Many times in my life, I ventured forward to complete what I believed were worthwhile activities only to have them fall flat. Not discouraged, I tried over and over again. In many cases, the outcome was not even close to what I had hoped it would be. In many cases, the activities turned out to be  total flops. A few of these, just recently.

What was the outcome from all of these flops?

I became fearful of trying. A few times, I had expressed interest in activities just to have spirit deliver messages that they were not in the highest good. Some of these activities were even initiated by an idea spirit presented me! I was confused and not sure of myself and the path I needed to take. I stood still and even hibernated for a long time unclear of the direction to take. I was unsure about my next step and did not go anywhere for fear of being disappointed by another message from spirit that the direction I was taking was not in the highest good. I entered a state of paralysis. I withdrew to what I knew in the corporate world and let the spiritual world go for a while. I knew the corporate world was an illusion but it was an illusion I understood and felt comfortable in. The spiritual world became too confusing and too out of reach. I was lost and did not know which way to go. I stopped listening for messages and I stopped asking for guidance.

Now, spirit is guiding me to take on yet another activity and I am afraid. This is how it has happened before. I am guided to begin an activity only to have it snatched away by spirit because spirit is trying to teach me a lesson. I am trying to discern the lesson however, because of uncertainty, I am not able to see clearly. I am moved to tears because I have been given incredible gifts by spirit but I feel unable to use them. I am given amazing visions by spirit but I feel unable to live them. What is my next step forward? Do I dare take the next step?

The answer, of course, is yes. I do dare to take the next step. I know that when the time is right, the lesson will be made clear to me. I use my skills to determine what I have done in the past and choose a different direction. Will it be the right direction? I do not yet know. Am I still discouraged? Yes. Am I still afraid? Yes. Am I still willing to put myself on the line and risk failure? Yes. Absolutely yes.

Being human and experiencing these emotions is not a sin or a downfall. It is part of the human existence. It is part of learning. Not trying at all and not moving forward is where tragedy looms. The world loses when I do not bring my gifts forward. Humanity loses when I do not share what I have learned in my own healing.

The same can be said for you.

The world loses when you hide who you are, when you do not step forward and allow us to share in your experiences.
It is truly a great loss, indeed. There is magic in boldness. Be bold, be daring. Take the next step forward. You may get knocked back but you will definitely learn a lesson. Take the lesson to heart and take the next step forward.

While my ego mind is judging me as never having achieved anything great, I look back on my life and I am amazing by the incredible adventures I have had in not achieving anything. Interesting concept. My incredible adventures in failing...sounds like a great book title.

I wish everyone an incredibly failing filled kind of day.

With blessings


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