<![CDATA[Sharon's Gift - Journal]]>Thu, 27 Jul 2017 15:43:54 -0400Weebly<![CDATA[The Power of Love]]>Mon, 17 Jul 2017 11:45:38 GMThttp://sharonsgift.com/1/post/2017/07/the-power-of-love.htmlThe power of love is the strongest force in the universe. It can heal the supposed unhealable and it can free the hardest of hearts. Love is the magic that flows within us to the outside world. As you see a new born child, you see unconditional love. They are pure of spirit and untainted by the world's anger or disdain.

For many of us, as we experience life, we lose connection to our pure hearts and begin putting conditions on love. "I will love you if..." "If you don't do this, I won't love you any more..." We begin to blame love for our troubles and stay away from it because "love is painful."

The truth is love is NOT painful. Our beliefs and stories around what we think is love causes us pain. Our beliefs and needs keep us in a state of flux and frustration. We believe we need to be loved by others when the truth is, and has always been, we must love ourselves. The love we project to others, we must turn inward. It is when we can look ourselves in the mirror and love what we see, we can experience true love for others.

Love lives in the heart, not the head. If you have to make a decision that you love someone, that's your head talking. "I love you because you make me feel good." "I love you because you support me in what I'm doing" As soon as "I love you" is followed by "because" that's conditional. It's the same as saying "If you don't make me feel good, I won't love you anymore." "If you don't support what I'm doing, I won't love you anymore.." If you have to decide to love someone, you can always change your mind, can't you? 

Unconditional love is not a decision, it's a state of being. Newborns are unconditional love. They live in the moment, live their truth in those moments and love unconditionally.

Have you noticed that as we grow, we have a thirst to learn and we are taught academics. We strengthen our mental mind but disconnect from our emotional, spiritual and physical bodies. When our emotional and spiritual bodies cry for recognition and to be reintegrated into the self, we act out and are called depressed, schizophrenic, or labeled with some disorder and medicated. When our physical body cries out to be reintegrated into the self, we are medicated. Western medicine tries to find a physical root cause and when none is found, we shrug our shoulders and continue to mask the symptoms eventually believe we are "cured."

How would our lives look if we were taught about self-care, self-growth, our connection to all that is around us along with all of the academics? Can you imagine exploring the evolution of a frog within the larger context of its ecosystem that is not limited to the pond and the surrounding forest BUT, the evolution of a frog within the entire collective whole and how a frog thousands of miles away is affecting my very existence today? Mind boggling but it is true. How a frog lives or dies miles away does affect me, us. Why? Because every being on this planet emits a vibration and once a vibration is altered or removed, it affects the vibration of the greater whole.

Can you imagine every being vibrating at the same loving frequency? We would eliminate all dis-eases, poverty, greed, wars, anything not borne of love. Just imagine.

It is possible. Think about it.

With love and blessings
<![CDATA[Truth: A message from the council of elders]]>Sat, 25 Feb 2017 12:23:40 GMThttp://sharonsgift.com/1/post/2017/02/truth-a-message-from-the-council-of-elders.htmlTruth is as much a part of this human existence as breathing. While the breath is meant to keep the body alive, truth is meant for the soul. If you are living and speaking your truth, the soul thrives and manifests greatness in your life.

It is a rare individual today who has the courage to live truth and manifest a life that is worthy of their existence. It is too often we allow other people's fears and beliefs frame our world and our existence. This cuts us off from the boundless and completeness of our existence and the universal whole that we begin to find wants and needs. The truth is we want and need for nothing if we allow ourselves to flow with the abundance of truth and connection to all that is around us.

There are those of you who feel like is difficult. That is something you have been taught and is not of the higher powers and the realm. That is of the controlling few who know of your true greatness but fear it lest you cannot be controlled. There are many such groups and their time for existence is quickly coming to an end. Fear not the end of these controllers, rejoice your greatness and all will be as it is intended.

Humans have another belief that they live with that is causing great harm to the rest of the universe...the belief they are alone in this vastness. There are countless individuals, species, beings, as so on that live in the vast expanse of the universe. Believing you are alone is arrogant and keeps you separated for us. This is not how it is meant to be. You have forgotten your long past and are under the delusion that you are unique. You are unique in your capacity as a human but you are not unique in your capacity to live life. Indeed, when you decide to connect with the greater wholeness you will be humbled by the truth of your humanity in comparison with the greater good. 

We are here to help you and we are here to guide you. This is what you require at this time. In comparisons with most other beings in the other realms, humanity is in its infancy and it just being to learn how to walk. You will, and are falling down many times and we are here to pick you up. You cannot complete this journey and evolution on your own so please do not even try. We are here to help you and guide you because we have already been through the stage you are currently in.

Do not let others' fear hold you back. Know your truth. Know your vastness and endlessness. Know you are loved.

We thank you for your time.

Council of Elders]]>
<![CDATA[The fear of living]]>Tue, 07 Feb 2017 08:31:48 GMThttp://sharonsgift.com/1/post/2017/02/the-fear-of-living.htmlIt has been said the #1 fear humans experience is the fear of public speaking. This is because we fear rejection and being ostracized. Humans are social beings who need community and if we reach into our distant and not so distant past (like last week's ice storm), we know humans survived by coming together in packs.

It is also said our #2 fear is dying. I believe it is connected to the unknown. What does it mean when we die? Where do we go? Is that it? Do we only get one chance at this thing called life? Regardless of what your beliefs are, I would challenge this fear. I would suggest we are NOT afraid of dying...we are afraid of not having LIVED.

Having hit 50 years old last year brought a great truth to me. I had not truly lived in those 50 years. So many opportunities I said no to because I was afraid of being judged, ostracized. As a child, the expression I heard most often and took to heart was "don't embarrass me." My magically free spirit was suddenly boxed in by another person's insecurities and fear of judgment. I made that insecurity and fear my own. I lived someone else's belief.

Let's be clear on something. As a child, I had no control over what my parents and other adults taught me but as an adult, I am at choice as to what I do with those teachings. I can continue to live my life by those beliefs or I could choose to unlearn and find my truth. That is totally my choice. I also have forgiven myself for what I have or have not done in my life. My past has made me who I am today and I quite love myself.

I consider myself a change agent. I love waking people up. I love the idea of making others aware of their own greatness. Once they get past their own limiting beliefs and the light in their eyes spark, I continue to fan the flame until it is fully ignited and burning through the resistance of self-doubt. Everyone is truly capable of greatness and we each are entitled to live that life.

We are not made to be small and insignificant. We are made to live in the full glory of who we are and who we choose to be. There are too many graveyards filled with unfulfilled dreams and glory. We define what our dreams are. We define what glory means. It could be as incredible as being a stay at home parent or as monumental as climbing Mount Everest. There is no judgement in what you believe your dreams and glory are. We are not here to compare dreams and glory, to say mine is better than yours. We are here to explore this thing called life in any way we sit fit and that works for us. Our hearts are filled with potential and when we engage that potential the world is never the same. The world evolves, grows and is that much brighter because you had the courage to say YES to life.

Say YES to life. Say YES to life. SAY YES TO LIFE!

At the beginning of this blog, I mentioned the #1 fear of humans is public speaking because we are afraid of being judged and ostracized. The #2 fear is dying. I would challenge the two are actually very deeply linked in that every day we continue to fear judgement and suppress our dreams is another day where our souls die a little more until one day, we have no soul left, the flame is smothered and we simply wait for our time to die.

Every day is the first day of the rest of our lives. What are you going to do with the time you have left? Are you going to say YES to life or are you going to follow the rest of the living dead?

Choose wisely.

With blessings

<![CDATA[Politics Anyone?]]>Thu, 10 Nov 2016 13:31:44 GMThttp://sharonsgift.com/1/post/2016/11/politics-anyone.htmlA major shift happened in the world when the United States elected their 45th president. Whether you like him or not is truly irrelevant at this point...he won. So what now?

I want to be clear that I don't have any political alliances with anyone however, I like everyone else on the planet will be affected by this change. No one can say at this point if the change will be "bad" or "good" however, I can tell you, from a spiritualist point of view, I welcome this change and allow me to explain why.

In order for true healing to happen, you must first identify the fear. You must decide to face it head on and no longer it to rule your life. Trump has done this for us. In America, for many years, there has been an unidentified layer of negative energy bubbling under the surface and no one, until now, has dared to tap it. Politicians are trying so hard to be politically correct hoping this energy goes away but it never does and it never will until it's brought into the light. Trump has done this for us. He truly is a spiritual teacher. Not all teachers have white robes and halos. Spiritual teachers take on many forms and Trump is the one the world needs right now.

There has been a massive shift of energy over the last 10 years or so...spiritualists and light workers all talk about it. Everyone is feeling it. We know the divine feminine is rising to reset the balance on the world and obviously electing Trump will accelerate that process. His victory will galvanize the masses like no one else could. It is much easier to heal that which is directly in front of you than that which you are unwilling to see.

In my opinion, Trump's election win was NOT about Hilary being a woman. It was about overcoming the establishment. Like it or not, Hilary represented the big money, the Monsantos, the status quo. People are rebelling over the big bank bailouts and the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. It's as simple as that. Most people in the world are peace loving who truly want fairness for everyone. At their core, everyone is love and joy.

Do not fear the results of this election. Rejoice. The outcome has been determined so that cannot be changed. Face the fear Trump is bringing to the surface and heal it. While he was very boisterous during the election and made comments that were not the most loving, know that he understands the stakes as president. He did not enter this election blindly. He perhaps didn't think he would make it as far as he did but he too, has a sense of self-preservation and survival. He will use his understanding of business to begin laying out a course, a direction for his country. In the meantime, let's all take a deep breath, thank the universe for this spiritual teacher and do what we each can to heal the fear he is bringing forward so we can all experience a deeper sense of peace.

With great change, comes great upheaval and ultimately great peace if we choose to go in that direction. Now is an opportunity for us to change the course of this world. Seize the opportunity.

With blessings
<![CDATA[The indelible mark]]>Sun, 09 Oct 2016 14:42:10 GMThttp://sharonsgift.com/1/post/2016/10/the-indelible-mark.htmlPeople are so fascinating for me. So many different varieties, shapes, sizes, personalities. Love them all, especially the ones who help me to learn lessons and evolve.

As a spiritualist, I am often asked about my views on religion. My standard response is, like everything in this world, religion has a part to play and lessons to teach. A gentle reminder that if the idea of religion stirs you in some way, there is something to be healed. What I am fascinated and excited about is when someone lives by their convictions and is not afraid to let the world know it.

I share that with you to tell you about what happened last night in the middle of nowhere Nova Scotia.

My husband Allan and I were driving from Baddeck to Louisburg NS. It was dark and we had finally found a hotel for the night. On our journey, we had to make an urgent pit stop. It was dark and we happened upon a restaurant with a neon open sign. Giving thanks to the universe, we stumbled out of our car and headed in. The restaurant was full and there was a line up for the washroom. In the line up in front of us were two Pentecostal ladies who were returning from a convention in Sydney and had stopped in the restaurant for dinner. From one of the ladies, I could sense stress and from the other, I sensed a tremendous peace and love. The second lady was a tiny thing, mid to late 60s with a face that had experienced the world. So much wisdom emanated from her. 

As we waited, we chatted about why we were there. I mentioned Allan and I having difficulty finding a hotel room because of the Celtic Colour festival happening on the island and we finally found one with the help of a very nice lady from a local motel. She talked briefly about the convention they had attended. She was from Inverness and would be home in no time.

As she turned to leave, she put her hand on my arm and asked Jesus to bless me and my husband with an open door so we could rest for the night. She said Jesus was blessing me because I was such a nice person and so lovely. I was humbled by this woman and in awe of her deep belief in her saviour, Jesus Christ. She was not afraid to bless a complete stranger and did it without fear of judgement or retribution. In this world, how many others would have been glad to receive such a blessing from a stranger? I suspect most people would but there may be others who would be mightily offended by this gesture. 

As the two women walked away to continue their journey home, I took a deep breath and could feel Jesus' presence. Not because I knew I could call on him anytime I chose but because this woman lived by the words of the ascended master we know as Jesus. There was a lesson for me in that exchange - remember that only through unconditional love for everyone including the self can we truly live life to the full and be the person we are truly meant to be.

Gifts and lessons come to us in many ways and in many forms. I was blessed last night to have both come in the form of a lady from Inverness NS who I will probably never meet again in this lifetime and who made an indelible mark on my life just because of who she is.

I wish to be just like her and touch people's lives for the better. How about you?

With blessings
<![CDATA[The turtle syndrome]]>Thu, 06 Oct 2016 12:38:49 GMThttp://sharonsgift.com/1/post/2016/10/the-turtle-syndrome.htmlBeing human is one of the hardest existences for a spirit because of this thing I cannot describe but love to call the human condition. There are many facets to the human condition, one of which I have labeled "the turtle syndrome."

I have encountered this syndrome my whole life and before living my life in truth, I actively participated in this practice. The turtle syndrome is the act of clumsily moving through life, unexpectedly striking out at someone around you then quickly withdrawing to avoid the backlash of your actions. You could also call this "lack of accountability for your own actions."

Right now, a few friends and I are having to deal with someone who invoked "the turtle syndrome." The challenge in dealing with this is that, unless your friends are enlightened and aware of this behaviour, they allow themselves to become victims to this behaviour. The victims feed the energy behind this action and even if the strike was not meant for them, they put themselves posthumously in the way of the strike. It's a very interesting situation to watch.

In other words, people make themselves victims of another's actions even when they were not initially involved. The big question of course is why? Why do people do that?

The answer is very easy: the drama feeds their existence. I say this with all the love in my heart for everyone. Some people (I used to be one of them so I speak from experience) invoke drama as a way to know they are alive and they exist. They engage in the drama to get some attention, any attention from someone outside of themselves. Everyone does it or has done it in their lives at some point so let's be careful lest we point fingers.

Why do people invoke the "turtle syndrome" in the first place? Ever heard of the expression "hurting people hurt people?" That's the reason. When life is peaceful and moving along nicely, you don't have the time, the energy or the desire to engage in drama. If you are hurting, you want someone to help you and because we are a society where asking for help appears to be a weakness, we lash out and hurt others instead. We mirror externally how we are feeling internally. Unfortunately, because many of us are driven by fear and lack confidence, we automatically assume this is about us, we take it personally and become wounded. The truth of course, is that the person who invoked the "turtle syndrome" is asking for help. Unless they choose someone who is aware and seeing the truth of the situation, they get retaliation instead of help.

What's the solution to the "turtle syndrome?" It's easy but it's difficult. If you are hurting, ask for help. It's amazing the amount of support you will get. Don't buy into the belief asking for help is a weakness. It takes a stronger person to admit they need help rather than dealing with it on their own. That's the definition for insanity. For those individuals who feel like a victim of "turtle syndrome," understand that it's not about you. It's about the turtle and that they are asking for help. Take yourself out of the drama and ask the obvious questions...what's wrong, how are you hurting and what do you need help with?

You would be surprised how quickly the turtle goes away and how much the other person will appreciate the compassion. Of course, most people will get angry and deny anything is wrong and that's a choice they make but I find most people do eventually admit they are hurting and need help. It's quite magical.

Remember, the human condition has many layers to it. The "turtle syndrome" is only one but in every layer, it's always about the individual and not the person on the receiving end. If we can all understand that, the world would be a much more peaceful place to be.

With blessings
<![CDATA[The human condition]]>Wed, 28 Sep 2016 11:51:06 GMThttp://sharonsgift.com/1/post/2016/09/the-human-condition.htmlIn my younger days, drama was my go to, my life force, my reason for existing. I loved my drama. I was the drama queen and I could pass a rumour around faster than a race car driver tearing up an oval. I was careful not to change the story though because if it was wrong, I could easily point the finger at someone else because I heard it from them. If someone was in the mire, I got right down with them on all fours and rolled in it.

Not a pretty picture but there it is. Exposed for everyone to see and read.

Over the years, life lessons and a desire for peace slowly and surely hacked away at my need for drama. I was afraid to fully let go though because drama brought me attention. It wasn't necessarily good attention but it was attention. Now, ironically, I prefer solitude and peace. I have a low tolerance level for anyone or anything that impinges on my zen.

Being 50 years old certainly brings a new perspective on life. Just recently I had to deal with an individual who still clings to drama in life and has yet to learn that, as a human, we feel emotions and it's a choice we make. In making that choice, it is also important for them to take responsibility for it. I constantly verbally repeat foundational truths in my life with one of them being: feel how you feel, take responsibility for how you feel, find a healthy way to deal with how you feel and you DO NOT have a right to take it out on other people. The individual I had to deal with has yet to learn that lesson and I am not sure they ever will. When I approached them about their actions, their immediate reaction was to become defensive and run from the situation. So be it. Another choice they are making.

Understand how you affect people around you. Understand that you do not live in a vacuum. Your actions and words DO affect others. This individual is hurting because of a recent loss in their life and they are angry. The anger came out as criticisms and verbal abuse. It was so bad, a couple of people were willing to let go of an activity they loved to avoid being around this person. Yes folks! We make decisions based on what others say and do around us. "Just ignore the other person" actually doesn't work. There is only so much people can take before they take action to protect themselves. That's just who we are.

The human condition is one of constant growth, re-evaluation, decisions and different states of being. We are in constant flux and change. We are fluid some times and rigid at others. This is who we are. We affect those around us. We are affected by those around us. We are moved deeply to emotions at times, at others we are barely phased. This is what makes us human. We are individuals with the greater whole. We live in a world of causality. Our words, our actions, our emotions have an effect on the greater whole.

Take a moment and pause long enough to tap into your humanity. What state of being are you in? How are you affecting the collective whole? Would you want to be your friend right now? What could you do for those around you? How can you be of service?

Do not let the human condition change your human condition
<![CDATA[Crisis of priorities - Message from Elohim]]>Sat, 17 Sep 2016 12:34:13 GMThttp://sharonsgift.com/1/post/2016/09/crisis-of-priorities-message-from-elohim.htmlOver the last few months, I have fallen into a crisis of priorities. I do this every few years it seems. I get caught up in the excitement of something new and forget the basics and what it is I truly desire for me. Let me give you an example.

I set goals for myself this year to increase the number of Twitter followers and really ramp up my YouTube channel with videos. I am a teacher and love sharing what I learn with others. I desired to spend lots of time at the beach and really rest this summer to get ready for the upcoming fall season of Toastmasters because another goal I have is to win the 2017 Toastmasters International Speaking Contest. In case you haven't noticed, I am also someone who loves to try different activities. I want to experience life as much as possible.

Right...so I have these goals and desires. What really happened? In my day job, I got an increase in responsibilities and two new managers and I somehow felt I needed to prove myself to these two and produce the results they were expecting. Outcome: cancelled vacation twice to work on deadlines that suddenly appeared, worked 14 hour days even on weekends and basically gave up on my goals and desires to help some otherwise very wealthy gentleman make even more money while I got no extra compensation for my efforts. Definition of insanity, yes!? Definite yes.

Why do I do it? Why do I allow myself to fall into this cycle? Am I afraid of reaching the goals I set for myself? Do I self-sabotage? I have been known to do that. There are times I reach goals and other times where I don't. Am I ready for the current goals I have set for myself? I know I have much to learn and a lot of growing to do and I am good for it. I love healing and facing fears. Lot of questions to ask myself and to seek answers for. As part of my usual cycle of falling blind to my own desires and goals in order to impress others, awakening to my actions and recovering from them takes me to a place of peace and confidence in knowing I am growing. I now turning inwards to channel my energies towards what is truly important to me. I will continue to work diligently for my day job because it's my personality to do so but gone will be the 14 hour days, the cancelled vacations and the working weekends. In place, I turn my gaze towards my goals and desires and remember to have fun in the process.

Yes, I do experience critical moments of imbalances in my life but isn't that all part of being human and experiencing life? It truly does make me appreciate my own growth, my own humanity and my desire for great experiences. It certainly adds excitement to life doesn't it?

Message from Elohim:
"The human race struggles constantly with the need to do, the need to be, the need for this and the need for that. The truth is that you need nothing for your existence but the fact that you strive is what makes you human. The trees do not strive, they simply are. The animals do not strive, they simply are. Humans are unique in that perspective. It is to live life fully with many experiences that is the core of being human. Love who you are. Love humanity. Love your capacity to feel, react, be and do. Love humanity."

There are great adventures in the world, in the heart and in the mind. Doing what you feel is right in the moment is what is necessary even if it means working 14 hour days to prove yourself to others. There is a reason I did this. Perhaps some day I will know why but until then, I am off to the beach. Who's in?

With blessings
<![CDATA[Wield the Power - Message from the Goddess Brigid]]>Fri, 15 Jul 2016 14:59:40 GMThttp://sharonsgift.com/1/post/2016/07/wield-the-power-message-from-the-goddess-brigid.htmlThe human spirit is indomitable and miraculous.

Just when you believe life is at its worst, your spirit shows you a glimmer of hope and begins the ascent out of desperation and raises you to a level of understanding and wisdom you would never have thought possible. Miracle by tiny miracle, your spirit unveils the truth of who you truly are and begins to help you understand your greatness.

You are not a mistake. You were not created by accident. You were created to fulfill a great purpose needed on Earth at this time. Do you know what that purpose is? If not, it will be revealed to you when the time comes and when you are ready. Embrace the mystical, magical being you are for there is only one of you. You are unique and you are precious.

I write of the spirit because it is the forever part of your being. For many of us, our spirits have experienced human existences before and for many, our spirits will be back to experience more human lifetimes. This is a choice we make with our guide and mother/father god.

Always, the reason for experiencing a human lifetime is to learn lessons with the ultimate being forgiveness so we can live in the absolute state of unconditional love. Is it possible? Yes, it absolutely is and the question then comes down to how much are you willing to learn and heal to reach the pinnacle of your existence that is unconditional love?

There are days when I question my existence and the journey I have undertaken as this being called Sharon Joseph. Am I worthy of such an existence and of such understanding I have with the world, the universe and mother/father god? Without fail, I receive confirmation that I am indeed worthy as is everyone else that has ever been, is now, and will ever be.

A message from the goddess Brigid:
"The power to vanquish the darkness is within each and everyone of you. It is not reserved for the select few but it is wielded by a select few. Be the few and wield the power of love to conquer the fears lurking in your hearts. Shine the light and bring to an end the need to rely on others for absolution and for freedom. Seek it for yourself and grab it as it appears to you. This is your birthright. It is your birthright."

With blessings
<![CDATA[The Future Self]]>Wed, 06 Jul 2016 13:45:25 GMThttp://sharonsgift.com/1/post/2016/07/the-future-self.htmlAs I approach the big "5""0" birthday, I have come to the realisation that more years in my life are behind me now then the number of years ahead of me. This usually makes one stop and consider what we are doing with the rest our lives.

As part of my "live truth, speak truth" mantra, I am taking time to revisit certain events and understanding the lesson in those events and doing the necessary healing and forgiveness to release those events from my being. While there are decisions I could have done differently, I know trying to change the past is futile and irrelevant. I am simply to accept the decisions and continue pressing forward to live the best life possible with what I know now.

Perhaps I could create a bucket list of activities I want to do, places I want to go and people I want to meet. What about living in the moment and allowing adventures to take me to where I need to be to experience the best life ever? How about a combination of both? Having a bucket list and being open to whatever adventures come your way so it covers activities on the bucket list and not? Yup. That sounds like a winner.

I do giggle to myself often though that knowing what I know about reincarnation, if I do not complete everything I need to in this lifetime, I could choose to come back and finish off the rest. The only challenge to that is to leave myself messages in the future for what I have done now. I wonder if that is even possible...I shall explore that further. Think about it though...how much fun would it be to push a message to your future self?

What would you tell your future self if you could do a human life all over again?

I will leave you to ponder that question. I wish you a blessed day.

With love