A major shift happened in the world when the United States elected their 45th president. Whether you like him or not is truly irrelevant at this point...he won. So what now?

I want to be clear that I don't have any political alliances with anyone however, I like everyone else on the planet will be affected by this change. No one can say at this point if the change will be "bad" or "good" however, I can tell you, from a spiritualist point of view, I welcome this change and allow me to explain why.

In order for true healing to happen, you must first identify the fear. You must decide to face it head on and no longer it to rule your life. Trump has done this for us. In America, for many years, there has been an unidentified layer of negative energy bubbling under the surface and no one, until now, has dared to tap it. Politicians are trying so hard to be politically correct hoping this energy goes away but it never does and it never will until it's brought into the light. Trump has done this for us. He truly is a spiritual teacher. Not all teachers have white robes and halos. Spiritual teachers take on many forms and Trump is the one the world needs right now.

There has been a massive shift of energy over the last 10 years or so...spiritualists and light workers all talk about it. Everyone is feeling it. We know the divine feminine is rising to reset the balance on the world and obviously electing Trump will accelerate that process. His victory will galvanize the masses like no one else could. It is much easier to heal that which is directly in front of you than that which you are unwilling to see.

In my opinion, Trump's election win was NOT about Hilary being a woman. It was about overcoming the establishment. Like it or not, Hilary represented the big money, the Monsantos, the status quo. People are rebelling over the big bank bailouts and the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. It's as simple as that. Most people in the world are peace loving who truly want fairness for everyone. At their core, everyone is love and joy.

Do not fear the results of this election. Rejoice. The outcome has been determined so that cannot be changed. Face the fear Trump is bringing to the surface and heal it. While he was very boisterous during the election and made comments that were not the most loving, know that he understands the stakes as president. He did not enter this election blindly. He perhaps didn't think he would make it as far as he did but he too, has a sense of self-preservation and survival. He will use his understanding of business to begin laying out a course, a direction for his country. In the meantime, let's all take a deep breath, thank the universe for this spiritual teacher and do what we each can to heal the fear he is bringing forward so we can all experience a deeper sense of peace.

With great change, comes great upheaval and ultimately great peace if we choose to go in that direction. Now is an opportunity for us to change the course of this world. Seize the opportunity.

With blessings

Copyright @ Sharon's Gift 2016