I had often read, heard or been told to dream big, if I dreamed at all.  I had tried to dream big in the past and launched businesses around these dreams but I could not seem to do what was required to accomplish my dream.  My dream also seemed to change depending on how I felt.  I would identify one "dream" and pursue it timidly ensuring absolute failure because I didn't think I was worth the effort and the dream did not move me to the point of distraction.  Too many factors played against my "dream" and I allowed the reality and logical to destroy what I desired.

Now, I have a dream that is big and getting bigger.  So what is the difference between my earlier "dreams" and this dream?  The focus.  My earlier "dreams" were focused on money and what I can do with lots of money.  It is true that money is NOT the root of all evil, it is what is DONE with money that is.  Let's be clear here (and I have had this discussion with many people about this!!).  Money is a great tool for doing good and as much as we want to be "new agey" about money and state money is not important, I would beg to differ.  Money is important.  How can you possibly help others today if you don't have money?  Sure, good intentions and prayers are important as well but you cannot feed and clothe people with good intentions.  It requires money, plain and simple.  Money can also help you achieve your dreams however, those dreams should not be focused on money but ultimately what the money can help you achieve.

For example, my dream is to help millions of others heal their physical, mental, emotion and spiritual bodies.  It will take much money to accomplish this dream but the focus is on the people.  The focus is on the work necessary to help the people.  Do the work and the money will appear.  Another statement I have heard many times and I can tell you from experience, this statement is absolutely true.  You can literally "take it to the bank."

If I was to be "realistic" and "logical" about my personal and business finances, I should never have opened the doors of Inspired You Boutique.  Not only is the boutique working, it is flourishing and so are the people who benefit from its presence.  It is fast becoming the drop in place for people who are on their spiritual journeys and looking for a community of like minded people.  People are connecting with each other and helping each other.  The boutique in its current form is helping people's mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.  Now, we are expanding to the physical body with the expansion of the boutique in to a boutique and cafe!  We are also expanding our current essential oils offerings and creating a new line of Inspired YOU Essential Oils line of products coming soon to a store near you!  The dream is big and getting bigger.

The dream is aligning with my life purpose.  It is igniting within me the fire of desire.  The desire to help those around me and KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that the work I do is important and making a difference.   What moves you?

I blogged about passion a few days ago and suggest you read that as well as this blog.  Passion drives dreams and dreams drive desire or is the other way around?  It is difficult to determine what ignites what but ultimately, does it really matter?  Have passion, HUGE dream and let those bring forward the drive required to make them happen.   Throw logic and reality to the wind.  All successful entrepreneurs will tell you they did that.  It can be scary but boy, oh boy, it is SO worth it.

Come on!  Get your passion on and dream huge!  You are worth it and this is for the glory of Creator and Creator will make it happen for you.  What a great adventure your life can be.  If you are not sure what your life purpose, passion or dreams are, connect with me and I can help you uncover them.  I super duper double dare you!

With blessings


People want to be best in world and become a big man. This is main dream of people some people want to best in business, some require a big white color job and many more, we are making different training program for the solution of people's dream.

10/04/2017 16:42

It is important not to lose your head when you are chasing a dream. You should have a sober sight.

16/05/2017 09:02

A dream is meant to be chased. You exert an effort to make every dream turn into a reality. It's also right that if you are going to dream, dream big. But don't be fooled by the destination, for it can be a dangerous act. Enjoy the whole journey because that is what makes the dream worth achieving. If you dream to be rich, work hard and pray for it! Learn through the journey so you'll know what dreaming is all about!


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