It is with great humbleness that I have been able to develop the ability to help others heal in the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.  At times, physical imbalances are truly physical is where doctors are important but I have found in my experience, most of the time, the physical imbalances tend to disappear once you have healed the blocks, fears, barriers and beliefs you carry in your other three bodies.

Creator kept repeating the words "perception of healing" over and over again this morning and that was a clear indication that Creator desired to deliver the following message:

"The perception of healing is incorrect in the human thoughts today.  The idea that healing is returning the body, mind and spirit back to its original form is not true.  Healing is the incorporation of new knowledge and the remembrance of the old knowledge within the being.  Whether the body, mind and spirit return to its original form is irrelevant and truly not possible when you expand your consciousness with healing and knowledge.  Trying to be "like before" is an illusion that will never materialize.  You are more than before, you are now."

This message has a key point in it.  You cannot go back to who you were before.  That being is no more.  Embrace the newly expanded you.  Like a rubber band, once you are stretched you cannot shrink back.

Message from Elohim:
"Knowledge is the perception that something has changed.  It is redefining the who within the being by change the why and the how.  If nothing changed, there would be no desire for knowledge.  It is understanding the new where only the old once existed.  It is understanding the now where the past used to be.  True knowledge expands and heals."

With blessings
A few blogs ago, I talked about faith being truly faithful and today I will talk about the struggle I am currently having with faith.  Being human can be a fickle state at times and it is in those times when faith becomes even more important although my grasp on faith is at its most tenuous.
I have never been afraid of hard work or working hard.  Indeed, I have worked hard on hard work my entire life so that is nothing new.  What is relatively new over the last 4 or 5 years is the idea of not having to work hard to achieve my desires but instead allowing the flow of life to bring that which I desire.  It is allowing the flow of life to bring what I desire that I struggle with.  How do I know the flow of life will bring it?  When?  What form with this take?  Will I be able to see the signs that something is coming?  Questions, so many unknown and unanswered questions.

Today I have received several messages that Creator is testing me.  Creator is testing my faith and my ability to allow.  The desire was set forth a while ago and as the due date comes closer, my vision of the outcome is getting murky.  Once again, I am reminded that it is not the outcome I should be looking towards, it is the synchronistic events in the moment that I could be focusing on for it is in the recognition of the synchronistic events that allows me to see the flow of life happening around me.  It is in the moment that magic is happening and it is when faith is lacking that I miss the magic.  Fear has a way of blinding you to the now and keeps you focused on the future that has yet to be written or designed.

What will happen in the future?  This is a question that has wasted so much time and energy in my life and many other lives.  It truly doesn't matter what will happen in the future does it?  The important aspect of life is the now.  The actions and thoughts in the now will create the future so if I expect my future to be what I desire, my actions in the now must reflect that.

Now that I have waxed philosophical and new agey, how do I raise my level of faith and allowing in the now?  The answer:  release my expectations and connections to what I desire my future to be.  Wait a minute...didn't I just set my expectation and desires for the future?  Yes.  And now, I am expected to release those desires and expectations for the future?  Yes.  Holy cowboys, I am confused.  Or am I?

Message from Creator:
"The future is not what you expect it to be but it is what you have planned it to be."

Interesting message.  I just looked up the definition of planned and found the following:

  Plan, verb
  past tense: planned; past participle: planned

  1. decide on and arrange in advance.
     "they were planning a trip to Egypt"
     Synonyms: organize, arrange, work out, design, outline, map out, prepare, schedule,
                           formulate, frame, develop, devise, concoct, etc.

  2. design or make a plan of (something to be made or built).
     "they were planning a garden"
     synonyms: design, draw up, sketch out, map out, etc.

The origin of the word is from the French "plant" which means ground plan, plane surface and from the Italian word "pianta" which means plan of building.

Essentially, the word plan means foundation.  Set the foundations down and allow the growth to happen from there.  So Creator is telling me to set the foundations for my desire and allow the universe to build from that foundation.  Question for me:  have I set the foundation for my desire?  Have I given anything for the universe to work from?  If I have set the foundation, am I allowing the universe to build on what I have done or am I interfering with the process by trying to control it?  Is my fear too strong that my faith won't be able to come forward?

Questions to ponder on a Monday morning but ponder I must for these questions will determine what actions I take and what planning I do over the next couple of days... Is the foundation I build strong enough to support my desires?

Time for a cup of tea and quiet time to ponder the question.

With blessings
One of the struggles I have had in my life is finding balance between all I believe I should be doing, all everyone else thinks I should be doing and what I must be doing.  Lots of should, must, thinks...all ego stuff.  The truth is I COULD be doing what I choose to do rather being driven by demands and expectations of mostly myself and others.  I want to emphasis most myself because of course imbalance is self-imposed.

I write this blog because I am currently in Vancouver watching my son swim in the Special Olympics Canada Summer games and he is doing so incredibly well.  Obviously, I am very proud of his accomplishments and of the young man he has grown up to become.  What I am pondering is how much I committed to myself and others to get done in between sessions and in the evenings even though I am supposed to be on vacation.

When did I become superwoman?  At what age did I suddenly become endowed with superhuman strength and mental agility beyond a normal human being that I can juggle many activities at the same time?  Since when did I desire a statue of myself in the town square for everyone to admire and remember how incredibly amazing I was in giving myself over to extraordinary wisdom?

As I ponder these questions, I stunningly realize that I forgot to order the statue!  When did that fall off my to-do list?  Where is that list anyways?  Surely it has to be in my pile of other lists...

How many of us out there have forgotten to order the statue?  (I actually would like to know how many of you out there actually DID order the statue!)  At the end of the day, do the to-do lists really matter?  Does it matter that the dishes didn't get done?  Does it matter that the house is not spotless?  Does it matter that you did not pick up the phone at the end of your work day but instead, let it go to voicemail?  In most normal, every day circumstances, no it does not matter.  There will always be work to be done, cleaning, laundry, organizing, meetings...these will always exist but how about the relationship with people around you?  How about the most important relationship of all...the one with yourself?  Are those high on your to-do list?

I have been meeting a lot of people lately who are in relationship crisis with themselves and this is being projected out on others around them.  That argument you had with your spouse the other day...what was that really about?  It certainly wasn't about was all about you projecting onto them and them projecting on to you.  It matters not who started it, what matters is how people engage in arguments.  Are you able to see arguments for what they really are?  A cry for help and attention.

How about imbalances?  What are they a sign of?  How about the need to control?  How about the need to stay busy so you don't have to be with yourself?  Or how about the plain old need to just have a check list so that at the end of the day you can say you accomplished something and changed the world just a little bit at a time?  Whatever the reason, when life is imbalanced, it is important to acknowledge you have taken on too much and now, you desire to trim those activities back and get into the state of nothingness where magic happens because you are able to reconnect with who you truly are. 

Do I dare tell you that while writing this blog, I reset the imbalance I was experiencing and actually napped for 90 minutes, watched David compete and win 2 gold medals and ate some nutritional food?  Yup, I did that.  So while this blog may take you a few minutes to read, it actually took me 8 hours to write.

Reset the imbalance.  Rewrite your to-do list and put yourself first.  You are worth it.

With blessings
Ain't nothing fake about faith and ain't nothing more faithful than faith.

Faith is one of those tenuous places you get to when you have tried everything humanly possible to "fix" or make something happen and it is just not working.  Everything you do is falling apart and when push comes to shove, the shove has gone and you are left panting.

As a human and even after many years of healing, I still experience times when I am rolling that big stone up the hill instead of allowing what I desire come to me.  It's like trying to get the attention of a new puppy.  We try holding on to its head and bring its attention to us and he is just squirming to get out and explore what is around him.  Our excitement is elevating his excitement and you never really get into a state of true bonding.  If however, you enter a state of calm and peace, this energy is transferred to the puppy, he settles quickly and watches you for guidance.

The same can be true about faith.  Instead of being excited from all of the doubt clouding our minds and the need to tightly grip what we desire to get its attention, enter the state of calm and knowing that what you desire will come to you once you have released and healed what is blocking it.  That state of calm and knowing is called faith.

Now, the state of excitement you enter prior to having faith depends on how big the desire is and how much you are willing to change to allow.  If you willingness to change and allow is fairly small, the state of excitement will proportionately match but in the opposite direction.  Meaning, the smaller your willingness to change, the bigger the state of excitement because the fear that you will not get what you desire will be HUGE.  If however, your willingness to change far exceeds what you desire, the state of excitement will be minimal in comparison and what you desire will flow to you quickly and easily.

Knowing this to be true for my life, I still find myself having huge states of excitement when I make a decision about what I desire.  These huge states of excitement are becoming less and less however, they are still there.

Humans are awesomely funky creatures.  We know we can manifest what we desire yet why do we wait until we are in absolute desperate need before we finally throw our hands in the air and let it go to God to handle for us?  Why do we do that?  On the other side of one of my recent huge states of excitement, God waited until I settled down and very gently and not so subtly showed me my power of manifestation yet again and I very quickly humbled myself to the almightly power of what is around me. 

Faith is indeed faith.  It is always there when I need it.  It always fixes everything I have messed up believing things had to be done one way when God wanted to show us something new.  It puts me in a state of deep understanding and humbleness and alleviates all human fears and worries I get tangled up in.  It is the state of grace we all desire to live in but sometimes we get tripped out of it.  Can I say it's because we know we can get back into a state of deep faith when we want to?  Are we that lucky?

Yes, actually we are.  Faith is always there, always waiting, always faithful.

With faithful blessings
I am not a doctor but I can tell you that my body appears to react the same when I am excited and when I am afraid.  The adrenaline rush in my body is very tangible and it is for my brain to figure out which way it's going to go.  Is my brain going to decide that I am excited or is my brain going to decide I will be having a melt down?

Because of all of the self healing I have done, for the most part, I am rather neutral about most things (and this is a very peaceful place to be).  Recently however, I was faced with a situation where I needed to decide if the adrenaline pumping through my veins was excitement or fear.  Before I started the healing journey, my current life experiences, past lives, beliefs, fears, etc would have dictated how I reacted and generally, the reaction would have been one of fear.

In this recent event however, my brain actually paused long enough to ask me:  okay, fear or love?  Are you going to be excited and happy or miserable and melt down?  Wow!  That was extremely cool and it was yet another sign of how much healing I have done over the last 5 years or so.

As I naturally drifted to excited and happy, I could feel my entire body lift with joy rather than droop with pain.  I loved the moment of making that decision and I am humbled by my brain's awareness of pausing long enough to allow me to make that decision.  How fascinating is the brain!?

There is indeed a fine line between pleasure and pain.  As a society we generally lean towards pain:  life isn't easy, you gotta be tough to survive, you gotta work hard, blah blah blah.  I have been on the receiving end of a lot of that and as I look back, I can tell you I bought into those beliefs and even shared a few choices phrases about life being hard.  I no longer hold those beliefs and know that life is truly awesome and exciting if we only allow it to be.

I cannot stress enough how incredibly grateful I am to all of the experiences of this lifetime and how humbled I am by the gifts bestowed upon me by Creator, one of whom is my husband Allan who allows me to be me (good, bad or otherwise) and enables me to find my own path and my own way.  Human words actually fail to describe the depth of how I much I love him and the life we have built together.  Do we have challenges?  Of course we do but we always know there are lessons to be learned, joys to experience and pleasure to be had in every challenge.  You can cling to the pain of an experience if you choose to or you can let it move you to the depths of great understanding most people will never experience.

I love life...the pleasure and the pain for one is truly no different than the other, is it?  It is simply a decision.  Decide to have pleasure.  You can if you truly want to, you know.  I guarantee it.

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