I am often asked by others if they can do what I do.  My answer is of course yes, you can and this answer is always followed by "if you are willing to heal yourself."

My life purpose started out by being "I want to help the world."  I wanted to be the messenger that delivered messages from loved ones who had passed and from angels, guides and other beings.  My life purpose certainly did not start by me thinking I had something (or many things) to heal but it became evident early on that that was indeed my true life purpose:  heal my fears, beliefs and barriers and show others how to do the same.  That's it!  Nice and simple...or is it?

There is no empathy unless you've experienced the same as another.  You can certainly try to sympathize but the deep connection of what another is experiencing can only be felt if you yourself have been there.  This is not to say that you cannot provide healing and guidance to this individual, it is simply an awareness for the healer to be honest and say "I do not truly understand because I have not been there however, I would love the opportunity to help you heal through this."  Of course, as I say this, I am immediately reminded by God to check if it is in the highest good to work with this individual or if they would be better served by another.

People love hearing "I understand, I have been there" because they have found someone who can resonate with what they are experiencing.  I would challenge that "I understand, I have been there too and here is what I did to heal myself" would be a soothing balm for them as well.  Healer heal thyself is a powerful and truthful statement.

Ultimately, a healer can only help others heal what they themselves have healed.

As I continue through this journey, I am asked by others to mentor them through their spiritual journey.  After checking what is in the highest good, if I get a yes, I have a sit down discussion with the mentee and share the following statements:

1.  I can only share with you what I have learned on my own journey and what I have healed for myself.

2.  When I speak, take what resonates as truth for you and ignore the rest.

3.  You are not me and I am not you.  I honour you on your journey and you honour me on my journey.

4.  Develop your own style of healing as guided by God.

5.  Pass me!  I will teach you all I know and I fully expect and hope you will grow beyond what I can teach you.  I desire for you to be my teacher as well as my student.

Message from Creator:
"Self-healing is the ultimate pentacle of ones life.  It is in the self-healing that balance and peace are restored and you become one with all of life, past, present and future.  The healing you achieve in this lifetime brings you closer to living in a balanced and restful state of being.  The angels herald the day you decide to begin healing.  They are there to provide guidance and to bring you to those who can provide a piece of the human complexity known as the human existence to find the ultimate desire of connectedness to all that is and the answer to all of life's questions.  Truly the answer to all is love but until you can experience love for the self, love for others is difficult.  It is the love of the self that provides the ultimate healing and hence the pinnacle of the human state of being.  Allow yourself to heal.  Do not be afraid of the truth.  It is the stories and the beliefs and fears that keep you separated from all that is."

At the end of the day, everyone can do what I do but not everyone will because it takes great courage to heal at the deepest levels.  It takes faith and a tremendous amount of love to allow yourself to go into the darkest reaches of your life, of your mind and of your soul.  I can guarantee though that if you do, you will achieve peace as you never thought could exist anywhere.  When you heal deeply, you enter a true state of being where nothing matters but love and you easily ground and connect to the oneness.  If you think the world you see with your own eyes is all there is, then you are missing the greater part of the world you are living in.  Expand yourself by going within.  Free yourself of the bonds.  Join me in my world and create your own world. 
I am truly blessed to have found my calling and I am truly blessed to be supported by my husband and by those around me.  There are many people including myself at times, who do not understand what this journey is about and that is where faith comes in handy.  Faith completes the picture that would be otherwise missing pieces that the ego mind sometimes requires in order to allow the highest good to happen.

Because we deal in the ethereal and what we do cannot be measured by anyone except the person receiving the healing, the work we do can be perceived by those who do not understand as witchcraft or voodoo or whatever.  I understand the perception they have and I bless people on their journey.  I simply acknowledge their beliefs and gently remind them I am here if they should ever decide to explore the spiritual side of their being.

I am sharing this with you because a very important aspect of the work I do with others is based on integrity.  I check what is in the highest good before I work with any client.  I have even refused to work with individuals who are not ready for what I can offer.  Again, checking with the highest good serves everyone and in the end, all is as it should be.  With some healers however, that is not the case.  Some healers assume that they must work with whoever approaches them.  This is not true.  Not every healer is appropriate for everyone who approaches them.  This is a very important point that is lost.  Often it is lost in a healer's excitement of being able to help others who are willing to delve into the realm of spirituality.

I remember when I started the spiritual journey and began receiving messages.  One time, I did not check if it was in the highest good to deliver a message and when I delivered the message, damage was done.  At the time, I thought I was doing okay because I got a message so surely I needed to deliver the message.  I was so excited about knowing I could help someone that I did not stop to think about the potential outcomes.  Turns out the message was for me and it was because I needed to have insight into the interaction I was having with another individual.  They did not need the message, I did and if I had checked what was in the highest good, I would have received that confirmation.  Instead, the damage was done and there was no way it could be reversed.  (Or so I believed at the time.  I have since healed the situation and now all is well.)  I understand the excitement of wanting to help another but it is to temper that excitement with what is in the highest good.

I tell you that because today, I treated a client who had been under the care of an energy worker for a significant number of years.  One day, the therapist decided they were going to work in the client's subconscious mind and they activated the client's kundalini energy without the client's permission and without telling the client what they did.  Since the activation, the client has been suffering with anxiety, massive energy movement, heart palpitations, swollen brain and a number of very real physical ailments.  The client went for a battery of tests and other than the swelling in the brain, all of the tests came back negative so something else was happening.  When the client shared with me the experience they'd had, it was clear that kundalini had been activated which the client was not equipped for or prepared to deal with.  When kundalini is activated, rapid healing must happen because fears/blocks/beliefs, etc. are suddenly pushed up for healing and release and if you are not ready, the physical imbalances can be catastrophic.  This is no exaggeration.  This client had been on the brink of suicide because there did not seem to be any answers or any hope of relief in sight.

Today, we were able to deactivate the kundalini and the client was able to get themselves into a powerful and peaceful place.  Now, they are dealing with the habit of immediately panicking when energy begins to move.  This is psychosomatic and will take time to undo but they will get there...now that they have answers and an understanding of what is going on with them.

Of course, when the initial therapist was approached about what they had done, the defenses went up and the ego refused to acknowledge what they had done believing they did the best for their client.  Did the therapist learn something new and excitedly wanted to try it on a client?  Did the therapist accidentally activate kundalini?  Whatever the explanation, the point I am trying to make is that integrity must win out on the day. 

It does not matter if you have learned a new technique or whatever, the highest good is what must be done.  If you sense you are not supposed to work with a client, refer them to someone else.  If you choose to work with them, neither one of you will have a good experience and you will both be left dissatisfied.  In this field of work, reputation is everything.  I would rather have a non-client thank me for moving them on to someone who was of benefit to them rather than clutching a fist full of dollars and a terrible customer experience.

If you are a healer, be aware of what you do.  Check what is in the highest good.  Do not work on a client without their permission and explain to them what is going on.  This is their right and this is your duty.  It is not for you to decide what your clients need, it is for you to be the conduit for healing between the client and creator.  You are the messenger, not the message.  It seems to me to be obvious but it appears reminders are required every once in a while.

If you are a client, be aware of what the healer is doing for you.  Ask questions about what is going on and what you are feeling and also what to expect as an outcome to a treatment.  Has the healer done this before?  If it is something new, how is the healer going to be guided?  Why are they deciding on the technique they are using?  Ask the questions.  Know you are in control of your healing.  You are the leader of your own healing.  Do not abdicate the responsibility for your own healing to another.

When the highest good is done, Thy will is done.

With blessings

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