On Wednesday September 30th, I had the honour of leading the Shifting Gears conference for a select group of individuals.

The evening started with a deep grounding to ensure the spirit stayed firmly in the body and we aligned the ego to the intention of the evening. The next step had each of us traveling back to our point of creation as spirit. For some of us, this was before the start of the universe and all that exists at this time. Before the universe only Creator existed in the empty. The empty was a quiet place of love and solitude. Solitude is not lonely when it is filled with love.

Creator then spoke light into the empty space and life, as we know it, began.

At creation and in spirit form, we KNEW how limitless and boundless we were. We WERE unconditional love and how truly loved and supported we were. We FELT it. We went home for a brief period of time.

When we were done remembering our creation and existence, we were asked to progress to our first human experience. The first human existence is supposed to be a fantastic experience of human feelings and emotions not normally available to spirits. It is a time of great discovery of the human condition. For the individuals in the Shifting Gears conference, their first human experience was filled with negative experiences. They had a feeling of being banished or disconnected from their spiritual self and because of these feelings, they felt they could not go back to their original source or stay connected to the spiritual world while being in human form. It is as if they had done something wrong and were fearing the judgement of those in the spirit world. Of course, the spirit world would never judge but the fear was so strong, people felt it would be better to stay away rather than be judged. This began many human lifetimes of searching and wandering, gathering fears and belies. Building a world of illusion that caused us to further disconnect from other truth, our home.

Once we healed the fear and beliefs brought forward from their first human life, we merged their spiritual self from the moment of creation to their first human life and brought that forward into this lifetime so now, they remember, once again, how limitless and boundless they truly are. They FELT unconditional love from the spirit world and integrated the feeling into their being so they can recall the unconditional love when necessary. They KNOW they were not forsaken or abandoned. They are once again reconnected, truly reconnected, to their spirit family.

This is shifting gears. This is the true meaning of living in unconditional love, of being a spiritual being in a physical form: the merger of the spirit at creation with the first human existence and bringing that bond into this lifetime so it can be lived, experienced and shared with others.

Truly a magical evening and one not experienced in this area before.

What the next step is for Shifting Gears, I am do not know. Only Creator knows.  What I am certain of, is that this conference was the first step in creating another version of Atlantis. I am honoured to be part of this process and I am excited for what is to come.

I look forward to working with others on merging their spiritual self at creation and their physical being. You are unlimited. You are boundless. The physical form does not take this away from you.

With blessings

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