Everyone keeps talking about the shift. The shift. What is this shift and what can we expect from it?

So from a personal perspective, the shift is a move from third dimensional living to fifth dimensional living. Third dimensional living is the move from the patriarch infrastructure of survival to the matriarch infrastructure of spiritual living. We are release old beliefs and fears and remembering our connection to our Creator and all living beings on the planet. Fifth dimensional living also means relying on Mother Earth to provide for our needs and knowing there is always enough.
Shifting Gears Conference
Wed Sep 30th at 7 pm

We have forgotten that we are always provided for. Do the birds in the sky worry about food being available? Do the animals on the ground worry? They know they are being cared for as a child knows his mother will provide for his needs. When we believe we are deserving of more than others around us we begin to live in fear of lack. We begin to allow ourselves to disconnect from the flow of life. We lose the knowledge of manifestation and begin to "work" at gathering what we believe belongs to us and what we are entitled to. Discord becomes the vibration and materialism becomes our motivating factor.

The time to reconnect to the flow of life is upon us and in order for this to happen, we must shed our beliefs and our fears. We must help others around us do the same. We are all on the same path of expansion of consciousness and we all live on the same Earth. We must help each other so we can all benefit from what Mother Earth provides for us. The time of reconciliation is now and for those of you who are learning to move with the flow and release, this time is easier than those who are resistant.

Let's be honest here...I am moving with the flow and I find it difficult at times to ascend as quickly as I am being asked to so I can only imagine what those who are fighting the flow must be experiencing. People are at a cross roads deciding if they are willing to make the transition from the third to the fifth dimension. This is why people are suddenly becoming ill and dying. They are choosing not to transition and not to heal at this time. Perhaps at some later time they will reincarnate and heal. That is for them to choose.

The question in front of you is do you heal and choose to move into this incredible time of living in the fifth dimension of spirituality and connection to all of creation? Do you choose to heal what is in front of you so you can love unconditionally? Choices not be made lightly but choices which need to be made.

For those of us choosing to make the transition, we will experience a disturbance in sleep patterns along with a change in eating habits and even food preferences. Anxieties will be higher (so very sensitive people will have to ensure they stay extra grounded) and the desire to run away from life at times will be strong. Stand fast, ground yourself and dig in. The resistance is temporary and short compared to the long term peace, love and joy you are helping to usher in.

I have received many messages stating there are many hearing the call but few who are answering. As with anything, there is a slow start to the movement as it begins to awaken within an individual and within a community. As the movement gathers momentum, there comes a tipping point, a pinnacle, that when reached, will begin an avalanche of change. It becomes an unstoppable force that sweeps everyone in its path and moves the immoveable. We are extremely close to the tipping point. People are becoming aware of the shift in extreme numbers. Many cannot put a voice to what they are experiencing at this time but it's here and it's growing. Movements such as "Idle No More", groups such as Anonymous and you are making a difference.

Stand in the flow of life and let it move through you and around you. Stop trying to push throw the crashing waves coming down upon you. Turn around and move with the flow. The shift is upon us whether you want it or not. Make a decision to move with it. Resistance is futile, my friend.

If you need help understanding, reach out and ask me. I will help you.

With blessings
I am attending the Special Olympics World Games where my son, David Tatta, is representing Team Canada and competing in swimming. He is doing extremely well and I am so very proud of his focus leading up to the games and the efforts during the events he is participating in.

While I love the Special Olympics movement and what is does for the individuals who participate in the many activities available, I am even more in love with the athletes themselves. The world can learn many things from these incredible individuals. Special Olympians do not care where you are from. They do not care about colour, race, creed, nationality, language, disability, differences...they care that you are alive. They care that you are human.

So many examples of how athletes from warring countries embraced each other without judgement. Whites embracing blacks. Jew embracing Muslim. Some of you may be gasping at the language I am using but is not "political correctness" one of the factors that got us into the mess the world is in right now? Why can't we just be humans? Why do we have to be "african american" or "native american" or "jew" or "muslim" or "christian" or whatever!? Why?

While David was in high school, his music class did research on some great Jazz musicians and one of the questions posed by his teacher was "who was the best black musician of all time?" I, unfortunately, had to teach David what being "black" meant. Up until that point, he never differentiated people by colour or by race. It was taught to him to answer questions for school. It broke my heart to have to do that. (In hindsight, I could have called the school and told them these types of questions were inappropriate but I didn't think of that at the time.)

Today, David doesn't mention colour of individuals because it doesn't matter to him. It doesn't mean anything. He accepts everyone exactly as they are and shouldn't that be true for all of us? Hate is not a trait we are born with...it is a trait we are TAUGHT and this type of teaching must stop. Wars are being raged over many generations because hate is passed from one generation to another. With special olympians, love is the predominant force behind these individuals. They love everyone. They love to compete. They love to be recognized for what they can achieve, not what they can't.

At some level, aren't we all special olympians? There are some things we are good at and some things we aren't. Not everyone is good at everything so what makes us "normal" and them not? What is the definition of normal anyways?

Here is what I know. Special Olympians are special unique individuals with amazing gifts and a huge capacity to love unconditionally. Isn't that what being human is all about? Imagine if we put special olympians in our local governments? Imagine if the members of united nations where replaced with special olympians? How quickly would the world's problems be resolved? Damn straight...they would be resolved in no time. No one would suffer. No one would hate. No one would die from starvation or war. No one.
If you want to see humanity at its finest, attend a local special olympics competition. Open your heart to these individuals. Let them teach you what true sport is all about. I dare you to change your paradigm on these individuals and this organization. I guarantee you will come out the winner. With blessings Sharon
It is with gratitude that I celebrated my 49th birthday a couple of days ago.

When I was young, 32 seemed to be old and a huge landmark. Little did I know the time from young to now seem to go by like a flash. Of course, like everyone else, when I was young I wanted to be older and now that I am older, would I want to be younger again?

The answer to that is uhmmm....no, actually I wouldn't.

I love all of the healing I have done. I love my husband and son and the peace I have found with both of them and myself. If I go back to being younger, it means I would have to heal it all again. Or would I?

One of the games we often play with ourselves is "what if..." What if I hadn't married my first husband? What if I had stuck to my beliefs about not getting married and not having children in this lifetime? What if I'd had the courage to join the U.N. as I had been encouraged by a teacher in high school? What if... and on it goes. Pause for a moment and think about one of the burning "what ifs" you are holding on to. Think about the alternate choice you made. Would the outcome and path of your life have been any different? After all, the lessons you chose to learn didn't change regardless of the path you chose, did they?

The universe, being as clever as it is, would certainly have used any opportunity made available to help you learn your lessons. Would your life be different if you had chosen a "what if"? Probably. Would it be any better than you have now? Unknown. Would you trade your life for anyone else's? Definitely not. (One of my mentors told me long ago that if everyone put their troubles in a bag and you got to pick, you would want your own troubles right back!)

Why am I blogging about this? Knowing that my life is probably close to being half over, I am looking back and evaluating what decisions I've made. I am pondering the crone phase of life and what it brings to me. Once the reflection and pondering are done, I will then turn and face the next half of my life with more excitement than ever before because of the knowing of how amazing the universe is. I feel boldness growing as I shed the old and engage in the new. I feel calmness as I feel the hand of God supporting me.

Would I truly want to go back in time? I already know what happened. I am too excited about what is to come...aren't you?

With blessings
This is a question I am often asked when I tell people I am shaman. I call myself shaman as directed by Gaia but there are so many definitions of this word floating around. So what is a shaman?

Let me explain my definition of shaman as Gaia conveyed it to me: shaman is a keeper and protector of the great Mother and is someone who uses the energies from all living beings to help heal others.

This gets me thinking...if a shaman harnesses energy from all living beings, aren't we all shaman? When someone needs to get grounded, what is the most common advice given? 'Be like a tree' or 'go touch a tree' or how about 'go walk in nature'? Aren't you expected to harness the grounding energy of a tree in order to get grounded? When you watch a bird in flight and suddenly feel your spirits lift, aren't you unknowingly harnessing the energy of the bird? What if you do this KNOWING you are harnessing energy from another living being?

Message from Gaia:
"Ancient healers understood their connection to the animals and creatures of the Earth. Today's healers do not. It is important to understand your role in the world and what you bring to the world. It is important to understand what you are and what you are not. It is important to listen to guidance and do as you are directed."

(ASIDE: When I channel Gaia, her messages are becoming sharper and more directed. This is a reflection of her dissatisfaction of our stewardship of her resources and children. She warned me back at the new year 2015 that she would be taking matters into her own hands by causing more extreme weather and natural disasters.)

Just as I was told that empathic abilities were not limited to a select few individuals, this is also true about shamanic abilities. As a shaman for the world, it is my desire to make everyone aware of their shamanic abilities. It is my desire to have everyone use their abilities for the highest good and I plan on doing this one shaman at a time. There is truly power in one.

Who wants to go first?

Let me know.

With blessings

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