Have you ever watched young children interact with the world around them?  It is free, flowing and very peaceful.  It is when we intervene in their connection with all that is that we disturb the flow.

What does that mean?  It means we teach children our beliefs, our fears, our hopes and our dreams for them, for ourselves, for life when the truth is, none of that is required.  If we would just learn to stay out of the way, children will find their own paths and make their own decisions for their lives.

This of course does not mean to stop being a parent.  Rather the opposite.  Being a parent means living the kind of life you desire for yourself.  By acting on your convictions, your dreams and overcoming, healing your fears, you are teaching your children to do the same.  Children do not learn from what we say, they learn from what we do.

By being true to ourselves, speaking truth, honouring ourselves and those around us, our children will learn the same and thus they will live the lives they choose to live rather than the life we or someone else dictates to them.  This is being in the flow.

That is all well and good with our children but what about those of us who are "adults" and need to get back in to the flow?  Great question.  I am so glad you asked.  The following are some tips I have used to set myself back in to the flow:

  • Know beyond a shadow of a doubt you are loved and well supported by those around you and the universe.  If you don't believe those around you will support you, this only means you don't support yourself.  Begin to support yourself and those around you will support you too.
  • Accept the gifts from the universe as they come to you.  It is accepting that perhaps Creator knows better than we do and the stops (loss of job, illness, etc.) on our journey are necessary for us to take time to reflect where we are, where we have come from and what we have healed and learned along the way.
Too often we disturb the flow by trying to change what is happening without knowing what it is we desire in our lives.  What would your ideal life look like?  We begin to dream then temper those dreams with "reality."  The words "reality", "should", "want" and "need" are words that impose a lot of guilt and negativity in your life.  If you chose to, you could make an effort to remove those words entirely from your vocabulary and your life.  It is difficult to do at times because we have been raised to be realistic and not want too much or need to much and we perhaps should do as people around us dictate to keep everyone happy so no one will be angry or disappointed in us.

My goodness, I am feeling heavy just typing the last paragraph.

At times, I step out of the flow.  I allow someone or something or more often, myself, to come out of the flow and begin to fret about things entirely outside of my control.  One such day, I was in the boutique and Creator guided me to take a walk out on to the beautiful deck and overlook the incredible Petitcodiac river.  The tide was going out and as I looked down the river, I saw two ducks in the river.  One was flowing gently with the river's tide.  I connected with the duck's energy and feel incredible peace and a knowing that he was safe and there was nothing to worry about.  Life was flowing and all was well.  His friend, however, decided he was going to "take control" of his life and go against the tide.  He paddled like crazy against the tide but the tide was too strong and he was going out.  Panicking, he flew just above the water back up the river and landed once again in the water and proceeded to paddle like crazy against the tide once again.  Still, he couldn't paddle enough to overcome the tide and down the river he went.  He flew just above the water back up river and landed in the water, paddling furiously.  Over and over this pattern repeated itself.  I connected with this companion duck and I was overwhelmed with the frustrations, panic, fear and general confusion this animal was feeling.  It was staggering.

I quickly disconnected from him and reconnected to the first duck who was still flowing gently down stream in peace and calm.  I finally managed to take a deep breath and then I got the message from Creator.  "I am fighting the stream of life.  Turn around and go with the flow."

Taking another deep breath, I thanked the ducks for the lesson, thanked Creator for the message and stopped disturbing the flow.

Message from Elohim:
"The message you are receiving today are connected to the needs of the ego overriding the desires of the spirit.  The ego becomes a driving force in your life due to fears and limitations you choose to take on as your own.  We are asking you to let go of your ego's needs and allow the flow of desire to move in to your life.  The spirit is pure love and as life flows through the spirit, love will be the driving force behind all of your actions and deeds.  We ask for you to allow us in to your lives to show you how to flow with life.  Many opportunities are lost or delayed because you do not flow with life.  We love you and support you.  Allow us to do that."

With blessings


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