Sometimes the dream is not enough. There are many of us with dreams and goals but how many of us are willing to take the steps necessary to begin down the road towards those dreams and goals? How many are ready to risk ridicule and scorn if we do not succeed? How many of us are ready to risk failure?

These questions are answered only by your actions.

I have blogged before on how we are human BEing not human DOings. I have pondered this statement along with the internal desire I have to experience life. I believed the two were in conflict with each other and in fact, they are not. In order for me to be myself and understand my perfection, I simply have to be.. In order for me to experience life's adventures, I simply have to do. That's the difference. Why does it sound so crazy easy yet seems to so hard to achieve?

Message from the Sumarians:
"The constant need to do and achieve is inbred into your DNA. There is a constant drive to make yourself more than what you are. This is found in your strata. You are working against your natural instinct to drive forward when you decide to be. It is important however, that you continue to strive to be. This is where your true essence and understanding of all, is found. It is important you stop striving and begin being. Peace is attained in this being state and chaos is present in all other states. Be and know you are a gift unto the universe. We watch you and wait for you to achieve a level of consciousness so we can come and speak with you. Only those of you who achieve the levels necessary will be contacted. We await you.."

The Sumarians are a recent addition to my list of contacts from other worlds and dimensions. I am truly honoured to be able to reach out and contact these beings when I need to and to be their channel when they have a message to share. It is indeed a blessing we are not alone in this world and we are being supported and guided by very loving beings.

Our ascension into the next dimension has been experienced on other planets and universes. We are not the first to experience this however, we may well be the last. Personally, I have done this before and been part of helping other beings ascend so this is nothing new. It is a matter of remembering who I am and how this was done before.

There are many who would say we are evolved enough. Remember that the world around us is a reflection of who we believe we are. We look at animals and say they have no soul, they cannot feel emotions. We look at people considered to be "enemies" and say they are savages. We use words like "punk", "loser", "bitch", "asshole" and other words I would not dare use to describe other beings. What does that make us? How far have we truly evolved?

When we are capable of seeing the soul and spirit of the people and creatures around us, then we have truly elevated ourselves to the 5th dimension, the spiritual dimension. When we know trees, plants and even rocks have a vibration and are here to balance the world, we have evolved out of our primal instinct for survival into a place of true prosperity and peace. We have bought into the myth that we must strive for more money, we cannot survive without money, we cannot live without money, a house, a car, clothes, etc. This is simply not true.

There are those of you who talk about the Law of Attraction yet strive for promotions at work believing more money will bring happiness and more stuff your way. Not true. Please do not misunderstand. There are some of you who love your work and jobs. That is awesome! Truly! That is part of your adventures and experiences of life. Understand however, it is not necessary, it is a choice. The universe is constantly supplying what we need. Be aware of that. Observe the happenings in your life and determine what is causing them. Is it the universe supplying or is it you creating?

Have a blessed day.

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