As I sit in my office and contemplate what to blog about, I realize how peaceful my life has become.  When I think back to who I was (or who I believed I was) prior to the healing journey, I am amazed at how I could have functioned being so ungrounded, so fearful and unworthy of the life Creator had blessed me with.  The extra sadness came from being an empath and not knowing it.

I left my parent's house when I was 19 to go to University.  In Ontario at the time, we had grade 13 and university came after.  My mother told me the house and the family took a collective sigh of relief when I left and it appeared that everyone had been holding their breath not sure when I would suddenly fly off the handle and not knowing what provoked me.  If they were living life in fear of upsetting me, you can imagine what it was like being me.  Not know what would provoke me and living like my brain was always moving, on the go, dramatic, over the top and always crying.  How I hated the crying.  It seemed like crying was my only companion in the early years.

I spent much time alone growing up.  I found refuge in books and paper dolls.  I used to love to dress up the dolls.  They had such beautiful costumes and ball gowns and such.  I suspect those dolls helped me tap a past life where I felt beautiful, loved and cherished, instead of emotional, dumpy and bullied.  How wonderful it must have been to be able to dress in beautiful outfits and dance with handsome gentlemen!  Sigh...

So now I have come full circle.  I do spend much time alone with my husband and I find the quiet healing and soothing.  It is still a refuge but it is a healing refuge.  I honour the work I do on behalf of Creator and I am humbled by the people who come forward looking for healing and at the end of the day, it is wonderful knowing I can recharge and connect with myself in the haven that is my home.

I learned very quickly that when I heal something, Creator puts people in front of me with the same thing to heal and I am able to help them.  These people also confirm for me the healing that I have done for myself because I reflect back to them peace and the knowing that they too can heal and this fear too shall pass if they would allow themselves to heal.

Many people have recently told me how peaceful they feel when they leave the boutique or when they have finished speaking with me and that is because I radiate peace.  I am balanced and healed.  When I feel something coming up for healing, I do the best I can to heal quickly and decisively.  I do what is necessary to get back to balance and be healed.  It is a gift I give myself and I love showing to others that it is possible to live an exciting and rewarding peace filled life.  It does not mean life does not happen, it simply means I deal with it much better because the perspective I have on life events has been significantly altered by the healing I have done.  It is truly a state I wish for everyone to experience.

With that, I shall end this blog entry.  There not much to say when you are in a state of peace because you accept all that is, exactly the way it is and there is no need for explanation.  It is when the being is out of balance when excuses are required to justify who you are, where you are, what you are doing and ...

Breathe.  Love.  Heal.

With blessings


06/06/2016 13:17

Office workers and officers are always love to live in peaceful environment and all those things which is really good for us. Thanks for making our life good through your thinking because peaceful environment is really impressive for all of them.


I'm an integral person and don't need to be collected. This is just me.


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