquiries.  This is an opportunity for dialogue and it is not my place or intention to change their mind or make them believe something different.  My intention is to have them question their beliefs, find their truth whatever that truth is so they can identify blocks and fears holding them back from achieving their potential and living the life they desire for themselves.

It is important to question what you believe.  Beliefs change over time and truth stands the test of time.  Beliefs keep people out of balance because when faced with another potentially stronger argument, they can chose to modify their beliefs and this shifts their paradigm of life, their way of living and thinking.

Absolute truth cannot be shifted or changed, it just is.  You can change your life at any time, it is simply a decision but when you live in truth, the decision to change will always be in harmony with the highest good.  When you live life based on beliefs, changing your life cannot be done at any time, it can only be done when you believe "the time is right" or when your life matches what you "expect out life."  It is when you trust your life is exactly as it should be in every moment, that there are infinite possibilities in every moment and a shift and change in life becomes a extension of you and a natural flow in rhythm with all that is around you.

Be the skeptic and the believer and allow yourself to continue the journey until you get to your truth, whatever that means.  Build your life's foundation on something immovable.

I desire peace, balance and love for you.

With blessings


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10/04/2017 16:45

This is a huge difference as for me. Believers want to believe and skeptics have a doubts.


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