Before reading this blog, be aware that I use some foul language.

I have been accused of being hard on people and kicking ass.  Of course, I prefer to see it differently.  When I am providing guidance or delivering a message that appears to be overly harsh, I always follow up with the following:  I love you too much to leave you in your shit.  This is what friends do for each other.

I am not hear to mollify you and spare your feelings.  That would be the opposite of the service I provide to people.  I am here to help shake you out of your comfort zone and show you how uncomfortable and painful your perceived comfort zone is.  I am here to help you grow and learn.  I am here to help you heal and how can I do that by pretending?

We can all fool ourselves into believing we have arrived and our healing is complete.  If you believe you are done healing and growing then you will miss the truly fabulous person you are and you will miss the truly fabulous opportunities the universe can provide you as you move forward.  There are people who choose to stay exactly where they are and I honour that.  If you come to me for answers however, be prepared to move out of your comfort zone.

Creator has been very verbal lately about comfort zones.  Creator has always stated there is much to be healed within ourselves and with others.  "Be fearless in your healing," Creator would tell me.  "Be fearless because there is great peace and love on the other side of that healing.  You think life is great now...wait until you've healed more."

This is message I bring to you today.  The time for timid is done.  The time for boldness and greatness is at hand.  Allow yourself to move into a space of boldness and your greatness will shine.  Being timid is to allow yourself to wallow in your shit and that is no longer possible.  The shift of energy in the universe is pushing us from the third dimension to the fifth dimension.  The third dimension is a state of survival and materialism, the fifth dimension is a state of spirituality where we begin to understand we are born with nothing but ourselves and we will transition out of this life with nothing but ourselves.  What does the Self look like when it exits this existence is the question before you.  Are you going to heal fears, beliefs, promises and vows that you have brought with you into this life and those you've gathered in this lifetime or are you going to shed those fears, beliefs, promises and vows as much as you can with the time remaining before you move back into spirit form?  What is the Self going to look like at the end of this journey?

People have commented that healing is painful.  I would suggest that standing in your own crap is even more so.  How many opportunities have passed you by because you are stuck?  How many times have you wished you could do something but prevented yourself because of beliefs or fears?  Life is to be experienced not watched.  How much time do you spend in front of the TV or on the computer reading about other people's adventures and sighing if only...

I love you too much to leave you where you are at.  I love me too much to leave me where I am at too... If I am nervous about something and it's in the highest good, I do it.  And you could's only a decision.

Dance like no one is watching!?  Dance REGARDLESS of who is watching.  Sing like no one is listening?  Sing REGARDLESS of who is listening.  I guarantee those watching you or listening wish they too had the courage to do the same.  There is magic in boldness and the universe will reward that.  The universe is waiting to gift you.  Are you ready to gift yourself?  You are worth it you know.

Be yourself.  Live life.  Be bold.

With blessings
As soon as I set the intention to create this blog today, Friday June 13th, 2014 (full moon night BTW), the energies were eager to talk so here goes:

Message from Mentor (multi-dimensional being and teacher)
"The time is upon you to act in the highest good.  Many among you are hiding from your truths and this is causing you great harm through illness and imballance with all that is around you.  We ask that you stop and see the truth for it is in the truth that peace, love and joy reside.  The truth is not fearful but loving and what your higher self desires for your life.  There is not to worry about.  Be still and listen to your heart.  It knows the truth."

Energy associated with the Moon
"Many beings on Earth are waiting to assist you.  Many of you have the belief that you are alone in this vast universe thus live your lives lonely.  Embrace the truth that you are not alone, we are here.  We wait for you to call to us and reach out to us.  We cannot interfere in your lives yet we desire to help you live truthfully, peacefully and within the limitless knowledge of you and what you are.  You are true spirits living within your limiting beliefs.  You have the power to rearrange your world to what you truly desire if only you would remove your limitations and beliefs.  These limitations are self imposed.  At no point in human existence has God stated you are limited.  This is entirely human construct.  Free yourself.  You are worthy of more."

General message from the collective
"Greetings from the collective beings who have passed on from our earthly forms.  We assure you that heaven can be yours on Earth as you desire it and design it to be.  If you are not living the life you choose, make different choices.  We assure it is possible and easier than you can possibly know.  Take the time to change your vibration to align to your desires.  What does this mean?  It means to heal what you need to heal to live the life you desire.  Do not wait to transition to the other side to live in heaven.  Design your own heaven now.  Be in peace now.  Live now.  Do not wait.  We love you."

It has been my experience lately that the messages I receive for others and myself of course, are very similar to those above.  The universal energy is shifting from the 3rd (third) dimension of survival to the 5th (fifth) dimension of spirituality.  If you continue to cling to the old ways and avoid the change of energy and growth that is upon you, the shift from 3rd to 5th dimension will be extremely painful.  Allow yourself to release what is no longer serving you and receive the new energy that will elevate you to a whole new level of peace.

I often have people comment about how peaceful I am and how it calms them down to be around me.  This is because I have healed much in my life (I have healed fears down to the first time ever) and I encourage everyone else to do the same.  At times, I struggle with the surges and changes in energy so I cannot even fathom what it must be like for others who are resisting.  The pain would simple be overbearing!

Friends, I tell you this from the openness of my being and the unconditional love I hold for you...let go.  Let go because in the end there is nothing but you.  You come in to the world being whole and pure love yet somewhere along the way, you picked up the belief that you are broken and need to be fixed.  This is untrue.  You are still the whole and pure love being you were born as, you simply picked up untruths and beliefs upon your journey.  Please, let those untruths go as quickly and easily as you picked them up.  See yourself walking down the path through a forest or on a street and deposit untruths here and there.  See Mother Earth swallowing those untruths and transmuting them to love.  See yourself as the shining light that you are.  You are truth and love and whole and pure.

For those of you rolling your eyes at this time, take stock of that.  Why do you scoff at yourself?  I am describing what Creator tells me you are and yet you cannot accept the truth.  I do not take your eye rolls personally because this is not about me.  This is about you and how you feel about yourself.  I find it interesting that you would easily accept an untruth when someone tells you you cannot do something, you cannot accomplish your goals and dreams because you aren't this or you don't have that and yet when I tell you how fabulous, limitless and incredible you are just because you are here, you block and turn away.  Shouldn't it be the other way around?  Know easily and fiercely how truly perfect you are exactly as you are and block any thought, comment or belief that would have you thinking or knowing otherwise.  KNOW THYSELF!!  HONOUR THYSELF!!  You are love, you are loving, you are loved and you are lovable.

This is the truth.  Let me repeat it and you repeat it to yourself as long as you need to until you know this to be true for you as well (fake it until you make it):  YOU ARE PERFECTION, LIMITLESS AND UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

To believe anything else is, well...

With blessings
I had someone recently comment that the spirit is gone out of the boutique I own.  It is called Inspired You Boutique.  What I find interesting about the person who made the comment is the change they are currently undergoing and how that change has modified their perception of the boutique.

Of course the spirit is still in the boutique however, as with all things, the boutique is shifting.  The people in the boutique and the people who come to the boutique are shifting.  It is supposed to.  Change is a natural state of being in life.  We try to hold on so tightly to the past and what we know that we do not allow the change to move in naturally as it should.

For those of us who are parents watch our children change and grow every day and there is not one day, regardless of how old my son is, that I don't perceive something new and different about him and I know this will be true for the remainder of this lifetime.  And we know this is also true of ourselves.  I see a wrinkle here and a freckle there that I had not noticed before.  So if we know we and people around us are constantly evolving and changing, why wouldn't the boutique change as well?

I remember taking a drive to Ottawa, my home town, a couple of years ago and desiring to show my husband Allan where I grew up and all of the places I hung out and the old neighbourhood.  Allan, being eager to see where I got my start in life eagerly said let's go.  I steered him in what I believed was the correct direction but this street is now a one way and we have to go around.  Wait a minute, where did that building come from!?  My school is now a dance studio, really?  The truly did pave paradise and put up a parking lot in some places and man, oh man, I don't remember that building.  The church I used to go to now doesn't seem to be as big as I remember it especially beside the two story Subway restaurant they built right next door.  Oh dear.  Memory lane is kind of fuzzy now.  I drove away from that experience thinking that memory lane is not truly what it is cracked up to be.  Made total sense though...I wasn't the same as when I left that area so of course new people moving in will shape and change the environment, the houses and the streets to meet their own needs and expectations.

This is true of the boutique.  As the "regulars" move on with life and new "regulars" begin to form a new community, the energy within the boutique will change to match.  Spirit is always there but if you are looking for find a haven that never changes, it certainly is not on an earthly realm.  Even mother nature changes...

Message from Creator:

"Your world is based on your current needs and the energy you spend focusing on those needs dictates the calmness, peace or turmoil you desire.  It is not for another to create a haven for you.  It is for you to create your own and bring it with you since it lives inside of you.  It is a living breathing part of your being and you are its creator.  You are its master.  You are it."

So be it and so it is.

With blessings

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