Atlantis is rising.

There is a pervasive restless happening in the collective consciousness and we are all trying to figure out what is going on. Gaia is telling me many things are happening and long dormant ideals of what life should be are being stirred. One of which is the resurrection of Atlantis.

Many believe Atlantis was a place. Atlantis is actually an idea, a thought, a way of living and serving humanity. Atlantis happened in many locations on the planet including in my very own background along the Bay of Fundy. Why do you think so many people are attracted to this area?

Ever heard of Santorini, Greece? How about Machu Piccu, Stonehenge, Mount Shasta, Sedona, Uluru? There are so many more sacred sites around the world. I highly recommend you research these sacred spaces. My question to you is: what makes them sacred and how come we know they are sacred? Sure, we have been told by ancient legends and stories they are sacred but when you actually go there, are there, you just KNOW they are sacred. Why? Because many of these sites are home to various attempts of the ideal of Atlantis.

What is the ideal of Atlantis and later Lemuria? It is the sharing of healing and knowledge between ancient beings and humans. It is the use of vibration and sound in the healing and balancing of humans. It is the reconnection of our existence with all that is around us. It is the evolution of consciousness to the realm of the spiritual. It is knowing the unknowable and being in harmony with it. It is all of this and more.

Each attempt began with the understanding that sharing would be freely given to those who are seeking it. The ideal of giving without asking for anything in return.

What happened to these sacred spaces? What happened to make Atlantis and Lemuria fall? Greed happened. Invading the understanding of sharing being freely given was the belief that exchanges must be made for knowledge and healing. You cannot know or heal unless you have something to give in return. Disagreement amongst those providing the knowledge and healing happened when some tried to continue the old way and some desired the new way. This disagreement caused the downfall of the site. The sharing ones left however, the people continue to come. People continue to travel to these sacred locations because somewhere in their consciousness they know healing happened in those places and they are continuing to seek healing for themselves.

Now is the time for Atlantis to rise once again. While the downfall of each iteration of Atlantis and Lemuria are painful memories in my being, it is important to rebuild. It is important to continue resurrecting the ideal of Atlantis and Lemuria. It is important to rebuild as many times as it takes for everyone to remember their connection to creation, to mother earth, to each and every person around them. Will this iteration of Atlantis fail like the others? Who is to know that however, the glory is in the attempt. The power is in the idea and if we don't try, there is no opportunity for healing.

Take a deep breath. Ask your body to show you your version of Atlantis. Tap the energy and healing from that time. Let me know how it makes you feel and join me in raising the vibration of the Earth by building your own version of Atlantis. Together, we can make incredible healings happen. Together we can show the world it is possible to live in peace, even for a short time. Together, it is possible.

With blessings
I am often asked about different rules regarding spirituality. Rules that dictate how a person is supposed to meditate, when they are suppose to journal, how they are supposed to behave, etc.

Are there rules regarding spirituality? Answer: No. There are no rules. There is only truth.  Your truth is not my truth. My truth is not your truth. What resonates for me may not necessarily resonate for you and vice versa. So, what does this all mean?

It means you take responsibility for your life and your spiritual well-being. You learn from others how they healed and take the parts that make sense and feel good for you. Leave the rest behind. Just because I have a certain method for self-healing doesn't mean it also should apply to you. When I help people, I always preface the session with: "Here is what I did to heal myself and I will share it with you. Take what makes sense for you and ignore what doesn't and above all, do what feels right and develop your own methods."  Your higher self will guide you down your path if you allow it.

The ultimate goal on the spiritual journey is to love unconditionally and to forgive. How you get there is for you to decide and discern.

As I am typing this, Gaia is reminding me of a conversation I had with my very catholic mother. She is a staunch catholic, teaches catechism at her church and used to be the president of the local branch of the Catholic Women's League. I love and respect my mother for her beliefs in God and Jesus as her saviour.

I want to take an aside for a moment. The bible says:
"So, because you are lukewarm--neither hot nor cold--I am about to spit you out of my mouth." - Revelation 3:16. What does this mean? It means be passionate or emotional, good or bad, about something. If you are non-committal about anything, you are not living. You are breathing but you are not engaged in life. Be engaged. Just because my mother's beliefs are not my own doesn't mean we are in conflict. It means she believes what she believes and I know my truth. Both can co-exist in harmony.

Now, back to the rest of the story. When my mother found out I was "spiritual" as she calls it, she was very alarmed.  "Oh, I have heard all about those new agey people. They think they can do anything that makes them feel good including murder and they don't have to atone for it." says my mother.  "Really?" says I in return, "Where did you hear that!?"

She mumbled something about some local supposed expert on all religions who presented to the Catholic Women's League about it. She expressed how the CWL condemned this behaviour and that these sinners would surely go to hell. After letting her speak her beliefs on the subject, I finally had an opportunity to ask her questions about the information given. I have learned long ago not to defend myself or my spirituality. It is much more effective to ask pointed questions about the information delivered. Teaching in parables as Jesus did is an amazing teaching methodology. Answering a question with a question is another incredible tool. Most people run on auto pilot and when you engage with questions, it forces them to think about what they are saying rather than repeating someone else's teachings.

Of course I was not able to sway her thoughts on spirituality and that was okay. I love her unconditionally and had forgiven her many years before over every slight I believed she inflicted on me during my formative years. (Don't misunderstand...these were my beliefs and not necessarily the truth of what happened. Perception is everything!!) She will continue to pray for my soul and I appreciate that.

I am not sure why I shared that with you. Gaia is telling me someone out there needed to hear it.

As I conclude this blog, I encourage you to find your truth on your spiritual journey. Do not allow yourself to be bogged down in other people's rules. Do what feels right to you and for you. Only you can decide.

By the way, every time I think I have established some "pattern" or thoughts about spirituality,
Gaia and the universe throw something at me that totally shatters that. I love how that works.

Have a blessed day!

"I have a hard time trusting people." "I can't believe that guy screwed me!" "She threw me under the bus today. She didn't have my back."

The last few weeks have been a real treat and a real heartache in many ways. I have been reminded of my own life lessons and I have recognized that my reaction to these lessons have definitely changed from the past. I come from a more loving and balanced position however, at times, I would make a fabulous fish monger's wife with my colourfully spoken words and dramatic body language. (One must be able to giggle at oneself sometimes, mustn't we?)

The two biggest reminders I have had are: the power of manifestation and trusting people.

The power of manifestation came in the form of a new position with the company I work for that will allow me, once again, to do what I love and that is to manage programs and be creative. I described the position I desired, the type of person I desired to work for and with and about two weeks, it manifested itself. The reason for the delay was one individual in the current job had to decide when he was going to retire and free up a space for me! Magical, truly!

The reason for this blog is actually because of the reminder to trust people. The statements at the top of the blog are ones I have muttered and I have also heard from others as well. People cannot be trusted. Is that true?

I used to carry that belief and I am happy to say that I know the truth. I CAN actually trust people 100% of the time. I CAN trust people to do EXACTLY what they are going to do.

Think about this for a moment: you can absolutely trust that people will do exactly what they are going to do. How about that for a mind bender?

Will I like or approve of what they do? Ah! Now, there's the crux of the problem isn't it? It does not really matter if I approve or not, does it? It does not really matter if I like what they have said or done. People will DO exactly what they are going to do - EVERY TIME.

Everybody's prime focus is themselves and that's the way it must be. If your primary focus is not yourself, you are avoiding something that requires healing. Is it selfish to be focused on yourself? Absolutely not. What is selfish are actions taken at the EXPENSE of another individual. This, of course, is fodder for another blog post at another time.

This bears repeating again: you can absolutely trust that people are going to do exactly what they chose to do all the time. You can take that to the bank!

How do you heal your belief that you cannot trust people?

Here is what I do:
1. I envision the belief floating in every cell of my body.
2. I ground and get myself balanced and quiet.
3. As I breathe in, I speak the truth I want to embed in my cells: "I CAN trust everyone to do exactly what they are going to do."
I see the truth replacing the beliefs in every cell.
4. As I breathe out, I speak the belief I desire to release: "I cannot truth people."
5. I repeat steps 3 and 4 until I know the belief has left every cell to be replaced by the truth.

For some of us, the above activity will be easy. For others, not so much. Take your time with it. Explore the beliefs you have around trusting people and ask yourself: is it them you don't trust or are they truly reflecting something in you about yourself? Do you trust yourself?

I trust you.

With blessings

Over the past couple of weeks, many experiences have crossed my path and shown me yet again, how truly blessed I am in this lifetime. The art of being humble did not come easily, however, for I was deeply entrenched in the feeling of entitlement.

I worked hard so I deserved this or that. I am the best at whatever so of course I am recognized for my greatness, and on it goes. Ah, I remember the glory days of old where my fame was only superseded by my "know-it-all" attitude and my delusions of grandeur. How great I art!

All of this, of course, masked the truth: I had massive fears and insecurities I did not wish anyone else to see including myself. Here is the biggest illusion of them all: I was not fooling anyone except myself. How is that for a shot of reality?

Where is this blog coming from? It is a
result of the emotional roller coaster of the last few weeks. I have a day job for a computer company where, over the last year, I helped to establish a training program for my fellow workers. This program was a year in the making with a lot of people involved and a lot of effort behind it. It was a first attempt and we knew that evolution on this process was necessary. When the time for evolution was upon us, it presented itself in the form of a gentleman who believed he had the answer to cure all ills associated with the training program.

After trying to advise and council him on his attempted direction, I decided to stay quiet after noticing my thoughts fell on deaf ears. I may have stayed quiet but emotionally I was fully engaged. I was enraged by the actions of this gentleman because he totally discounted the work done by my team feeling his approach was the correct approach and the previous design was cumbersome and not working. He took pleasure in publicly lambasting our efforts and I bought into the drama he was creating. I had myself so wound up in knots that I was ready to quit my job. I was so offended at how I was being treated and how my program was being discredited that I could not see the lesson in this.

As always, my wise husband helped me to focus my attention of a few truths in the situation: why was I so focused on the "injury" I perceived I was receiving instead of being grateful for establishing a program where none existing before?
Was I not just allowing myself to be drawn into drama? Yup, nothing like a few well phrased questions to make the light bulb come on. You would think I would know better but be it ever so humble, I am still human.

Upon reflection, I am able to see the truth. The gentleman who took over the program did what he believed was the best for the company regardless of the methods used to bring this evolution to life. He believed his way was the best way. He believed what he did was necessary. So be it.

What is the lesson in this for me? Do not take anything personally. This program may have had my mark on it initially, but evolution was necessary and now the program bears his mark. Evolution will happen to the program again some day and someone else will put their mark on it. As in life, everything evolves, changes and grows. The energy required to fight growth is a high price to pay and brings much grief and strife. Understanding growth is necessary and focusing on the changes in the moment while growth is happening simply requires awareness.

What change are you resisting? Who are you allowing to rock your boat?

With blessings


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